Tabell för att slumpa fram en stackstad till Wh40k o liknande


22 Dec 2013
En slumptabell för att hjälpa en skapa en stackstad till Warhammer 40k. Tabellen är skriven på engelska eftersom de andra tabellerna (som jag ursprungligen skapade för ett engelskt forum) är på engelska. Flera av resultaten innebär att stackstaden har rejäla problem, detta är inspirerat av Necromunda som har femtielva olika grejer pågående i bakgrunden som kan innebära planetens undergång inom en generation eller två (om inte tidigare).

Kan kombineras med adelsfamiljer-tabellen för att skapa ge en stackstads adelsfamilj mer karaktär eller för att urskilja de olika adelsfamiljerna i stackstaden åt. Om folk har egna förslag skriv bara in dem.


1. Bird cages with decorative and/or song birds can be found all over the hive. Possibly also function as warning system against bad air.

2. Everybody is masked. The design of the mask depends likely upon the wearers place in the hive hierarchy. Showing your naked face is probably something highly intimate.

3. Blackpowder guns are the main range weapon.

4. A belief similar to the one of the Moritat death cult have strong hold in the hive, making most fighters disdain edgeless weapons as crude and spiritually unfulfilling.

5. Grow flowers for shrine offerings and possibly decorations.

6. Water filled channels crisscross many levels of the the hive, used both for water storage, aquafarming and transport.

7. Modified industrial gear are the most common weapons among gangs and cults.

8. The hive is upside-down compared to the usual hive structure with the nobility living at the bottom and the “underhive” at the top.

9. Appearance of respectability is highly important [think stereotypical Victorian middleclass]. Most likely so do there exist many secrets clubs/societies where people can live out their unrespectable interests.

10. The spire is full of intrigue and lies where the nobility constantly vie for power, influence, and prestige and where secret cults and societies are spawned, struggle, and are extinguished with the passing of every generation.

11. The hive has a large population of a specific abhuman group. The parts of the hive where they are mostly have probably been modified to fit them better.

12. The hive population watches or participates in a specific sport in their free time and sports cups are annually hold where sports teams from different parts of the hive play against each other. There may be hooligans but there will absolutely be rioting if the games would be prohibited.

13. The bones of the honoured dead of the hive are used as building material or for parts in equipment.

14. The hive’s population are divided in different workshifts, each workshift is considered a different caste with different ways of doing things and serving under different laws.

15. The hive’s high nobility are made up by Imperial Knight pilot-families. Probably do notable parts of the hive’s manufactory outputs go to keeping the Knight chassis at full capacity.

16. Wireless communication don’t function in the hive – com-beads, mobile voxcasters and similar only give statics at best, at worst there is something talking and screaming at the other end – so all communication has to be through the grounded communications network.

17. One kind of dangerous beasts stalk the hive’s corridors and only a small group may hunt them (possibly the nobility, the hive’s higher administrators, a special hunting guild, the hive enforces or some other group). To slay one when not part of an officer hunting party is a criminal offence.

18. The air in large areas of the hive is poisonous and filtration devises are standard equipment among the population.

19. A cloying fug fill many of the corridors and larger holds in the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | hive ], that’s a defoliant smoke produced by the area’s tech-priest alchemists to keep the aggressive lichens and other infestations at bay. The fog is not harmful to humans, at least if you ask the alchemists.

20. Gardening is considered a national past time in the hive, with the nobility having gardens taking up hab-block sized areas while the pore try to at least keep some potted plants alive, or share a garden plot with their family or worker-gang. Possibly do families, hab-areas and/or worker-gangs compete with each other over who can create the best beautiful garden.

21. All over the hive there exist gladiator pits where beasts, prisoners, professionals and hopeful (or desperate) amateurs fight for the entertainment of the rest of the hive.

22. Large parts of the hive have bad and/or no illumination.

23. The inside temperature of the hive is unusually [above | below ] standard, possibly uncomfortably so.

24. Temple dancers are a part of all major holy rituals, both the Ecclesiarchy’s and the Mechanicus’.

25. The people of the hive are highly apathetic, even the hive-scum of the underhive, they do their duty but without any real effort or care.

26. There is a gift-giving culture among the hive population.

27. Across the hive there are ghettos populated by a minority culture that follow notably different traditions and possibly even laws.

28. Highly ridged [ class | caste | estate ] system among the hive population.

29. The hive’s Tech-Priests are strictly followers of the Adeptus Mechanicus’ orthodox belief; any machine that don’t fully follow one of the divine STC:s are considered tech-heresy, the same goes for using technology for any other purpose than the ordained one (like using industrial gear as weapons).

30. The hive, and likely the whole hive-world, lack a common STC and can therefore not manufacture something with the Availability of Plentiful/Abundant/Ubiquitous (maybe it’s something so simple as a the common light bulb), making them have to do with either more advanced and expensive items instead, and/or more primitive (like candles instead of light bulbs).

31. Most holds and corridors in the hive are highly compact with minimal space to move around.

32. A death cult has a notable presence in the hive. Knowledge about them might be open, an open secret or only known to a few.

33. The hivers show their superiority by height: most likely anybody of any rang wear heels with the higher ups having high heeled platform shoes (the ones that have not replaced their legs with inhumanly long mechanical ones) and have elaborated hairstyles going far above their heads.

34. The hive was relatively recently attacked by xenos and pockets of surviving xeno-warrior can still be found near and in the hive.

35. The hive has for generation been heretically, and therefor secretly, trading with one filthy xeno-group (or even more than one), and much lesser heretical xeno-tech can be found among the hive’s population. Maybe parts of the population (if not, the horror, all of them) have picked up some strange manners and maybe even ways of thinking from the xenos?

36. Riding/draft animals can be found on nearly all levels of the hive.

37. There are Executioner [ clans | guilds | families ] that the administration and nobility send out to take out those that have committed graven crimes (in their eyes). Their badge of office is the executioner-[ sword | axe | hood | nose ] and only they may bear those. When they are not sent out from above they work as bounty hunters.

38. While the deads’ bodies are handed over to the [ corpse-reclaimers | Morticians Guild | licensed Undertakers | Funeralians ] are the deads’ head mummified and kept by their kith and/or kin.

39. Underhive prisoners that can’t buy their freedom, and midhive prisoners with too harsh crime on their rep are turned into servitors. Everybody knows this. There are retuning raids into the underhive by the enforces to capture criminals for servitorsation when the stock runs low.

40. Large slave-population of subs abhumans.

41. The nobility are all vegetarians (or pay lip-service to it in their peers’ presence). They spend riches to import exotic vegetables and fruits and have grand greenhouses where their grow their stable food. The lower classes try to emulate them, but since many of them lack their apothecaries or gastronomancers do many of them unknowingly eat too much food lacking in essential nutrients.

42. Returning criminals get their “problems” tattooed on their forehead.

43. Because of the generational lobbying from the automobile manufacturers have all but the essential train-transports been taken away and their tracks overbuilt for automobile use.

44. Because of the generational lobbying from the aeroship-guilds are non-airship flyers only allowed for the military and the most dire of governmental business.

45. The Administratum are with coins and guns taking over areas in the [ midhive | underhive | outlands | “poor” area of the Spire ] to expend their archives, since they are beginning to run out of space in their old areas.

46. The high-tech-priest have declared a reclamation-jihad on the underhive and forces of techpriests, lay-technicians, and worker-servitors (together with protection) are moving downhive, following patterns understandable to them and strange to the underhivers, repairing the systems their records say should be there and removing those that should not. This has created dire problems for many underhivers who find themselves suddenly without semi-drinkable water, recycled air and/or electricity.

47. Personal automobiles are only allowed for members of the higher echelons, all others have to do with trains, trams, velocipedes, and animal/slave powered wagons, it they cant just walk.

48. Much of the hive’s internal light comes from luminescent animals and/or plants.

49. Dogs, mandrills, and/or similar sized animals are kept as family or work unit pets, or personal pets among those that can afford it.

50. The rituals of overhaul for the different parts of the hive are ended with a mass involving an animal sacrificed.
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22 Dec 2013
51. Personal vox-units are only allowed for members of the higher echelons and the hive’s elite-forces. All others have to use stationary voxes, or ones installed in their vehicles (for enforces, mega-transports and similar – less important stuff don’t have vehicle-voxes).

52. Animalistic sub-humans are used as pack and draft animals. [Like the gyaa-yothn in Lovecraft’s The Mound, or the “human-animals” in the Prophet comic.]

53. The people makes sacrifices of blood, food, drink, and/or small animals to the machine-spirits of the machines they work with and their equipment.

54. Lots of large statues of saints and heroes, most of them more-or-less overbuild by later added pipes, cable and similar.’

55. The planet’s [ Lord of Defence | Keeper of the Pantries | System High Admiral | Minister of Track-transportation ] is an heraldic position. This is a duty the current holder [ is fully trained for | have no idea how to do but have promoted competent underling to do the real job | have no idea how to do but delusionally think hen is more than capable | is fully trained for but also start raving mad | mad and bad ].

56. By old tradition do the hive’s medicaei practise their procedures on live animals. Many surgeries and infirmaries have cages with animals lining the walls, if not outright wander around. This also means that the hives medicaei are all trained veterinaries.

57. There has been a thing for the last generations among the amongst the disgustingly rich to have their own flying mansion. Structures keep soaring by the means of ballons, hover-engines and/or propellers. While equipped with rudimentary manoeuvring engines most of them are anchored to the ground or the hivespire by ropes or chains.

58. Aquafarming is behind the majority of the hive’s food production.

59. Lots of stained-glass windows, be it real windows or just placed in the front of a lucifer.

60. Anaconda-sized centipedes are the main cause of death-by-animal in the hive.

61. The hive is known for it medical products and its [ rejuvenation | resurrection | life-expanding | psyker-healer ] arts.

62. The hive is the headquarter for the Ecclesiarchy on the planet.

63. The hive’s [ two | three | four | fifteen ] different workshifts are considered different castes, with different ways of doing things and serving under different laws.

64. Servo-skull linked cyber-mastiffs stalks the upper- and midhive’s hallways, attacking any man or beast that don’t wear the right identification items. Possible identification items can be: computer chips; identification papers (the servo-skull will ask for them before attacking); the aquila proud and visible;

65. The nobility and their mimickers all have decorative pets. With many having specialised servants carrying around their pets when nobles are moving around.

66. Shantytowns hang from the ceilings of the hive’s larger holds.

67. The honoured dead of the population are turned into servo-skulls when possible, with similar duties as they had in life. Bribing to make certain that your dead relative, workmate or guild-sibling is seen as honoured enough to be turned into a servo-skull is common.

68. No doors outside of the ones needed for security (like air-locks), instead different spaces are warded off by hanging fabric or beaded curtains. Guards are stationed if things needs to be guarded.

69. Gun bullets and ammo-cells are the currency of the [ hive | midhive | underhive ].

70. The population believe in the protective powers of witch-balls – hollow spheres of coloured glass – and have them hanging in all living areas, important parts of the hive and places they believe bad spirits or curses can get in.

71. The population is highly insular, afraid to look outward from their duties and small societies for fear of what might be lurking in what exist beyond their limited knowledge.

72. Rat-skulls and giant rat’s front teeth are the currency of the [ hive | midhive | underhive ].

73. A monastic order man the hive’s cannon batteries.

74. The remains of a notable saint can be found in one of the hive’s main shrines. People from not just all over the hive but also from other hives, and even other planets makes pilgrimage to the shrine.

75. The hive’s Ministorum-priests’ paraphernalia is Shinto-ish (like hakama, jōe, shaku, ōnusa, kagura suzu, and/or similar).

76. “Netzumi” – semi-sentient(?), near-humanoid rats believed to have been genesculpted in ages pasts – infest the hive. They try to steal food, shiny stuff and whatever find their interest but it’s considered illfortune to kill them.

77. In the lower midhive exist people whose only mission is to keep a heating generator from going out, unknown to them the area the heat should go to have been removed by [ hivequake | damage from the current war | explosion of unknown origin | a rebuilding project that was paused ] generations ago.

78. The current planetary-governor have to keep hen’s position certain killed any- and everybody that is related to hen no matter how distant. This have decimated some of the noble families and created gaps within the planetary administration.

79. From the underhive comes at times gasmasked beastmen wearing the seal of the planetary-governor, they are not stopped by the enforces as they go by their mission to find and capture a target or item, that they then returns with their price the way they came.

80. In the underhive grots have take root. They [ relay on fungus-alchemy, squigs and stolen weapons to bring down everything that is not grot | skulk in the shadows, working for big’nes as thieves, assassins and makers of strange brews | mostly farm funguses, try to expand their farmholdings and create more potent and/or better tasting funguses brews | have become just another aspect of the underhive and can be seen fighting alongside humans as well as their own gangs ].

81. The underhive’s primitive, tribal “natives” mark territories they see as holy or taboo by hanging bones, omamoris, and wall-paintings near it. Upperhivers “know” that many of those sites have archeotech and many foolish seeks them out. If they survive the protective traps and the possible horrors that was the reason for it to be taboo do they also have to get past the tribe-warriors that have gattered to take out those that have broken the taboo.

82. Strange items of usually decorative appearance and unknown origin are from time to time discovered in the underhive. The wearers of those items are, after a relatively short time of revitalisation without any visible side-effects, mentally and physically transformed into monsters.

83. The underhive’s primitive, tribal “natives” care about the life of their members, they therefor rather flee than stand and fight if the odds are not fully with them, and break from their skulking raids if anybody is notably wounded. They fight ritually between each other and when having to fight outsiders relay on traps, ambushes, and quiet raids of sabotage, assassination and/or theft.

84. Outlaws vat-grow psyker-clones to use their brains and bodies for drug cultivation.

85. Lots of brat gangs terrorise the mid- and underhive.

86. One of the hive’s high-nobility (maybe even the planetary-governor family) is actually a creation of Fabious Bile, put there as part of one of his mad experiments and as guardians over one of his hidden laboratories and reserve clone-bodies. They are [ inciting duelling and the use of violence as solution among their fellow nobles, and are egging on the young nobility to go into the lower hives as brats gangs and spyerers, all to weed out the weak and increase the space they (as superior new men) easily will fill in | mutating, with the ones to mentally or physically gone experimented on and/or sent down into the underhive to be studied in hostile environment | following their “benefactor’s” footsteps by experimenting on themselves, humans, and animals. Sometimes to gain data or see what’s possible, other times to create monsters for their own use, to let lose int the hive, or just to see if they can | have turned to Chaos worship and mad sorcery-science ].

87. A Haemonculi have made a lair in the underhive. It/hen is experimenting and studying the underhives lifeforms and making experiments on them, sometime some of hens creation are let lose or escape to terrorise the underhive. It sell drugs and modification to those that know how to contact it, in exchange for slaves, harder to get chemicals, and exotic beasts.

88. Chain-axes not chain-swords are the main close combat weapon for the hive’s officers and nobility.

89. Vat-grown cyber-ogryns equipped with shock-sasumatas whose generators are implanted into them, was created to function as the hive’s supreme jailors. Now a-day they are also used for riot controls, big animal handling, gateguard- and bodyguard-duties.

90. Lasmuskets – heavier, unwieldier versions of the standard lasrifle that need fork-rests to be properly aimed by unaugmented humans – are the standard lasweapon created by the hive’s manufactories and used by its PDF:s and other fighters.

91. The hive’s [ enforces | titled administrators | PDF officers | nobility ] all carry shortswords that they are expected to fall on if they have notably failed in their duty or are about to be captured. Actually knowing how to use them in combat is not expected.

92. Zero-G shafts are spread out through the hive and are used for transport.

93. There are tolls for the use of elevators, both for people, equipment and machinery.

94. The duty of voxcast operator and relater can only be given to trained members of the emperor-cult since they will possibly have the duty to handle transmissions from the ship’s Ministorum-priesthood and the planetary-governor (who theoretically is the voice of the Emperor in the hive) and such sacred stuff can’t be handled by uneducated laypeople.

95. The honoured dead’s [ smoke mummified heads | scrimshawed skulls | shrunken heads ] hanging from the roofs of their once duty-areas or living space to watch over and guide their living duty/family members.

96. Mycelia-like webs and patterns seemingly made out of silver cover areas or equipment here and there in the hive.

97. Ones in the hive’s glorious past the officers and fighting-elite was equipped with exotic side-weapons (ex. needle guns, duelling lases, shuriken pistols). Now a-days they still carry them as badges of office but only a few of them have any ammunition.

98. The hive’s PDF:s style themselves after the skitarii, in appearance if not in modifications and weapons.

99. Much of the hive’s internal light is from luminescent crystals.

100. Energy-crystals – in sizes from ostrich-egg to Sentinel-walker, black with green-glowing patterns appearing and disappearing – function as secondary energy sources all over the hive, and the main source for some un-essential systems. They are mined from [ the hive’s sump | a cleansed xeno world in the system | the under-areas of now ruined fellow hives | a planet now lost, and every cycle are more and more of the remaining crystals losing in power or becoming damaged ].
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101. The Machine-Cult’s domains in the hive are protected by mounted cult-troops. They also protecting tech-priest that move outside those areas, and sometime are seen moving around alone or in group sent on missions of retravel, death or more esoteric nature by their masters.

102. Cogs are holy as the symbol of the God-Emperor in his guise of the Omnissia. Wheels may be lesser forms of the cog but are still sacred and it's therefore a lesser blasphemy to dirtying wheels by having them spinning on the ground on vehicle.

103. Protective script or glyphs are tattooed on every [ hiver | upperhiver | midhiver | underhiver ]’s brown and cheeks.

104. Mirrors are seen as items of power, depending on their placement are they a force of good or bad energy.

105. Carnivores black moss infest the hive. It has to be weeded out from time to time to prevent it from being a danger to the crew but are never fully exterminated since it takes care of many a-vermin. It’s growing mostly unchecked in the underhive.

106. Peacocks wander the upperhive, the decedents of the birds in a previous planetary-governor’s peacock-garden. They are protected by old laws on the pain of death.

107. All the important and/or far-reaching corridors in the mid- and upperhive have moving walkways.

108. In the upperhive there is a gallery of Xeno Extremis- and Terminus-class monster frozen in stasis fields. It’s seen as good costume to give any important offplanet visitors a tour. They pay well for any new monsters to exhibit.

109. As protection against mischievous or evil spirits do hivers carry items with an iron edge (like a scissors, knife, or possibly even a sword).

110. The hive’s priesthood have nothing that prevent them from having children, passing down their duties or being nepotistic, leading to that the religious affairs are controlled by what is in practise a priest-cast.

111. Each worker-gang have one member with the duty as shrine carrier – usually the youngest, oldest and/or most damaged work-ganger. The shrine is closable and feature three hand-painted icons, with the central being one of the aspects of the God-Emperor, and the base unfolds to hold candles and/or incense burner and is usually carried on the back or at the top of a staff.

112. The nobility, adepts, officers, priests and others of culture are trained in tea-ceremony.

113. Symbolic golden circuits mark the areas the machine-cult see as extra holy – all machinery is holy but some more so after all. Possibly are also the higher tech-priests also marked with them on augments, clothing or both.

114. The guards the patrol the hive are equipped with electro-glaives, short axes and pistols. They movie in pairs and relay on gun-servitors for range attacks.

115. Guilders may not have any armed forces of their own. They have to rely on mercenaries, noble or gubernatorial enforces, and paid off gang-fighters for protection.

116. Copious amounts of money is being spent on keeping the clockwork-menageries of the upperhive functional and expanding.

117. Gene-sculpted cyber-simians with control implants are used for many menial tasks all over the [ spaceport | upperhive | hive | hive’s outside ], especially those that involve climbing. There are rummers about some of them going wild and creating their own society that they supposedly keep alive by corrupting other cyber-simians to going wild somehow, or (other say) they are able to reproduce naturally and their inprogrammed knowledge make it possible for them to augment their children to full cybermall status.

118. Lots of Chaos cults in the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | outlands | hive ]. They are constantly being hunted in the open and in secret, and would be a bigger force if they did not also constantly fight between themselves.

119. An ork Waaaagh! was fought off from the planet generations ago, but the xeno-taint were not fully removed. Lesser ork tribes and warbands are growing in the outlands, some of them are making raids on the hives, and are being hired by outlaws as muscles, tinkerers, and squig herders.

120. Grots infest all levels of the hive. They are seen as nothing but clever vermin by the hivers, and in the abounded spaces they are growing, plotting and tinkering. If they did not as often plot against each other as the ‘umies they would be a bigger threat.

121. Temple-crocodiles protect the hive’s main temples, and many lesser temples and shrines also.

122. Rock gardens for contemplation and meditation can be found here and there in the upper- and midhive, and anywhere in the underhive that try to appear a bit more cultural or spiritual.

123. An horti-cult has taken root in the hive. They are [ nothing dangerous, as long as you don’t threaten their plants | heretically experimenting with combining human genetics with the genetics of plants | growing strange plants that they believe will begin to cover the whole hive, and then the planet. Halleluiah! | aggressively expanding their horticultural areas and hunting for soil fertiliser ].

124. Semi-regular pogroms into the underhive to hunt down the mutants and witches the midhivers believe lives there. Those pogroms are seldom over the whole underhive but instead happening from different areas of the midhive into the nearest underhive area, and it’s not unusual with different pogroms happening at the same time in different areas without knowing about each other, there have even been fighting between pogroms when they have meet and belief that the other pogrom is actually a underhiver mob trying to stop the purging. The pogroms usually lose many of their members to the dangers of the underhive, their own incompetence or overenthusiastic fellow pogromers.

125. It's heavily stigmatized to not be married as soon as possible for the [ hivers | midhivers | underhivers | upperhivers ]. And it’s just as stigmatized to not get children as soon as possible, either through breeding or adoption.

126. Many of the hive’s non-essential components are made to function by the hard work of men, servitors and draft-beasts. The ancient machines that once did this are gone, unrepairable and/or nobody knows how to activate them.

127. Odeons for cultural activities such as singing, musical shows, and poetry competitions are spread out over the upper- and midhive. Some can also be found in the underhive.

128. Large amount of larger herbivorous/omnivorous animals (like cows, groxes, pygs, lobobster, or struthids) are kept in the [ hive | upperhive | midhive | underhive ], for food and entitlement. Possibly something corresponding to bullfighting in the latter case.

129. By old tradition do the [ Cabal of Cyberfalconers | Geisha Guild | Union of the Wire | Carcass Reclaimers ] report to and fall under the lordship and protection of the hive’s Choir-master Telepathica.

130. The [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | hive ] has a sauna culture.

131. By the hive’s reconning are portable voxcasters counted as small if they backpack sized.

132. The vox is used only for important messages, less important communication is done through runners and messenger [ pigeons | bats | foxes | servitors ].

133. A gigantic (we mean it) parabola disc is sticking out from the side of the hive, shadowing at least a third of the hive. From time to time it moves.

134. A notable Adeptus Astra Telepathica presence in the hive, with higher numbers than normal of support personal, ritualists, Black Sentinels guard-keepers, and others.

135. There is an elite-cadre of transhuman fighters in the hive that use sonic weapons and are heavy modified to use them at best capability and without danger themselves. Many of them have banshee-speakers augments and/or their sonic-blasters weapon-arms. They are [ a free order with their own tower that function as their concerto-surgery where others come to petition the sonic warriors for their service | made up by the children of house Tyrrand and Torung | the hive-governor’s creation, made from hens mind cleansed enemies | secretly a Tzeentch cult ].

136. The midhive operates on a three-shift rotation, over thousands of years each shift has developed its own culture, ritual, and sociolect. At the end of every shift there is a haka-ish ritual as the shift taking over communicates roughly "if you've left a mess for us we will beat you bloody" and the shift leaving communicates roughly "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough".

137. There is a Space Marine priory-keep on the planet, from time to time they offer the different hives to help clean out their underhive a bit. Unknown to the planetary- and hive-governors do the Space Marines not just kill the underhivers but also capture all children they can to be turned into aspirants, serfs or servitors.

138. The nobility, members of the eccelarcy, and those of office train in archery as a meditative exercise. Possibly do some of the non-officed commoners also train in archery.

139. Garlic is believed to turn away evil spirits and are therefore grown around any important area. While the smell of fresh flowers is seen as most protective do dried flowers, flower water, and the bulbs also help.

140. There is a conflict of sort between the tech-priests with [ brass masks and black robes | checkered yellow and red robes | green robes, that makes the sign of the cog with their fingers | tentacular mechadendrites ] and the ones with [ chromed augments and venusian masks | black robes with gematric patterns stitched on | green and red robes that makes the sign of the cog with their knuckles | insectile mechadendrites ].

141. Because if ancient design choices or unfixed faulty repairs are many of the hive’s corridors and shafts wind tunnels. The wind’s strength and direction may be permanent, or it might fluctuate. The hivers use sail-carriages, wind-skateboards and such for quick transports across those areas.

142. Different areas and/or duties of the hive is associated with certain colours and members not from there and/or with that duty are not allowed to wear that colour.

143. Record keeping is seen as highly important in the hive. Likely does each sector and worker-gang keep their own records; possibly are larger areas of the hive taken up by the record libraries.

144. Everybody smoke, be it pipes, sticks, and/or other.

145. One of the hive’s factions/groupings mark themselves by keep their hair and beards (if any) long and braided.

146. Most of the hive’s “state” workers’ clothing are tightfitting and made with lots of straps and layers that are knotted together, giving an appearance of being "bound to their duty". This also makes it hard to run.

147. The hives’s enforces are archaically armoured in antiquitarian plate, chainmail, studded leather, lacerated laminars, animalistic face masks, and/or similar.

148. Ancle- too knee-high mist (or smoke) cover the floor all over the [ hive | upperhive | midhive | underhive ].

356. Trade Guilds may not manufacture, manufacture-houses may not trade, only merchant houses belonging to the nobility may trade with offworlders.

149. The hive’s ruler have in hens control murder servitors of an ancient inhuman model: large, black, nautilusian and crustaceanish, deathdealing abominations. Once activated they are near impossible to control as they went their destructive power on everything around them; even orders to stop or return will usually go ignored, they will return to their service-chambers after a set period of time after activation (or to much damage). The hive’s ruler use it as a threat against the hive’s other powers, and to “clean up” the underhive and the near outlands when they become too restless, or hen just wants to remind people about the destructive power hen have.

150. There is a slave caste of oppressed abhuman brutes (ogryn, beastmen, or similar) in the [ hive | midhive | underhive | outlands ] that are used for any heavy- and/or deadly labour work, and possibly as draft animals. The are not content with their loot [ but are loyal to the God-Emperor and believe they are atoning for their birth sins by their hard work | and while loyal to the God-Emperor are they just a spark away from open rebellion against their harsh taskmasters | and working many a-secret underground railway to get as many as possible out into the outlands where they believe they can live free | have turned to Chaos instead of an cruel and uncaring emperor and are planning a grand revolution ].


22 Dec 2013
151. The [ hivers | outlanders | underhivers | members of house Bei-Long ] have large, light-sensitive eyes with barley any visible whites.

152. Decoctive spurs with pajados that jingle when walking are in right now and anyone fashionable have them.

153. There is cult in the hive that believe that the Emperor speaks through his weapons, with the cult’s priests diligently listen to the sounds of the hive’s weapons as they fire during battle or training. These priests dedicate their time to trying to decipher the Emperor's messages hidden in the sounds of gunfire. Many will lose their hearing and even their lives in this theological pursuit, but it must be done.

154. The hive is divided into estates with different (if many times overlapping) privileges, obligation and duties. The hive has a diet of estates that makes decisions for the hive and function as advisors for the hive-ruler – and has even the right to dethrone hen if a large majority agrees.

155. The hivers worship a pantheon made up by the Emperor (as the high-god-king), the primarchs, and lesser demi-gods (Imperial Saints, heroes, and similar).

156. The hive's highest Ecclesiarchal officers have their own notably [ well trained | large | well-equipped | augmented ] "church-militia" that only answers to them.

157. A humongous aerodrome lay beside the hive.

158. The hive’s [ nobility | PDF and AM officers | bounty hunter guilders | Ecclesiarchy ] espouse chivalry and virtue, but their sense of honour is tainted with cruelty, and sometimes even sadism.

159. The lyra, aulos, and pan flute are the instrument of choice for the [ PDF:s | adminstratum | Guild of Flame | Union of Adminstrators ].

160. The [ hive | midhive | spaceport | Macro Sector Delta-4 ] population associated dance with religious ceremony and also hold it in high regard for its educational qualities (according to them).

161. Infidelity is seen as a high crime and punished with death or similar if discovered.

162. The hive has a parliament, senate or similar, with representations of the hive’s different estates, geographic areas, guilds and/or similar. While the hive-governor can veto anything but a high majority decision is hen expected to listen to them and a governor that veto to many decisions can find themselves replaced.

163. Thermal baths are used for relaxation among the [ midhivers | upphivers | Juuie gang-house members | hivers ].

164. Croquet (or another game with similar feelings) is something all nobility and upperhivers (and much of the commoners) play and consider important to play. Much of the hive's politics and socialising is done during, or around, the croquet games, and a good game of croquet is socially elevating while a bad game affects the player’s standing negatively.

165. Kastelan Robots are part of the hive's internal defences, and can be found patrolling the hive's corridors, walkways and halls.

166. Murder-servitors, of ancient and arcane produce, hibernation in the hive. While the hive-rulers can activate them have no one the ability to control them anymore. They can only be shot in the right direction before being activated, where they will vent their fury on everything coming their way. After a set period of time their hibernation protocols will activate and they will return to their storage chutes. When they are activated the tech-priest doing the activation are often killed, also when hibernating they will randomly activate, only for a fraction of a second, but that is more than long enough for them to kill anyone within reach. This usually occurs once or twice a month. Their caretakers are mostly members of a semi-suicidal mechanicus death cult that see their death or injuries by the murder-servitors as something blessed.

167. Many of the hive’s religious rites involve animal sacrifices accompanied by singing and prayer.

168. Mosaic cover the floors of the upperhive and in better habs in other areas.

169. Genestealers have infested one of the [ outlander nomad-tribes | sump-sccavies | mining companies | noble houses ].

170. The food in the hive is mostly fungus bread, pound scum soup, soylens viridians, condensation water, and void sweat liquor. Even for the upperhivers, they just get it served fancier.

171. When it comes to promotion in the hive is seniority much more important than ability or competence.

172. The hivers are highly democratic with the leader of each worker-gang, militia-unit, and similar being chosen by his pears instead of being appointed from above. A culture of discussion, and possibly voting on any important decisions, is possible.

173. The inner walls of the nobilities’ estates are lined with sarcophagus, holding the mummified remains of their dead.

174. The hive produce its own textiles and fabric goods. Being good at weaving and/or needlework is something that gives prestige.

175. The hive’s tech-priests’ paraphernalia is catholic-ish (like mitre, crosier, stole, pallium, and/or similar).

176. The hive’s machine-cult and emperor-cult are involved in a shadow war with each other.

177. The hive’s machine-cult consider tracks the superior locomotion method and all tech-priests and higher lay-members have tracks.

178. The hivers distrust voidborn and those that visibly have the touch of the void. They likely make warding signs when near them and have any area where they stay marked with protective totems and glyphs. If voidborn move outside the hive’s space-port area there is a chance they will be lynched.

179. Large amount of vermin. Just killed off in the better parts of the hive (but there is always more coming), they are used as foodstuff in the lesser parts and betted on in the vermin fighting houses. The vermin-hunter guild is possibly a political force.

180. The hive belong to the Uniatist-faith with the hive’s priests being both members of the Mechanicum and Ecclesiarchy.

181. Has a highly ritualised culture. More or less everything has to be done in a proper manner and follow the proper rituals, be it drinking (different ceremonies for different drinks and in whose presence), greetings (ceremonies differ depending on the rank/gender/work/nature/etc. of the people meeting), weapon cleaning, making repairs (the ceremonies differ depending on what is being repaired and/or in what part of the hive the work is being done), decision making, eating, before battle (different ceremonies for different foes), after battle (ceremonies differ depending on the foes and how the battle went), etcetera.

182. It is a notable crime to take the Lord’s name in vain, as the hivers believe that He hears when called upon and punish those that summon his notice for no good reason.

183. Highly fermented foodstuff is standard, either as the main course or the side dish.

184. The hive is built upon a necron [ base | colony | tomb world ], and from time to times do people make it into the upper layers of the necron catacombs when looking for the treasures that supposedly can be found in the deepest part of the hive. Some of them makes it back alive and with more than just stories about guarded ancient technology. The baubles and items the few takes with them back (believed to be archeotech by the hivers) is sometime followed by necron constructs or agents with a mission take the item back and return.

185. Most of the corridors and many rooms on the [ upperhive | midhive | hive’s spacestation | hive ] have a secondary use as ossuaries for the bones of the areas dead. The areas used for ossuaries are expanding.

186. The hive’s nobility and their mimickers are followed by scantily clad people that dance, play music and/or just laying around looking pretty.

187. Wild ambuls are living in the underhive and the outland’s underground. Their digging are undermining the hive-structure.

188. Tiny cakes of salt pressed with images of the [ Golden Throne | planetary-governor’s profile | hive-governor’s profile | hive's protective saint | silhouette of the hive ] are used as coins.

189. The hive’s Machine Cult is highly mystical, with many and strange rituals and superstitions.

190. The nobility and their mimickers see hunting underhivers (and similar) as a valid form of entertainment.

191. Chairs or stools are not used in the hive, instead people sit on the floor or on pillows.

192. Two the hive’s many cults – the Church of Starry Wisdom and the Druidic Order of the Void Lotus – have declared each other heretics and are in a open war with each other. They are actually both genestealer cults hailing from different patriarchs who have decided that there can only be one of them around.

193. Palanquins are the modes of travel for those of status or means.

194. The nobility and their mimickers are obsessed with their own beauty, they spend hours each day making certain they look good and huge sums to take away anything that makes them uglier (in their eyes).

195. Water filled channels crisscross many levels of the hive, used both for water storage, aquafarming and transport.

196. A shadow war of spies, saboteurs and possibly even assassins is going on between the Ecclesiarchy members in the hive.

197. The Ecclesiarchy try to teach all the hive’s young basic reading and writing so they can read the holy texts and write prayer.

198. All ordained members of the Ecclesiarchy hide their faces with golden masks and the rest of their bodies behind red fabrics.

199. Ropes are hanging in front of all areas where drafts or winds are created (constantly or routinely) and on those ropes are prayer flags bound so they can flow in the air.

200. The servants of the nobility go around masked, so the nobles don't need to see their common faces.
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201. Prayer wheels can be found all over the hive and it’s seen as strange to not give them a turn when you pass them.

202. Cold water is a luxury; most water is at best lukewarm, and steaming at worst.

203. Warm water is a luxury.

204. The nobility and their mimickers consider fighting beneath them, they have underlings and champions for that.

205. Their dead are [ buried | cremated | voided | sunk into the water system | other ] with their weapons (or at least replicas), for use on their way to the Emperor’s side.

206. The nobility and high adepts have as a sign of their rank a big, heavy gold neckless with jewels in it.

207. Tank duelling, and/or games of tank-combat, are tradition among the aristocracy. And it’s a strange child of the hive’s nobility that are not in any way accustomed with a tank.

208. Those that can afford it move around areas they see as socially beneath their dignity carried on palanquins.

209. The members of the nobility are seldom seen without at least a "light entourage", and consider that something around fifty underlings, followers and/or hangers-on.

210. The rich show their opulence by lots of wood fouled fireplaces and similar.

211. The nobility’s footmen wear animal-masks.

212. The nobility respects non not of their number. They pay due obedience only to the High Adeptus Terra of the Imperium and the Lords of Mars, which they acknowledge as a greater power. They see the ‘nobility’ of other worlds as vane and worthless things, lumping them in with other ‘peddlers and malcontents’.

213. The Promethium Guild/similar are sponsors of the redemptionist cults, not out of any sacral reasons but out of profit hunger since the redemptionist preference for flamers and their constant use keeps the price high.

214. All grownup male hivers are expected to be bearded (at least a goatee), or hide their shame with false beards or veils. Male visitors who are clean shaved are given false beards or veils.

215. Collars with wide ruffs are part of the [ hivers | PDF:s | administrators | toll-takers ]’s standard look.

216. High status are marked out by long nails, with only the little-fingers being long for the lowest of those of higher status and the hive-ruler/s having long nails on all hens fingers.

217. The hive’s Ministorum representatives try to socialise with fellow members of the Ecclesiarchy that are on visiting starships.

218. The [ railway | tram | boat | buss ] systems that connect the distant parts of the hive are steam-driven.

219. A genestealer cult have infested one of the [ noble houses | underhive areas | mining cities connected with the hive | guilds ]. The cult’s infiltration has been made harder by some genetic degeneration that makes the majority of those born to the cult being abominations.

220. Prayer scrolls are not flown freely, instead they are put in omamoris before being vaxsealed unto machinery or equipment, or hanged around necks or belts.

221. The officers of the gateguards and enforces have as their weapon of station the [ trident | flail | sniper rifle | chainrapier ] and are expected to be at least trained in them.

222. Lots of religious arts, and any upstanding hiver is carrying a icon on their person.

223. Obsessed with gene-purity, those that can afford it constantly go thought blood cleansing processes, disown family members they have found suffering from chem-, rad- or similar damages, there is gene-testing of the population (with sterilisation and/or servitorsation of the ones found impure), and such. Mutants and abhumans are hunted and slain.

224. The nobility treat their servants and other commoners as little more than slaves who are barely worthy of being in their masters' august presence.

225. The nobility and their mimickers don’t use voxes, instead they are followed by specialist servants whose duty is to transmit any vox-messages to or from their master.

226. To prevent themselves from having to listen to their servants’ lowly chatter have the nobility made all their servants (with some exceptions possibly) mute.

227. Scar a hiver receive are enchanted with gems (or at least artificial crystals), electoo-circuitry, glittering metals and/or similar.

228. The Mechanicus cult-troops in the hive dress in landsknecht-ish clothing (ex. jackets with slashed puff-sleeves, tellerbarrets with feathers, hoses with slashed knees, large codpieces, etcetera, all in at least two colours).

229. Pelts of predators hang from the [ church-militia | PDF | enforcers | keepers of the great gates ] officer’s uniforms. Possibly different animals for different ranks or each duty have their specific predator that marks them.

230. Lots of internal fighting and upstaging for glory and honour between the hive’s work-gangs and duty-guilds. Maybe with real blood spill between crew-kin.

231. Commoners sits on the floor, only nobility may use chairs or stools.

232. There is a Guild of Crown/similar that keep great records of the noble families’, and their servants’ genes and bloodlines, so no impurities will find their way in and the ones that do are quickly found. If now the records are right…

233. Braids hanging from the shoulder/s are marks of status/honour, with the hive ruler having a veritable mantle made of braids.

234. While the hivers worship the God-Emperor as their only god do they give offerings to the void spirits, the hive spirit, the spirits of storm and tremble, and good fortune and any other spirits who may have a bearing on the situation.

235. Sugar and salt are probated substances in the hive, even if they can be given to people in need by the Medicae.

236. Beside the God-Emperor do they worship their ancestors. Offerings are given to them and advices and protection are asked from them.

237. The hivers tie prayer flags on the antennas, towers, grotesques and similar inside and outside the hive.

238. People of rank, or (possibly) wealth, are expected to have one or more lovers of the same gender as themselves.

239. The [ hive | nobility | outlanders | members of house von Klintek ] practises segregation of the sexes at almost every level, with very little contact between them except under strictly-ritualized circumstances.

240. Auto-injectors, filtration units and other cyberware that partly show up as liquid filled tubes and/or containers are common among the hivers.

241. In combat the [ hivers | hive’s Death Cult Assassins | bounty hunters guild | members of house Rötger ] favour the use of long rifles, silenced weapons and stiletto blades.

242. The [ underhive natives | spaceport commoners | Guild of Painters | members of house Laou-Dee ] are rumoured to kill and maim over the slightest provocation.

243. Officers of the hive’s enforcers, PDF:s and such are marked out with [ nobori back-banner | small, flexible, ornamental wings attached to the back of their armour | high, flowing helmet crests | flowing red capes ].

244. The [ midhive | enforcers | hive | house Ask ]'s medical crew are all clones of the same Joi-template, they are marked out by their pink hair.

245. The megaroaches that live near the [ hive sump | forcefield generators | manufactorums belonging to house de la Que | Kitchen Coven’s mystai-pantrys ] can be harvested for biochemicals that can be used to create a very potent [ psy-amplifying | combat | Navigation | psychedelic ] drug.

246. The [ PDF | enforces | sanctioned militias | spaceport guard ] are united by colours not equipment, with every armsman having to get their own body armour, rifle, pistol and close-combat weapon, leading to an eclectic collection of equipment.

247. Everybody have nose jewellery, with the higher up in rank the more expensive and grandiose it becomes, with larger sizes, chains, larger gemstones and such.

248. The hive’s tech-priests never interact with non-members of the Machine Cult directly, instead they do it through lay members of the cult.

249. The [ hive | PDF | Orders Hospitaller’ infirmaries | Train Tribes ]’s medicaes harvest the dead and dying for organs and body fluids. This is seen as fully normal.

250. All doors in the hive that are not airlocks or security doors are made out of wood or wood-like material. Likely the ticker and better wood the better the area.

251. The [ hivers | manufactorum workers | adminstratum adepts | members and underling of house du Nord ] are expected to spend part of their freetime praying toward the hive’s main house of worship, as a proxy for Holly Terra. Possibly do the workshifts have pauses in them for praying, divided up in such ways that some of the workforce can continue their duty when others have their prayer duty.


22 Dec 2013
252. A shadow war of spies, saboteurs and possibly even assassins is going on between the hive’s different tech-priests.

253. Lots of transparent tanks and tubes with bubbling, swirling, colourful substances. Many of the tech-priests, servitors, and possibly some (or many) of the hivers, carry around tanks and tubes as part of their cybernetics and/or gear.

254. The hive’s Machine Cult considers mauls and powerclaws illfortune weapons since it was those that Horus used to wound the Omnissiah in its aspect as the God-Emperor.

255. All the hive’s tech-priests are unusually human looking.

256. Squigs infect the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | outlands | hive ] and it is not possible to get rid of them without completely shutting down the area for an extended period of time. The commoners likely use them for food and have possibly been able to semi-domestic some of them.

257. Snakes and chain tattoos on all [ hivers | nobility | dockworkers | gatekeepers ].

258. The hive’s tech-priests, or a subcult among them, have an interest in a specific xeno-race’s technology.

259. Corals infest the hive’s greater water tanks, or are part of the water filtration/hydrofarming system, in whatever case it needs to be cut back from time to time. The harvested corals are possibly used for jewellery and/or simpler building material.

260. Duels over matters of honour are common among the [ hivers | nobility | PDF & enforcers officers | guilders ]. The way the duals are conducted can be highly varied.

261. Honoured dead are mummified and kept near to the living so the later can ask them for advice. Holydays or rituals where the dead are taken out of their tombs and niches and carried around are possible.

262. [ Everybody | Adminstratum members | Guilders | Ordained and lay-members of the Mechanicum ] go around masked. The design of the mask depends likely upon the wearer’s place/role in the hive’s structure and/or hierarchy. Showing your naked face is probably something highly intimate.

263. Water, or at least clean water, is rare and rationed. Possibly does hive currency represent amounts of water.

264. The [ hive | Train Tribes | spaceporters | house Faber ] is divided along gender lines, with each gender having their traditional duties, which members of the other gender are not allowed to do.

265. The main [ hive | midhive | Ecclesiarchy | outlanders ] culture is espousing unity and eschewing duality. Likely leading to that the crew (men and women) trying to appear as alike as possible and any markings needed to show rank or duty are as minimal as possible.

266. Most of the [ hive | midhive | house Tyrrand | outlanders ]’s religious rites involve mortification.

267. Drug use is highly common, both for recreational use and to enhance the population ability to do their assigned duty.

268. There are many theatres, music halls, and opera houses for the populations entertainment, spread out over the hive.

269. Most of the hive’s internal vox-units are servitor based.

270. An unending ritual parade travels all over the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | hive ] in an unbroken path.

271. There exist many Emperor’s Tarot readers, both automatic and living, all over the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | hive ] and most of the population visit them for guidance weekly, and for any important decision, if not even more often.

272. Lots of glass-doors, windows and maybe even walls inside the hive. Could be fully transparent to/or barley semi-transparent, simple one great sheet of glass or advanced stained glass constructions. The material use is possibly not actual glass but some other transparent/semi-transparent material.

273. Some exotic fungous, lichen, plant or similar have taken root in the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | hive ]’s air purification system or airducts. The infestation constantly spread spores, pollen or such that have a narcotic effect on humans, causing the population to partially live in a very special dream world.

274. The [ hive population | nobility | spaceporters | Nordeswärd gang-house ] follow matrilineal family-lines with children being brought up with their mother’s family. The father is not expected to join the mother’s family, even if many do, but he is expected to stand for some of the childrearing which could as well be in the form of him giving money as physically helping out.

275. The hive’s morticians are wrapped in bandages and ragged robes, their face hidden. They speak in whispers (if that), move strangely and give no rites for the dead before taking them or condolences for their kin. Nobody know how they recruit but they most have their ways since they are still around.

276. The [ Ecclesiarchy | hivers | house Prinn | Stowageer Guild ] are believers in fengshui. This also effects how they see modifications to their area with any modifications that are unharmonic being resisted or having to be placed in areas where they harmonise, even if it is more costly/time consuming. Repairs might be prioritised upon what will bring back best fengshui.

277. Advanced and high hairstyles with lots of decorative hairpins and such are marks of status and fashion among the [ hivers | nobility and their mimickers | administrators | members of house Clithanus ]. With the ones that can afford it having coiffures so large they become more than ungainly and too heavy for comfort.

278. The Navigators quarters take up an unusually large area of the hive’s spacestation.

279. Natural hair is seen as unhygienic. Possibly are decorative wigs used, possibly are such things seen with the same discuss as natural hair.

280. Many of the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | hive ]’s corridors and chambers are flooded with water, maybe just ankle deep or maybe the whole area is under water.

281. The mummified heads of the [ hivers | dockworkers | Ecclesiarchy | house Balfour’s members ]’s dead line the inner walls of their areas.

282. Prayer beads hang from all [ hivers | members of house d’Erlette | spaceporters and orbital workers | Society of Penpushers and Paragraph-readers ] belts or necks. Visitors that seemingly lack prayer beads will be gifted with them, those that don’t accept the beads or later don’t wear them will be seen as suspect and find people making protective signs when they pass.

283. Much of the work that would be done by monotask-servitors in the [ hive | upperhive | midhive | Ecclesiarchy’s holdings | Guild Halls ] are done by advanced, and esthetical pleasing, automats. They are as in good shape as the rest of their surroundings and while nicer to look at then servitors are they harder to maintain.

284. Navigators and astrophats are seen as holy by the [ hivers | nobility | members of house Blichfeldt | Ecclesiarchy ], since they can see the God-Emperor’s light respectively have stood before it, and treat them as such with pleas for blessings and requests for sermons.

285. An Imperial Knight freeblade lance, or smaller household, with followers have the hive as their home. They consider themself the protectors of the hive and having a right to sit at the hive-lords table, while also not being under any rulership of the hive-governor – they only follow his orders if they think they are sound, if not will they go their own way.

286. The [ hives | spaceporters and orbitworkers | members of house Hsan | Waiting Guilders ] cover their skin with protective script and glyphs. This may also expand to their clothing and armour.

287. There is a belief among the [ hivers | adminstratum | members of house von Junzt | Guild of Freeblade Assassins ] that comfortable living creates weaklings and their living spaces are designed and furnished after that belief.

288. Among the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | hive ]’s interior defences are crossbows hidden behind walls, trap doors with spikes on the bottom, pendulum axes that swing down when you open doors the wrong way, and similar stuff spread by the tech-priest Trap-Magos Gyga-10.

289. Status lines the walls of all important corridors and many of the less important ones.

290. Shrines, in all manner of different sizes, can be found all over the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | outlands | hive ].

291. The air in the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | outlands | hive ] is thin, making oxygenated air a valued commodity.

292. Abominational murder-gholams are sealed in cyro-stasis near important areas, or spread out over the hive, until absolutely required.

293. A returning problem of rage-zombie-virus outbreaks. If it goes on for too long is it not unusual that the main carrier and/or rageer get possessed by a lesser [ Khorne | Nurgle ] daemon and reshaped into something a bit more sturdy and lethal.

294. [ Hivers | House al-Azrad members | outlanders | spaceporters ] of one gender is expected to go around robed and veiled when interacting with outsider and members of the other gender not of their close family.

295. The [ hive | upperhive | midhive | underhive ] is archaic, with feasting halls, prison and torture dungeons, fire pits, processional galleries, portcullis, and such.

296. Most of the [ hive-workers | midhivers | spaceporters | members and underlings of house Wormius ] works in pairs, chained together by the arms or neck.

297. Betting and gambling is the main entertainment of the [ hivers | house Philetas | Sanctioned Thieves | upperhivers ]. Even if there are sanctioned betting houses, so are there likely many illegal gambling dens spread over the hive.

298. Lots of stone are used for construction and/or decoration.

299. The [ hive | house Palladius | Sworn Minions of the Steward | Divisio Biologis ] believes in eugenics and who gets to sleep with who follows special planned programs. They likely don’t really know what they are doing, and it’s possible that they try to seduce, kidnap and/or other ways to get gene-material from outsiders with the seemingly right traits.

300. Numerology is important to the [ hivers | house de la Que | Discreet Fane of Freeinquirers | spaceporters ], with some numbers seen as good and others as bad. Anything involving the bad number is evaded, even down to leaving stuff behind so it’s not corresponding to a bad number in amount.
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Jag använde den här:

124. Semi-regular pogroms into the underhive to hunt down the mutants and witches the midhivers believe lives there. Those pogroms are seldom over the whole underhive but instead happening from different areas of the midhive into the nearest underhive area, and it’s not unusual with different pogroms happening at the same time in different areas without knowing about each other, there have even been fighting between pogroms when they have meet and belief that the other pogrom is actually a underhiver mob trying to stop the purging. The pogroms usually lose many of their members to the dangers of the underhive, their own incompetence or overenthusiastic fellow pogromers.

Som basen i en one-shot! Jag hade att ett valv innehållande värdefulla saker tillhörande gängen som föll ner i underhiven efter att banken den var i gick sönder i en hivequake. Så spelarna var normala fattiga människor i hiven som tog den här chansen att råna gängen och bli rika! Men vad som börjar med att racea en grupp gängmedlemmar ner i underhiven blev kaos när två olika pogromer började samtidigt.

Jag rullade en massa mer på del tabell 1 också så alla officerarna hade chain axes och där var en boss fight mot en jätteanakonda som blev besatt av en demon i en aqua-odling! Dina listor är sjukt bra!


22 Dec 2013
301. The members of the [ nobility | hivers | house Bei-Long | Kith of Light Keepers ] are all bedecked with jewellery, with the amount of jewellery increasing with rank.

302. Plants, lichen, and/or fungi grow wild all-over the [ hive | midhive | underhive | shell ]’s interior, with possibly some areas being overgrown.

303. Areas with harmfully high radiation exist in the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | outlands | hive ].

304. Among the [ hivers | members of house Juuie | outlanders | Fishmonger Union ] is cleanliness seen as highly important, both real and symbolic. Bathing is likely done at least daily, when possible, and hiver’s clothing and equipment is likely cleaned as often, or at least changed. They will not eat or touch things they consider unclean. There are likely lots of purification rituals to make “unclean”-but-useful things be perceived as clean-ish to them.

305. Foodstuff is used as currency among the hivers, the more uncommon the foodstuff the more it’s worth.

306. The [ hivers | members of von Klintek | Fraternity and Sorority of Pound Scum Keepers | spire-guard ] are early silent.

307. The [ hivers | house Ask | Verminators Guild | Executioner-families ] ritually cannibalise their honoured dead.

308. A large amount, if not all of the [ hivers | Combine of Shotgun and Shield | house Gruber-Ivenoff | midhivers ] are trained in the lesser secrets of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This probably makes them either Mechanicus’ laypeople or heretecks depending on how they use their knowledge.

309. The [ hivers | Union of Bookkeepers | house Drumstein | oxy-farmers ] use their dead’s skin to make leather and parchment.

310. Romantic courtship among the [ hivers | Venators | House of Blades | Caretakers of the Vents ] often consists of a ritual battle between the two parties.

311. Society in the hive is highly stratified, with each member of them having a very specific role and set of responsibilities, as well as a strict chain of command.

312. Lots of colourful fabrics cover large parts of the [ hive | upperhive | spaceport | Ratters Cabal ]’s corridors, chambers and similar.

313. The interior of the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | outlands | hive ] is cathedral-like with vaulted ceilings, and the main corridors are broad with at least one upper gallery.

314. There are no hostels or inns in the spaceport; instead visitors are expected to be accommodated as guests by the port-population.

315. There is a “fika” tradition [ in the hive | among the nobility | licensed Undertakers | Union of Enslaved ], during that time everything beside the essential stops.

316. Great kelp forests whose stalks resemble bamboo fill the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | Aquaratio Guild | hive ]’s hydrofarms and much of the area’s commoners’ clothing, everyday items and food are kelp based.

317. Part/s of the hive is blocked off because it has been taken over by the flora and fauna from a grand zoological garden that went awry. There has been attempts to get it removed but it stubbornly persevered and now, a few generations later, it is just easier to let it be than to get rid of.

318. The hive is decaying, its civil structures failing, its ancient grandeur rotted. It’s rife with petty corruption, apathy and slow decay, neglect and partial abandonment marks many of its holds and levels.

319. The [ hivers | nobility | Atmospheric Reclamators | House of Gears ] has a highly ritualised vengeance and assassination culture, where assassinations are legal, as long as it is done by guild members and you have filled in the proper forms and can call upon the right rights.

320. The [ hivers | midhiveer | outlanders ] are fearful of bodies of water larger than a bucket, and would likely never travel by boat if given a choice. Possibly do they also distrustful of even very shallow water if it is over a broader area (like a very broad poodle).

321. Monkey-based cybermals climb the walls, crawlspaces and such in the [ upperhive | midhive | spaceport | shell | hive ], making repairs and logging faults too big for them to handle. There are rummers about some of them going wild and creating their own society that they supposedly keep alive by somehow corrupting other cybermals to join them, or (other say) they are able to reproduce naturally and their inprogrammed knowledge make it possible for them to augment their children to full cybermall status.

322. The tech-priest that work with the technology within the [ spaceport | Adeptud Astra Telepatica | grand gates | oxy-farms ] areas are of a different order then the rest of the tech-priests in the hive. This is visible regarding their colours, symbols, rituals and/or equipment.

323. Lots of tech-priests and Mechanicus lay-members.

324. The [ Morticians Guild | Slaver Union | House of Iron | house Iktomio ] has an appearance of piety and religious virtues, but it’s a mask to help gain power and/or justification.

325. By tradition is the weapon of office for the [ Caretakers of the Vents | shrine workers | vox-operators | ammo-haulers ] the [ half-hand sword | bardiche | staff-flail | sai ] and they, or at least the foremen, are expected to carry them.

326. Small dirigibles travel the upper levels of the high corridors and holds.

327. A population of uplifted [ bears | orangutangs | dolphins | gorillas ] are part of the population in the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | outlands | hive ].

328. There is no internal way to the hive’s [ spaceport | Carcass Reclaimers’ protein reclamator facilities | macro-cannons | Astropathic Relay spire ], you can only get to there by outside entrances.

329. The servo-skulls in the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | outlands | hive ] wear masks and/or wigs.

330. Dropping mustachos on men in the [ hive | upperhive | midhive | underhive ], the fashionable ones have mustacho-beads.

331. The [ hive | upperhive | midhive | house Buroburum | Fraternity and Sorority of Pound Scum Keepers ]’s hierarchy is unclear, byzantine and mysterious to outsiders, as well as to many of the crew-population itself.

332. None of the commoners may turn their back to the members of nobility or their thrones.

333. The floors on many corridors (and possible also holds) are covered by ice and sleds and ice skates are used for transportation.

334. To most of the population the hive-governor and the upper spire are something semi-mythical, with some believing that they are not real in the physical sense.

335. To most of the population the outlands are something semi-mythical, with some believing that they are not real in the physical sense.

336. The hive use [ large testudines | giguanas | packerpillars | yaks ] as pack-animals.

337. A notable part of the hive’s [ enforces | haulers | lower administrators | pleasure workers ], if not most of them, are created through esoteric biological means – rapidly grown in amneo-vats from flesh-templates and given a baseline knowledge of their setting and their duties in it delivered via cranial data-slugs. They are “born” ready to immediate full file their role, at least on a junior level.

338. As a group the [ Kitchen Covens | Guild of Blood and Heraldry | midhivers | house Habiar ] are serious minded and sombre people, with a deeply deep-seated emphasis placed on order and hierarchy. May lead to problems when having to interact with less ordered people or organisations.

339. The [ hive | upperhive | midhive | spaceport ]'s lawkeepers are all clones of the same Junsa-template, they are marked out by their turquoise hair.

340. The life of the upper class are full of an relentless succession of balls, dinners, grand coronations, and other seemingly frivolous formalities of social and/or symbolic importance.

341. [ Hullghasts | Grots | Ur-ghuls | mutant rats ] infest all levels of the hive. They scavenge, steal, and hunt whenever they can and whatever they can. Many a-pet or drunkard have been lost to them.

342. The Rochians is a group in the [ upperhive | midhive | underhive | nobility ] that expose themselves to sickness in a belief that by becoming sick and surviving they become stronger. A Nurgel cult have sprung up among them.

343. Order of the Ram is a sex-club among the [ nobility | upper class | decadent midhivers | spaceporters ] where the members take pride in all the STD:s they have collected. A Nurgel cult have sprung up among them.

344. Weaker warp-entities possess servitors and the too weak-minded to wreak havoc around them.

345. Weaker warp-entities possess servitors and the too weak-minded. Ones possessed the bodies begin to [ use whatever is at hand to build strange totem-like false-devices | try to move toward a specific place where they will possibly join other possessed to construct a large strange totem-like false-device ].

346. Weaker warp-entities possess the fresh dead wreak to havoc around them.

347. Weaker warp-entities possess the fresh dead. Ones possessed the animated corpses begin to [ use whatever is at hand to build strange totem-like false-devices | try to move toward a specific place where they will possibly join other possessed to construct a large strange totem-like false-device ].

348. The [ hivers | nobility | Crawlspace Keepers | Adeptus Astra Telepatica ] are obsessed with ossuaries and all manner of blessed bone trinkets and supposed saint’s relics, and they go to great lengths to enshrine and preserve their ancestor’s remains and honour their memories (sometimes simply to bask in their reflected glory).

349. The hive’s fighting elite is equipped in gear not dissimilar to the Tempestus Scions and/or the Arbites Exaction Squads, too bad they are nowhere near as well-trained, disciplined or iron willed.

350. Perfumes and other agreeable scent emitters are spread with the [ hive | upperhive | midhive ]’s air-system. Depending on the quality of the air they might only do a subpar job hiding the air’s staleness and chemical smells.

Dina listor är sjukt bra!
Tack :)

Om du ska äventyra i en understack vill jag föreslå podden Underhive Lorekeepers, det är en massa lore och spekulationer rörande Necromunda utifrån vad man vet, och båda hallåorna brukar stanna upp diskutionen för att ta upp en gäng-idé de har fått från materialet som diskuteras och hur denna skulle kunna vävas in i världen omkring dem, ex. under episoden om sågvapen så ledde presentationen av sågyxor till en idédiskution om ett "skogsarbetar"-gäng som fäller trädstora svampar/liknande som växer i understacken med sågkyxor både som redskap och vapen.


23 Oct 2012
Tack :)

Om du ska äventyra i en understack vill jag föreslå podden Underhive Lorekeepers, det är en massa lore och spekulationer rörande Necromunda utifrån vad man vet, och båda hallåorna brukar stanna upp diskutionen för att ta upp en gäng-idé de har fått från materialet som diskuteras och hur denna skulle kunna vävas in i världen omkring dem, ex. under episoden om sågvapen så ledde presentationen av sågyxor till en idédiskution om ett "skogsarbetar"-gäng som fäller trädstora svampar/liknande som växer i understacken med sågkyxor både som redskap och vapen.
Ohhhh! Ska kolla upp den podden!
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22 Dec 2013
351. The upperhivers are decadent and in the areas they socialise are opulent establishments for drug use, drinking, sex, and/or other indulgences – maybe there is even a sensorium available for the wealthiest.

352. Feathers are marks of rank, with the hive-ruler/s having an oversized feathered cloak and bonnets as their mark of office.

353. The elite-fighters that guards the [ spaceport | grand gates | Adeptus Telepatica holdings and subjects | generators ] are of unusual stock – 1) death world tech-barbarians; 2) cyber-ogryns; 3) death cult assassins; 4) monstrous servitors; 5) skitarii; 6) beastmen; 7) Armiger-pattern Knights; 8) psyber-linked beasts; 9) robots; 10) Arachni-servo-rig warriors.

354. The [ hivers | upperhive commoners | Guild of Dye Makers | tech-priests and admek lay-members ] all have replaced their legs with prosthetic or cybernetic stilts.

355. Gardens with crassulaceaes, cactuses and other succulent plants can be found all over the [ hive | upperhive | midhive | shell interior ]. And you can also find the those planted in niches or similar here and there alcove the hive. It’s seen as bad luck to desecrate those plantations.

356. Lots of ratlings. They are [ secund-class citizens and servants | the majority of the population, with many areas actually not fully made for pure-strain human proportions | slaves and outlaws ].

357. Each guild, noble house, and greater manifacorum oligarch are patron of their own PDF or IG regiment.

358. All [ hivers | underhive | outlands | shrine workers ] members vary around a medicine bag, that contains sacred and personally symbolic items.

359. The hivers are divided into cast-guilds, or similar, with different duties and rights. Old cast-guilds can be dissolved and new ones founded by the order of the hive-ruler/s, but some of the castes-guilds are as supposedly as old as the hive itself and there would likely be strong reaction to their dissolving.

360. In the [ hive | midhive | spaceport | areas around the grand gates ] are there no living quarters in the classical sense, instead people are housed in large chambers where they have created tent villages/towns and/or divided space with the help of folding screens.

361. Most of the internal distance communication in the [ hive | upperhive | midhive | adminstratum areas | Carcase Caretakers domains ] is done with voicepipes and pneumatic tubes.

362. The hive's [ militia | professional duellists | wyrd-hunters | combat-pilots ] throw turmeric on their faces before going to their duty.

363. The hive’s different [ duty-clans | sectors | domes | ethnic groups ] have each their own thick sociolect and many of them have hard time understanding each other’s sociolect or standard low gothic.

364. Large codpieces are part of the [ enforcer | PDF | verminators | gateguards ] officers' and fighters' uniform, no matter the gender.

365. The [ hive | enforcers | Geisha Guild | gate-guard ]’s officers have as their weapon of station something unusual (trident, bow-n-arrows, flail, sniper rifle, etc.) and are expected to be at least trained in them. There is likely prestige in being good with the weapon.

366. The [ hivers | spaceport population | Cabal of Cyberfalconers | house Kimrik ] believe in the protective ability of dreamcatchers, and can be found hanging in all their living areas and important parts of the hive, the later are possibly very large with diameters over 3 meters. The dreamcatchers are made by their priest, cunningfolks, and/or psykers, if not all of them.

367. The guild, union, or such that has as duty to take care of offworlders are forbidden to speak. They communicate through written notes and/or with sign language.

368. The [ Geisha Guilders | sump-scavies | space-port workers | enforces ] usually perform small forms of religious observance in their daily tasks.

369. There is a Imperil Knight household in the hive, they are also an important family within the [ Ecclesiarchy | Guild of Blood and Heraldry | House of Blades | Kith of Light Keepers ].

370. Gremlins – cyber-homunculi tech-saboteurs gene-crafted from a monkey-base – are used in the war between guild-houses and manufactorum-clans. There are rummers about some of them going wild and creating their own society where they are somehow reproducing. This can’t be true after all since gremlins are vatgrown and can’t survive in the wild. Still the rumours persist.

371. When nonhivers are precent the hivers away their unmarried sons and daughters (or maybe only one of the genders) and they may only interact with outsiders if there is a chaperon present, once they are married there is no problem.

372. Large (at least a meter tall) monster masks are carried on the back by the members of the [ Aquaratio Guild | Ratters Cabal | Venators | Gild of Flam ] during their duty time.

373. Beside the shotguns and shock-truncheons are the hive’s enforces archaically armed with antiquitarian flails, daishos, billhooks, kophesh, bhuj, and/or similar.

374. Decoctive spurs with pajados that jingle when walking are part of the uniform for the [ enforces | PDF officers | bearers of letter-of-mastery | Funeralians ]

375. Members of the [ nobility | administratum | wyrd-hunters | Theatre guilders] wear distinctive and possibly sinister masks to mark them out from the rest of the population.

376. The [ enforces | outlanders | Torung gang-house | Funeralians ] believe it’s wrong to not treat dead enemies with at least the minimum of respect that they treat their own dead.

377. The [ bounty-hunters | nobility of house Kimrik | PDF officers | corpse-reclaimers ] write death poems before battle, duels, or other times of notable chance of death.

378. The [ hivers | Iktomio gang-house | stowageer | population of Macro Sector Tetra-9 ] practises animal sacrifices, accompanied by singing and prayer, to the Emperor, ancestors, and/or similar. Afterward, hepatoscopy (divination by examining parts of the sacrificed animal) is often performed.

379. Libation – an offering involving the ritual pouring out of a liquid, most commonly consisted of watered down wine, but also sometimes of pure wine, honey, olive oil, water or milk – to the Emperor, saint/s, the machine-spirits, ancestors, and/or similar is a common practice among the [ hivers | outlanders | shell-habbers | Union of the Wire ] when they think they should give thank or honour, or ask for help or guidance.

380. There exist a minority that hide their bodies behind robes and rebreather masks. They have a notable presence among the [ hive | midhive | underhive | spaceport ]’s [ refreshment sellers | lenders | gun sellers and artificers | Executioner-families ].

381. The hive’s [ administratum members | nobility | midhivers | members of the Woo-Shing gang-house ] have a preoccupation with physique, and their style of clothing is often designed to reveal as much of their bodies as possible.

382. Athletic games are a custom part of the [ hive | nobilities | ecclesiarchy | spire-guard ]’s celebration, be it for victory or to honour the God-Emperor.

383. The [ outlanders | nobles of house Habiar | Carcass Reclaimers | Buroburum gang-house members ] are highly honourable, most of them would rather lose a war then win it using dishonourable means. What they consider honourable and dishonourable may be a bit different from others’ ideas of those concepts.

384. The [ officers | young nobility | members of the Haberdasher Guild | spaceporters ] has a strong duelling tradition, sometimes to settle a point of honour but more often to test themselves and their swordsmanship.

385. The bodies of the [ hivers | spaceporters | water guilders | oxy-farmers ] are decorated with seaman-ish tattoos. They might just be decorative or every one of them might have a specific meaning within the chapter, or a bit of both.

386. The rituals of overhaul for the different greater machineries of the hive are ended with a mass involving an animal sacrificed.

387. The hive’s Mechanicus’ cult-troops are in majority Death Cult Assassin-ish.

388. The [ Crawlspace Keepers | Banner of Bibliognosts | Union of Enslaved | Atmospheric Reclamators ] guild-militants are also the hive’s warrior-elite (outside of nobilities’ own elt-forces).

389. A previous hive-governor had a special taste and installed amneo-vats for the creation of gene-sculpted, androgynous pleasure-abhumans. Things have happened since then and now a-days they make up a notable part of the commoners workforce in the Spire, if not most of the it.

390. Feathers are used as honour markings among the [ hivers | enforces & PDF:s | House of Gears | Slaver Union ].

391. The hive’s tech-priests are cunning in the art of holograms, something they take pride in and like to show. This means that all the hive’s official hologram-units function to their full capacity and are well taken care of, and that the tech-priests offer their services as holotech-specialists to any starship that visits the hive’s spaceport. Simpler holotech devices can also be found for all manner of uses all over the hive.

392. The hive’s ecclesiarchy’s cult-troops are in majority Death Cult Assassin-ish.

393. The hive’s nobility, oligarchs and guild masters are expected to carry around their own fine-crafted cutlery, with the decorated gripes made out of rare wood, ivory, precious metal or similar. And also having digi-weapons in them.

394. Only the members of the Vox Guild have the right to operate or transmit through voxcasters and they have their own coded order-chant-shorthand that they use for this.

395. Lots of monasteries.

396. The hive’s population is highly insular toward outsiders, trying to have as little as possible to do with them. Possibly do there exist purification rituals hivers have to do after interacting with those not of the hive, or even rituals for any area contaminated by outsiders, and/or they may only interact with outsiders when dressed in vacuum sealed voidsuits.

397. The various regions and compartments of the hive have their own noticeably different accents, slangs and sayings.

398. The most common vermin in the hive is a kind of [ owl | crab | octopus | lizard ].

399. Many of the hive’s Cherubim have “devolved”, as in allowed some corrupted and mangled version of their organic cortex to take over their behaviour. This have led to some very strange behaviour from them, sometime with unpleasant consequences. There are rumours about them eating vermin and/or the dead, and kidnapping babies to turn into new cherubs.

400. Many of the walls in the [ spaceport | spire | hive | Ammunition Guild’s holdings ] are painted with decorative patterns or scenes. Possibly do the people and/or tech-priests believe that those need to be fixed if damaged or the area’s machine spirits will be angered.


23 Oct 2012
Älskar den här:

367. The guild, union, or such that has as duty to take care of offworlders are forbidden to speak. They communicate through written notes and/or with sign language.

Den säger så mycket och är så naturligt i spel utan att kräva en massa beskrivning. Jag hade ju som spelledare också faktiskt skrivit lappar istället för att prata som de NPC:erna!


22 Dec 2013
401. Among the [ whole hive | members of the Pyros Guild | Ecclesiarchy | nobility ] there is an idealisation of motherhood and being pregnant, and even women who are not pregnant use paddings to give the appearance of being it. Possibly have rakish males also taken up this fashion.

402. Only one gender is ever considered truly adult among the [ hivers | upperhivers | midhivers | Haberdasher’s Guild ]. Members of the other gender are there to be decorative, protected and used in marriages.

403. Lots of albinos among the [ hivers | upperhivers | underhivers | enforcers ].

404. The [ nobility | guilders | enforcers | Hearth Stocker’s Guild ] is highly decadent with traditions of orgies, overindulges and use of illegal substances.

405. Members of the nobility compete with each other by big game trophy hunting. Most likely it’s not just about how grand the trophy is that count but also how close the hunter came to it, the weapon used to bring it down, how good told story about the hunt and/or similar.

406. The [ nobility | Accountants Guild | Fishmonger Union | hive ] cling to the former glory of their linage, spending more time reminiscing about the past than looking to the future or caring for the present.

407. The nobility consider personal combat, man-to-man, beneath them. That does not mean that they don’t fight, just that they don’t do it outside of some kind of war-machine.

408. The [ hivers | nobility | Flesh Cutters Guild | underhive “natives” ] practice ritualized cannibalism of their own honoured dead and worthy foes.

409. The bloodlines of the hive’s nobility are seemingly tainted with many know madmen and monsters having come from their ranks.

410. While the local aristocracy is as callous and bloodthirsty as most Imperial nobility are they strangely honourable and curtly about it. Assassinations are unthinkably done and blood spilling or killing are only done following the right procedures (duels, proxy wars or all-out wars, depending the right processes).

411. The nobility speak in High Gothic [ among themselves | only ].

412. Long, lacquered nails are signs of status.

413. Much of the [ nobility | guilders | spaceporters | Guild of Blood and Heraldry ] are notably inbred.

414. The nobility are thick with secrets and hidden horrors, and a number of their scions have become noted for the cruelty and fevered madness.

415. Lots of glassworks, both decorative and practical in the [ hive | upperhive | midhive | wyrd-hunters holdings ].

416. The officers of the [ gate-guards | ammo-haulers | vox-operators | gendarme ] are equipped with exotic side-weapons (ex. needle guns, duelling lases, kraken-tooth daggers, etc.), more as a badge of rank and means then as something they expect to use in combat.

417. The [ nobility and their mimickers | hive’s high adepts | Stowageer Guild bosses | spaceport entitled ] compete with each other by trying to have the most exotic bodyguard following them around.

418. The [ spire | hive | upperhive | shrines and shrine workers holdings ] are full of artificial waterways, aquariums, decorative sea-gardens, fountains, and similar.

419. Mood-swings and sadism is common among the [ nobility | guilder oligarch-families | Guild of Freeblade Assassins | house Torung ].

420. Leman Russ tanks are part of the outer and inner defences, with tank ways and stops inside the hive and along all levels of the shell.

421. Members of the [ nobility | higher hive adepts | guilds | Ecclesiarchy ] are expected to give public speeches to their underlings and/or holdings regularly to maintain order, broadcast the right kind of information, and generally show themselves.

422. The [ nobility | guilders | Drumstein gang-house | Discreet Fane of Freeinquirers ] give an appearance of piety and religiosity with close ties to the Ecclesiarchy, but it’s a mask for plays for political power thought the church.

423. The hive’s canals and waterfalls (planed or created by broken construction) have waterwheels constructed beside them by later generations.

424. The imperial eagle is [ tattooed | branded | carved ] on the forehead of all hivers.

425. The imperial eagle is [ tattooed | branded | carved ] on the forehead of all [ members of the Ecclesiarchy | PDF:s and IG:s | nobility | Waiting Guilds ].

426. The hive’s nobility are known to respond well to having their pride stoked, but if they feel insulted or slighted in any way, they'll lash out.

427. Calming music is played on all functioning levels.

428. Grow flowers for shrine offerings and possibly decorations.

429. The hive’s greenhouses grew spices, not foodstuff.

430. Most [ hivers | house Kimrik members | Sanctioned Thieves | spaceporters ] always draw the Emperor’s Tarot before making any important decision.

431. The [ hive | bounty hunters guild | hive’s ecclesiarchy | nobility ]’s society is very bloodthirsty, founded on ritual murder as a means to gain status and wealth.

432. The [ noble house Gruber-Ivenoff | Society of Penpushers and Paragraph-readers | hive’s Death Cult Assassins | spaceporters ] have extensive tattoos on their bodies as a story system, recording all of an individual's history. They [ dress minimally to show it off | consider showing your life story as something highly intimate ].

433. The [ nobility | guilders | members of house Woo-Shing | Sworn Minions of the Steward ] wear lots of jewellery and much of their personal equipment are covered in precious stones and metal.

434. Puppet-theatre is the main entertainment in the [ hive | midhive | outlands | Guild of Painters holdings ].

435. The [ nobility | members house Habiar | venators | guilders ] see themselves as honourable but are known word-twisters, who are known to always keep to the letter of any agreement while having no problems breaking it in spirit, and being creative with what the letters means.

436. Lots of servo-skulls hover around. They mostly [ make small fixes and simple repairs of the hive infrastructure, they also hunt vermin | keep their sensors out for intruders and will sound the alarm and attack with inbuilt weapons if any is found - there is of course the problem of missidentification, but has been decided to not be severe enough | take care of the candles, replace the burned down ones, and light the new ones and the ones that have gone out | nobody knows, but they must be doing something, right? ].

437. Lots of cherubs flutter around. They mostly [ act out allegorical plays of religious nature | play music and sing (or at least give the impression of that while the sound comes from semi-hidden speaker-implants) | make small fixes and simple repairs of the palace infrastructure, they also dust all high-up areas | hunt vermin. And sometime try to eat their captured prey ].

438. [ House Buroburum | Guilders | The nobility | crimelords ] send expeditions into the nearby [ underhive | wasteland | Feral World | Death World ] to find and capture monsters for their bloodgames.

439. The hive recently and suddenly lost its ruler to [ assassination | overindulgence | suicide | hen disappearing together with hens ship and followers while traveling the Warp ], and there have not been any decision on who is going to success hen yet.

440. The [ nobility | spire-guard | Executioner-families | Union of the Wire ] carried their arrogance as a badge of honour and will only work alongside those they deemed worthy – and they deemed very few to be worthy – all other they expect to work under them.

441. By tradition do the members of the [ nobility | house du Nord | Union of Adminstrators | Morticians Guild ] only use hidden weapons and armour.

442. The [ hive | nobility | Ecclesiarchy | Executioner-families ] have begun to descend into charnel cults and bloody rituals.

443. The variant of the Emperor-Cult the hive follow is [ Confucianism | Islamic | Shinto | Tibetan Buddhist ]-ish in practice and paraphernalia if not philosophy.

444. The [ Ecclesiarchy | Mechanicum | guilders | Union of Adminstrators ] is divided in several cults and secret societies rivalling with each other.

445. The hive is highly bureaucratic, to such level that more or less every request and/or task has its own forms that need to be filled out (likely in three versions) before it can be done. Possibly has this led to them ignoring important stuff because it was not done using the proper bureaucracy

446. There is a Grand Library in the hive and within the librarians exist an order of ninja-trained acquirers who has as mission to get books and editions the library lack, and get back borrowed books.

447. The hive’s parliament is often a ruckus affair with parliamentarians physically fighting each other over disagreements.

448. The hive’s gateguards have snarling beast-masks and shock-halberds, while the shellguard have barbed quill-cloaks and leather-rebreathers, and the spaceport guard have red lacquered armour and weapons under yellow, deep hooded cloaks.

449. Stables with riding and draft [ horses | giguanas | pansárs | struthids ] exist in the spire and the noble households. Nobility usually use them for any travel within the spire.

450. The nobility and their mimickers show their opulence by keeping slow pets – like blue land-lobster, the calmer plains-sloth, voivodian testudines – and taking them on long walks.
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22 Dec 2013
451. No fixed illumination instead the one with means are followed by flying lumen-servitors and those without have to carry their own lumens.

452. The [ Morticians Guild | house Faber | Caretakers of the Vents | house Ulandari ] is known for its rigid adherence to the Cult of the Redemption, though the connection to the Cult's outlawed crusades is one their leaders are careful to minimise.

453. The [ nobility | Funeralians | house Nordeswärd | Ecclesiarchy ] have a keen interest in history and what they can get from it, be it in prestige, knowledge or rediscovered tech.

454. The [ Geisha Guild | house Balfour | Mechanicum | House of Shadows ] are masters of stealth operations, infiltration and misdirection, they are arrogant in the belief that they are the ones with the secrets and lies.

455. As a group are the [ nobility | guilders | house Tyrrand | Pressgangers ] distrustful and paranoid, they lie and tell half truths about everything, others most do the same. Possibly unable to believe that others are actually telling the full truth.

456. Lots of internal sabotage and assassinations between members of the [ nobility | Mechanicum | Ecclesiarchy | guilds ].

457. The [ Hearth Stocker’s Guild | Kith of Light Keepers | outlanders | spaceporters ] enthusiastically pray, but their strange rites cause a suspicious eye to question who exactly it is they pray to. Odd idols and iconography are littered throughout their holdings and lands.

458. When reaching adulthood, each member of [ Kith of Light Keepers | house Ask | Thieves Guild | the hive ] takes an oath to avenge fallen kin whose slayer/s still live whenever possible.

459. As a group are the [ nobility | house Gruber-Ivenoff | Fraternity and Sorority of Pound Scum Keepers | upperhivers ] refined in demeanour and lofty in ideal, educated not just in socialising and their family business, but in culture, philosophy, rhetoric and similar pursuits.

460. By tradition do the [ nobility | house Rötger | Verminators Guild | hivers ] speaks very poetically.

461. The [ nobility | house Laou-Dee | Combine of Shotgun and Shield | high guilders of the Soylent Veridian Guild ] are gourmets that take their food serious and are willing to spend shamelessly high sums to get the best kind of food available.

462. The [ hive | house von Klintek | Gun Guild | local Mechnaicum ] have close ties to certain Ecclesiarchal sects, to which the "perfect form of Man" (of which the Emperor is the best example) is a subject of worship.

463. The [ Vox Guild | house Juuie | Ecclesiarchy| Pressgangers ] patronage and work with the Magi Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus to make certain that the holy standard human genotype don’t deviate too far.

464. The [ hivers | Ecclesiarchy | Union of Bookkeepers | house Bei-Long ] have great respect for astropaths since they have stood before the Emperor.

465. The [ Medicaes | house de la Que | Guild of Painters | underhivers ] are religious and mystical. In their holding can be found many strange religious items and constructs, as well as clerics, mystics, and flagellants.

466. The [ nobility | Venators | hive’s Sanguine Death Cults | house Ulandari ] are body-fascists. They constantly do everything to keep their body in the best shape possibly. Are obsessed with training, eating healthy (or at least what they think is that), and keeping unnatural stuff from their bodies (this may lead to them not taking stuff like vaccines).

467. The children of trusted servants and lesser members of the [ Ecclesiarchy | Ratters Cabal | nobility | house Gruber-Ivenoff ] that show the right talent are handed over to an internal order of smoke-knights where they are trained in all the arts of stealth, infiltrations, and silent killing. As smoke-knights they function as elite guardians and agents for their superior.

468. Each household and all-important family members of the nobility have a bard for entertainment and coming up with poetry and song-lyrics that praises the house.

469. The [ licensed Undertakers | house Palladius | wyrd-hunters | hive ] see excellence as the highest virtue. High rank among them is not gained by the right breeding instead it goes to those who distinguish themselves, whether as a administrator, officers, hunter, weaver, dancer, or lorekeeper.

470. The [ Aquaratio Guild | house Philetas | nobility | hivers ] lovers of body ornamentation, they wear high amounts (if not outright layers) of complex and luxurious jewellery with huge and/or scarce gems and/or exotic shell.

471. The hive is the planet’s designated Battlefleet port, leading to close to the sector’s Battlefleet with many children of the hive’s population serving, or having served, on the Battlefleet’s ships. The upperhivers among the officers while the common hivers among the menials.

472. The [ Atmospheric Reclamators | house Wormius | nobility | bounty hunters guild ] have cultivated an impeccable reputation for honouring their debts and keeping their word regardless of the personal cost. This also led to them despising those that don’t honour their word and likely declaring vendettas against those that break their pact with the house.

473. The [ Morticians Guild | house al-Azrad | Adeptus Astra Telepatica | nobility ]’s holdings have lots of greenery, from grand gardens to smaller installations and potted plants.

474. Some past [ disgrace | disaster | dishonour | horror ] haunts the name of the [ Mechanicum | house von Junzt | Banner of Bibliognosts | House of Shadows ], and they possesses but a shadow of their past glories. Their mansions are all but dusty ruins and their name is whispered fearfully by those they command.

475. The [ hive | nobility | Kitchen Coven | IG:s & PDF:s ] is beginning to choke on the heavy burdens of dutiful tradition and dynastic obligations.


22 Dec 2013
476. The nobility no problems with members using the servants to slake their thirst for sex, violence or killing.

477. The [ hivers | nobility | Crawlspace Keepers | underhivers ] are known as capricious, ruthless and wicked, the worst of them display a cruel intelligence and single-minded strength that drives them to survive and perpetrate their sins and those of their ancestors into another generation.

478. The [ hivers | upperhivers | Guild of Dye Makers | house Hsan ] believe that even the slightest hint of uncertainty can betray weakness to a potential adversary. Therefor they train to master the art of dissembling and to appear perfectly calm and composed. Possibly do the more paranoid, or the ones that can’t constantly keep a calm exterior augment their abilities with implants or hide their faces behind masks.

479. The [ gateguard | house Blichfeldt | gendarme | hivers ] never let go of a grudge and will bring their vengeance on their target’s decedents if they have the audacity to die by other means then the house’s hand.

480. Workshanties and music are constantly used by the hivers to keep the rhythm of their work. [ There is also lots of music and singing going on as entertainment | Other kind of music is forbidden to not disturb the rhythm of the working voidsmen ].

481. Antiquity is everything in the [hive | planet | system ]. A family or organisation draws prestige from the number of ancestral generations it can trace and even the newest estates look like age-weathered bastions of tradition. All nobles are intensely competitive and demonstrate their superiority through the magnificence of their estates as well as the antiquities they collect, from artefacts excavated from the underhive and/or outlands, to archaic items from across the Imperium.

482. No living quarters for the servants, they either sleep at their work stations or in their masters’ bedrooms.

483. Overpopulated. Each habcube have twice to five times the planed max amount of people in them. Shantytowns everywhere they are possible and even where they are not possible have people created sleeping space.

484. The [ nobility | hivers | guilders | Geisha Guild ] have lots of pets. Possibly are their also a menagerie in their main area, if not in most of them.

485. The letter-of-monopoly for the [ recaf | chocolate | flower | miniature wargaming ]-business has fallen to [ Cabal of Cyberfalconers | house Clithanus | Committee for Hive Security | house Wo-Ton-Tat ].

486. During a past [ conflict with another hive | hive-ruler that was paranoid | hive-rebellion | sub-sector ingulfing war ] was the upperhive filled with patrolling combat-servitors. While the reason for them have gone the servitors are still around, in more or less well taken care of shape.

487. Kid gangs – mostly made up by the children of the servants and lead by the nobleborn children – roam the corridors and common areas of the spire. They fight each other, harries any adult of enough low rank that they think they can run from, steal food and drink, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

488. The hive is notably dim and shadowy.

489. A death cult of the sanguinary subtype exist in the hive, taking the form of bondage blade-masters that see their bloodletting as offerings to the Emperor. They hunt those they see as sinners, and protect those they see as holy. Can possibly hired buy people that are not too sinful or holy if the target is sinful enough and the hirer is generous enough toward good causes.

490. Among the reclaimator-tribes in the lower hive and near outlands have Nurgle-worship begun to blossom, focusing on his aspect of the new coming from the destruction, reforming, and/or repurposing of the old.

491. Lots of narco-cults where the wannabe rebellious and decadent gather. A Nurgle cult have grown among the most obliviation seeking of the druggie.

492. A Death Cult of the necrophage subtype exist in the hive, taking the form of the members patronising ecclesiarchical organisations, and people showing themselves living without (or at least minimal) sin, then taking care of their bodies when they die and eating them to get their holiness, they also send expeditions to take remains of martyrs and saints.

493. The nobles hold archaic notions of honour and chivalry within a viper’s nest of political intrigue, ancient blood feuds, and wars over ones stolen swine. Theirs is a way of respecting a sworn oath, of giving a personal trophy to a chosen champion, of spilling blood in the name of slighted honour.

494. The hive’s current [ Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs | Secretary of State of Transportation | Secretary of State for War | Planetary-Governor ] is moving toward retirement and the noble houses are spending considerable resources to make certain that the next holder of that position comes from within their house.

495. The hive-governor collect [ dolls | shoes | animals frozen in stasis | hologram art ] since hens youth and after becoming the governor have turned the gubernatorial palace and common areas of the Spire into practically a display-area for hens collection.

496. The upperhivers encourage infighting between siblings and cousins since they believe that build the right kind of character.

497. The hive’s rulers and high adepts are protective of the holy standard, human gene-form. The rad-, chem- or Warp-heavy area of the hive are heavily shielded, and any workers near those areas are given high-class protective equipment. All to prevent possible corruptions of their form or genes. Things are a bit different in the lawless underhive.

498. The estates of the noble and powerful in the upperhive are in constantly growth as their owners expand them, the new areas built on the remains of the old. To not expand is seen as a sign of failing wealth and/or lack of respect for their social-class, and so each must constantly strive to embellish its own estates to keep up.

499. The estates of the noble and powerful in the upperhive are in constantly expansions (in all directions) and rebuildings of the family’s mansion have left it a veritable labyrinth outside of some main areas. With some parts of the mansion possibly unintentionally hidden away (if not outright walled off).

500. The hive-ruler’s palace is a [ orbiting pleasure-satellite that rides the auroral clouds above the hive’s spire | true fortress with all that entail of thick walls, cannons, gun-turrets, balistrarias and pantries full of ammunition and rations | giant aquarium with most corridors, halls and rooms in it being made by transparent materials, making the sea-life constantly visible | extremely airy and spacious place even by the standard of the nobility ].


22 Dec 2013
501. The nobility sees it as among their duties to beautifying the hive.

502. All the noble houses have a legion of spies, analysts and paid informants just to try to keep track of their world’s treacherous sea of power and patronage.

503. The world’s PDF:s are effectively sponsored by the noble families who contribute their household troops to tours in the army, and most of PDF officer class is drawn from the younger scions of noble houses.

504. The noble houses literally fight for ownership of the hive’s lucrative mercantile output.

505. Members and peers of the nobility always travel accompanied by large retinues of servants whose primary role is to look impressive.

506. Few among the nobility know how to write, or even read, since they have others for that.

507. A Death Cult of the Resurrectionist subtype exist in the hive, taking the form of ritualistic killing and reviving of the members in preparation of the true resurrection.

508. A death cult of the sanguinary subtype exist in the hive, taking the form of random killings for the fun of it, the victims chosen by esoteric numerology-machines. Is possibly corrupt and the victim chosen by numerology-machines can be rigged to be somebody a briber want killed.

509. The ruler of the hive is mad in a way that’s a danger to the rest of the nobility and high adepts (and possibly the hive itself) but is well protected enough that any assassination attempts have failed.

510. The [ upperhivers | Union of Adminstrators | Theatre Guild | house Prinn ] revel in licentious, debauched behaviour and delight in extremes of falsehood and mendacity.

511. The [ nobility | Gilde of Flame | house d’Erlette | Banner of Bibliognosts ] see themselves as scholars, and take thrilling delight and perverse pride in their knowledge and studies in topics that has either been suppressed or deemed blasphemous.

512. The main duelling weapon of choice within the hive is the [ flintlock pistol | wind-fire-wheels | cloak and dagger | long-shafted axes ].

513. The [ hive- | upperhive- | gate- | guild- ] guard’s equipment are more ceremonial and aesthetical in design then functional.

514. There is a Bruul Parasite infestation in the hive, and it’s much larger than the people in power think.

515. The hive society expect the rich to constantly show of their wealth by dressing expensive, eating expensive, always having the best, constantly giving away money to the poor in their visage, and all in all throwing money around themself.

516. The hive was relatively recently attacked by [ orks | eldars | piscean | kroot ] and while the vile xenos have been driven off(?) have the hive sworn vengeance on them and will not rest until all the attackers and their kite are dead.

517. The duty and authority to track down and capture any and all unsanctioned or rogue psykers have been given by [ ancient decree | the destruction of the previous holder 1D6 generations ago ] to the [ House of Slaves | Funeralians | house Balfour | House of Gears ].

518. The [ hive | corpse-reclaimers | house Nordeswärd | oxy-farmers ] believe that it's humanity's duty and destiny to populated the stars and therefore lobby against contraception, and back all manner of colonisation projects.

519. BDSM is what the [ hivers | upperhivers | Union of the Wire | house Faber ] considered normal sex.

520. The leaders of the [ nobility | guilds | spire-guard | hive ] have psykers as advisors.

521. The members of [ Executioner-families | house du Nord | Committee for Hive Security | Theatre Guild ] are hampered by their greed. They would betray their closest for higher profit, creating conflicts within the family.

522. Each areas of the hive have their own decorative magnets that tourist can buy as mementos.

523. Beastmen – of the ovines-, suidae- or bovine-subtype – function as trackers, menials and as mercenaries in the hive. They also function as a food source, something they and the rest of the hivers know of and have no problem with.

524. The hive’ farming areas are protected by vicious guard canids: small, hairless, fast, and with razor sharp teeth. Their main job is to guard against raids from the poor, and larger vermin.

525. The hive’s arms-men don’t use any kind of guns with shorter range than rifles. For shorter range they use [ throw-weapons | hand-crossbows | hand-flamers | nothing ].


22 Dec 2013
526. All over the hive can be found long vertical shafts, each piercing many levels. Their original purpose is long lost, nowadays are they used for as places for the ones living higher up to throw away their trach, or as alternative paths for those going up or down and having no problems using ropeladders.

527. To siphon the energy generated by the [ constant | returning ] lightning-storms is the hive covered by lightning-roods that absorb the energy from the lightning.

528. Submarines travel the water channels and greater pipes.

529. In movement and silhouette is there something [ avian | insectile | bug-like] about the tech-priests.

530. Among the Mekanikums secret societies of heretekial experimentors and scienteers have Chaos cults bloomed, giving offerings to Vashtorr or Tzeentch and the different cult patrons guid their followers to make war on the other’s cult, thereby making the cultist creating new means of attack or defence.

531. A death cult of the sanguinary subtype exist in the hive, taking the form of assassinations through [ poisoners | snipers | suicide bombers | acrobatic blade-masters ] that go after people they see as holy so they may join the Emperor’s side in His war against the dark powers before they may lose their path.

532. A death cult of the sanguinary subtype exist in the hive, they hunt (what they see as) sinners using spyrer hunting rigs.

533. A Death Cult of the necrophage subtype exist in the hive. They eat (what they see as) sinners so the meal’s sins will be taken in by the nobles instead of the dark powers thereby denying the laters from ever gaining them since the cultists believe they will naturally go to the Emperor’s side.

534. A Death Cult of the necrophage subtype exist in the hive, they (or their hirings) capture dangerous individuals down and then eat them to gain their strength.

535. All stairs are steep.

536. The [ Carcass Reclaimers | house Laou-Dee | House of Iron | Haberdasher’s Guild ] have a notable passion for eating, drinking, and storytelling, when not engaged in their duty-role.

537. The heretekial Logician cult have a secret base in the hive. Sometime their creations get lose and rampage, or are let lose to see their capability. For experiments needing human subjects are hivers often kidnapped. The cult is secretly under the patronage of a faction within the [ House of Shadows | house Rötger | Union of Enslaved | Ammunition Guild ] who reap the benefits of strange technology and heretek-assassins.

538. The hive’s rattling population is a notable force within the [ Kitchen Coven | Verminators Guild | Fishmonger Union | Carcass Reclaimers ].

539. The hive is known [ planet | sub-sector | sector ] wide as manufactorum of excellent [ lasrifles | respirators | portable vox-casters | personal chronos ], each stamped with the hive’s name and crest.

540. While it’s known that the [ shortswords | respirators | boots | vox-beads ] produced by the hive’s manufactories are of dubious quality are all the gubernatorial-troops, -enforces and similar expected to use them since it would be a great loss of prestige to use equipment created by others.

541. A belief in the near end-of-time have spread across the hive. People take loans without any plans to repay and/or invest in nothing outside of crusades and missionary work since they believe everything is going to end within this or the next generation.

542. What can be seen as variant of the Polypsykana philosophy – the belief in the ascension of Humanity into a purely psychic race – have a strong, if secret, sway in the hive. Leading to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica having a strong position in the hive and there is support for creation and use of sanctioned psyber-tech. There is also shadowy work with breeding program, gene-manipulation, heretical development of new/modified psyber-tech, and similar going on.

543. What can be seen as variant of the Amalathian philosophy is strong in the hive, and therefore it is seen that maintaining the status quo in any and all ways is something highly important, and most hivers react vehemently against change.

544. A Death Cult of the Resurrectionist subtype exist in the hive, taking the form of patronaging the [ Magoses | hereteks ] that knows the secrets of the Rite of Setesh, Cybernetic Resurrection and/or similar, and have created founds to be used to help the worthy and needy to be able to afford the processes.

545. A death cult of the Resurrectionist subtype exist in the hive, taking the form of heretical studies of Anima Mori technology and methods.

546. A death cult of the Resurrectionist subtype exist in the hive, taking the form of esoteric studies into alchemical resurrection and staving of death, one of their creation are alchem-resurrected assassins to bring final death to their enemies.. They also offer their service to the deserving and/or well-paying.

547. The hive’s squat population is a notable force within the [ Vox Guild | House of Iron | Union of the Wire | Banner of Bibliognosts ].

548. The position of pressganger has become highly prestigious and religious, with juves striving for years to be accepted into the Cult of the Press. When called into action by the harbour-master for a visiting ship they go forth into the hive in ceremonial outfits with [ hoods | masks | nightsky facepaint | voidsuit helmets ].

549. One of the hive zones or sections has been totally overtaken by a dangerous ecosystem, though it doesn't seem interested in, or maybe able to, spread into other areas. The hivers don't mind though. The gangers use it for any number of "coming of age" rituals, and the nobles treats it as an in-hive, private hunting range.

550. The astropath's spire is one huge garden, and it’s still being added to and expanded. Some of the florae are psycho-reactive, and help the astropaths work and relax – don't ever damage any of them, though.


22 Dec 2013
551. The shell’s gun-crews have their faith revolving around their cannons and worship them as idols of the Emperor's wrath. While all proper care and use of machinery should be done too prayer is the gun-crews adamant about it and many times turn simple rituals into full ceremonies.

552. Purity seals are scratched into the wax of the seal or on small slats bound to the seal with string rather than on hanging paper.

553. It is seen as bad luck to mark yourself with text tattoos, sometimes to the point where people with prominent writing on their skin are chased away by mobs in an attempt to eject any bad luck they might have brought.

554. Among the [ gendarme | House of Blades | Accountants Guild | house Dragosani ] are flamboyant displays of skill and bravery in the face of danger viewed with the utmost respect and integral to a hivers’s standing among hens fellows. Combat-officers regularly use such displays to cement their place as leader and inspire their forces to victory.

555. The [ Theatre Guild | house Iktomio | Hearth Stocker’s Guild | Maintainers of the Shell ] expects its people not to just master the arts of their duty-role but also learn at least the basics of rhetoric, poetry, and calligraphy. With games in those skills being common.

556. The hive’s [ Flesh Cutters Guild | Accountants Guild | Hearth Stocker’s Guild | Haberdasher’s Guild ] are known to be quick to anger, and are taught to avenge slights to their honour with blood, even amongst their own.

557. The [ hivers | Banner of Bibliognosts | house Woo-Shing | spaceporters ] distrust mirrors and other reflective areas.

558. The [ wyrd-hunters | underhive | Guild of Blood and Heraldry | house Ferenczy ]’s fighters are stubborn, wilful, and belligerent warriors, difficult to command but fearless in battle.

559. Only the hive-ruler/s, the high priests, and hivers above 100 years are allowed to dress in yellow.

560. In the communal areas and living spaces there are lots of paper walls, sliding doors, and movable screens.

561. Zombies of the [ plague | fungi | wyrd | parasite ] kind are a returning problem and there are usually at least one zombie outbreak going on in the hive at any time.

562. According to the tech-priests do the [ plasma-engine | forcefield generators | oxygen factories | servitor-farms ] like the sound of music and orchestras are constantly performing in their presence.

563. A mystery-order within the hive’s bounty hunters is worshiping the spirit of the Great Bloodhound, Lord of the Trackers and Hunters. This spirit is in reality daemon Karanak, the greatest of Khorne’s Flesh Hounds.

564. Mobile towns and cities move across the planet’s surface and there is always at least one docked with the hive.

565. Great numbers of mobile fortresses are moving across the surface and there is always at least one docked with the hive.

566. Khymeras hunt the semi-abounded places in the [ hive | spaceport | underhive | factorums ].

567. Along the larger corridors in the hive do mobile-towns move.

568. Lots of large cogs jutting out into the corridors and plazas, or visible through window-walls.

569. Notable amounts of botanic gardens, both for food and oxygen (and possibly leisure), are spread out throughout the hive.

570. Nomadic tribes of [ rat | motorcycle | camel | horse ]-riders move across the hive trading or raiding with the settled population depending on old alliances or enmity.

571. Like lesser chieftains to their tribal king do the [ oxy-farmers | Guild of Blood and Heraldry | ammo-haulers | manufactorias ]’s high officers routinely give tribute to their leader. Possibly do the lesser officers do the same thing to their superiors.

572. The [ Union of Enslaved | Discreet Fane of Freeinquirers | outlanders | hivers ] are straightforward and simple in their ways, with a disdain for those that make things too complicated, be it in warfare, speech or rituals. May react violently if they have to suffer such things for too long.

573. The local Ecclesiarchy main-cult believes that since the Emperor created man into His image and that He was a he do it mean that males are more true to his visions than females, this in turn mean that females should always be subservient to males.

574. There is a conflict in the hive between those that follower a Ecclesiarchy cult that believes that since the Emperor created man into His image and that He was a he do it mean that males are more true to his visions than females, this in turn mean that females should always be subservient to males. And those belonging to the Ecclesiarchy cult/s that believe the Emperor don’t discriminate based on gender.

575. Notable amounts of botanic gardens, both for food and oxygen (and possibly leisure), are spread out throughout the hive.