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    DoD Vilken utgåva är bäst?

    With all of its jank and trouble, Expert + 87 is still the game I compare every other fantasy RPG to. So..that one.
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    D&D D&D och inspiration från Tiki

    As far as the article, while its a fun read, Im not sure if it actually builds a case that this IS the case, as much as "it kinda seems they have something in common". Gygax was fairly open with his influences and inspirations. The biggest "missing" inspiration is likely old fashioned Wild...
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    D&D D&D och inspiration från Tiki

    I don't know too much about it, but it definitely shows up as cultural affectation and "kitsch" at times. Its probably more relegated to lawn parties and making Hawaiian food than any major cultural strain, outside of neighborhoods that have a lot of people from pacific island cultures. I think...
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    Berätta om när komplexa regler förgyllde din upplevelse

    Using a Swedish game, running Eon 3 for my wife as a one-on-one scenario. In a bloody struggle in the middle of a ruin, she asked if she could grab on to the guy she was fighting and then try to stab him in the throat. Eon 3 says "Yes, you can" and after getting stabbed, she fended him off for...
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    Världens mest komplicerade Rollspel!

    That is definitely also a big factor. I know when we learned to play games, we definitely assumed the rules were in the book because you were meant to use them. Reading on Dragonsfoot years later that the man himself basically never used any of the stuff we were paying money for was a bit of a...
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    Världens mest komplicerade Rollspel!

    I think there is a clear difference in "generational" game design. The old guard (the Gygaxes and Staffords and so forth) never really figured the rulebook would matter that much, since the GM figures it all out anyways. The young guard (the Monte Cooks and so forth) grew up learning from the...
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    Världens mest komplicerade Rollspel!

    The new Runequest rules had a lot of moments that seemed like it was not tested much / at all / as written.
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    Världens mest komplicerade Rollspel!

    As an example of that, I had several people stumble in Mythras, because having 10 different options to pick from when they attacked just paralyzed them. The same people had no issue when we played Harnmaster (which is more complex but has clearer options).
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    Världens mest komplicerade Rollspel!

    For Swedish games, Khelataar probably. MERP/SRR is not difficult at all in my opinion. Roll a die, add a number and tell the GM what you rolled. I find 5e D&D far more convoluted. edit: though MERP is more difficult than SRR, due to the poor organization. For English games, something like...
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    Vestmark / Andra Imperiet / T10. Could you drop Omtöckning?

    For Sundelin or anyone who have played any of these: I ran a handful of Vestmark sessions last year and the same group is into playing Andra Imperiet, after I scored a very nice copy off and I have a question: If you just threw out Omtöckning from the rules, would anything...
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    Ensamma Vargen scenarios?

    Okay thanks! They arent too expensive it seems, if I order them all at once. As far as versions, it is actually interesting: The Swedish game came out one year before the C7 game was released and the rules definitely match up to the Mongoose "D10" game. It even lists Matthew Sprange as one of...
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    Ensamma Vargen scenarios?

    There are a number of scenario books available for Ensamma Vargen. Does anyone know if: A: These adventures are unique to this version or are they translated from the original Mongoose version of the Lone Wolf RPG? B: Are they any fun?
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    Könsmixade spelgrupper bra eller anus ?

    We had one group explode over an interpersonal dispute, but it was not gender related. Other than that, Id say 60% of the groups Ive been in, since the 90s, have been mixed genders and orientations. Never had an issue.
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    I thought you guys might get a kick out of this

    @Mekanurg I figured you having served in the military would be the one who would remember to bring a bow ;)