Tabeller för att personifiera adelsfamiljer i dystopiska framtider - till 40k och liknande.


22 Dec 2013
En tabell jag har börjat skriva på för att snabbt kunna skapa framtidsadelsfamilj med karaktär, tänkt till Warhammer 40k men kan nog även användas för annat. Tabellen är skriven på engelska för att jag ursprungligen planerade den för ett engelskt forum. Det är 100 resultat men jag kommer komma med fler - om folk har förslag, skriv bara in dem.

1. Only one gender is ever considered truly adult in this family. Members of the other gender are there to be decorative, protected and used in marriages.

2. All members are albinos. If a child of the family is born without albinism it can’t be given any position of power and is possibly killed or married/adopted away as quickly as possible.

3. Believe that comfortable living creates weaklings and build their holdings after that belief.

4. All members of the family and their servants are masked, the design of the mask depends upon the wearers place in the family or role/position among the servants.

5. A large, gilded pauldron, sculpted into a [ imperial eagle | leering grotesque face | the family crest | skull ] is part of the outfit of any member that are out under the family-name.

6. The family forsake the baroque clothing and ornamentation usual to imperial nobility and instead go for barbarian splendour of furs, leather, jewellery made out of fangs, claws, bones and wood.

7. Ritualized cannibalism of their own honoured dead and worthy foes.

8. Honoured dead are mummified and kept near to the living so the later can ask them for advice. Holydays or rituals where the dead are taken out of their tombs and niches and carried around are possible.

9. Has an highly ritualised culture. More or less everything has to be done in a proper manner and follow the proper rituals, be it drinking (different ceremonies for different drinks and in whose presence), greetings (ceremonies differ depending on the rank/gender/work/nature/etc. of the people meeting), weapon cleaning, decision making, eating, before battle (different ceremonies for different foes), after battle (ceremonies differ depending on the foes and how the battle went), etcetera. Members of the family might go out to seek glory just to get away from all the stiffing rituals.

10. The members of this family cover their skin with protective script and glyphs. This may also expand to their clothing and armour.

11. A specific model of weapon (maybe highly exotic) is the honour weapon of choice for this family and all members are expected to be proficient in its use.

12. The family was recently stricken by illfortune and have lost much of its former holdings.

13. Highly religious with many members having joined the Ecclesiarchy.

14. The family is highly decadent with traditions of orgies, overindulges and use of illegal substances.

15. The family’s very large with large numbers of sub-families, and the highest families don’t have servants but are served by their lower kin, since normal servants are not good enough to have the honour to serve them.

16. Highly conservative and unwilling to use anything that their ancestors did not use, if it just may be another model of the STC lasgun then the one their forbearers used.

17. The family is by tradition close to one of the esoteric, but still accepted (for now), fractions of the Ecclesiarchy.

18. The family is by tradition close to one of the esoteric, but still accepted (for now), fractions of the Mechanicus.

19. The family strictly follow the orthodox belief of the Adeptus Mechanicus; any machine that don’t fully follow one of the divine STC:s are considered tech-heresy.

20. Members of the family compete with each other by big game trophy hunting. Most likely it’s not just about how grand the trophy is that count but also how close the hunter came to it, the weapon used to bring it down, how good told story about the hunt and/or similar.

21. The family get their oathsworn-bodyguards from another, less civilized culture (like a Feral or Feudal World, or an underhive).

22. While it has all trappings of old nobility so is this family a young one, all their trappings of established nobility are a lie – a lie of which the family is all too conscious of.

23. As a group do the family cling to the former glory of their linage, spending more time reminiscing about the past than looking to the future or caring for the present.

24. Beside personal retainers (if that) do the family not keep servants, instead servitors do all the menial tasks needed to keep up their holdings and everyday life.

25. Has a fika tradition, during that time the family ignores everything to have some hot beverage with something to it. Possibly is it bad manner to discuss “work” topics during the fika.

26. The family’s lifestyle is ascetic – they have minimal ornaments, drink water to their simple meal, dress plane and practically with no more marking then needed to show off their rank, etcetera. Why they live like this can differ, it may be religious belief, ancient traditions from a long forgotten origin world, or maybe they are just plain stingy.

27. Has for generation been in a secret partnership with a xeno-group, and throughout that time the family has picked up some strange manners and maybe even ways of thinking from the xenos. Probably enough to be seen as eccentric but not to be revealed as xenophiles.

28. Voidsuits (most likely ornamented and/or armoured) are the traditional dress for this family.

29. The family’s holdings are kept at an uncomfortable [ high | low ] temperature.

30. The family is known to be easily offended and declaring duels at minor slights.

31. The family consider personal combat, man-to-man, beneath them. That does not mean that they don’t fight, just that they don’t do it outside of some kind of war-machine.

32. The family’s bloodline is seemingly tainted with many know madmen and monsters having come from the family’s ranks.

33. While the family is as callous and bloodthirsty as most Imperial nobility they are strangely honourable and curtly about it. Assassinations are unthinkably done and blood spilling or killing are only done following the right procedures (duels, proxy wars or all out wars following the right processes).

34. The family show their superiority by height: most likely all of them wear high heeled platform shoes (the ones that have not replaced their legs with inhumanly long mechanical ones) and have elaborated hairstyles going far above their heads.

35. The family have extensive tattoos and/or symbols on their bodies as a story system, recording all of an individual's history. Maybe they dress minimally to show it off, or maybe showing your life story is something highly intimate.

36. Only speak in High Gothic.

37. The members of the house have their faces, and maybe the rest of their bodies, covered in piercings.

38. Show their daring and superiority by using xeno-servitors (as in servitors created from ego-dead xenos).

39. Gardening is considered an important past-time among the family. Possibly do family-members compete with each other over who can create the most beautiful garden.

40. Droit du seigneur is a law in the family’s holdings, with the highest present family-member being the one with the right.

41. Family-members all have decorative pets. Possibly is there specialised servants carrying around their pets when they are moving around.

42. Much of the family is notably inbred.

43. Self-righteous in their self-perceived pure faith.

44. Members are expected to give public speeches to their underlings and/or holdings regularly to maintain order, broadcast the right kind of information, and generally show themselves.

45. Feathers are marks of rank within the family, with the family’s leader/s having a oversized feathered cloak.

46. While the family-members quarters have all the luxury you would expect for the housing of people of such rank, are they all cramped.

47. Family-members compete with each other by trying to have the most exotic bodyguard following them around.

48. The family’s holdings (or at least the areas of them where family-members are expected to move around) are decorated with ostentatious displays of wealth. Too bad it’s so tacky and shoddily done, making those with taste wrinkle their nose at what they are seeing.

49. Tank duelling, and/or games of tank-combat, are tradition in the family. And it’s a strange child of the family that are not in any way accustomed with a tank.

50. Family’s living areas are full (if not outright cluttered) with the decorations, trophies, fineries and other stuff from generations of collecting and not throwing away. Maybe there are some really useful or valuable things among all the clutter, but to find it you will have to go through it all.

51. The members life are full of a relentless succession of balls, dinners, grand coronations, and other formalities of social and/or symbolic importance.

52. Leman Russ tanks are part of the family-holdings defences, and used for transportation by family-members.

53. Gambling is the main pastime for family-members.

54. Servitors created to look like creature of mythology – like manticores, harpies, onis and nagas – walk the better parts of the family’s holdings, and maybe in other areas. They are possibly only decorative or they have some added function, like combat.

55. Family-members have all replaced their legs with cybernetic stilts.

56. Croquet (or another game with similar feelings) is something all members play and consider important to play. Much of the family's internal politics and socialising is done during, or around, the croquet games, and a good game of croquet is socially elevating while a bad game will affect the player negatively socially.

57. Consider long, lacquered nails signs of status.

58. Members move around areas they see as socially beneath their dignity carried on palanquins.

59. The officers of the family’s household guard and enforces have as their weapon of station the [ trident | flail | sniper rifle | chainrapier ] and are expected to be at least trained in them.

60. Family member have as a sign of their rank a big, heavy gold neckless with jewels in it.

61. Members all carry shortswords that they are expected to fall on if they have notably failed in their duty or are about to be captured. Actually knowing how to use them in combat is not expected.

62. The family’s holdings are full of artificial waterways, aquariums, decorative sea-gardens, fountains, and similar.

63. Each of the family’s living areas have beautiful, artificial gardens where everything are fine crafted imitations made from precious metals, gems and similar.

64. Family members (and the high officers of the household guard/similar) are equipped with exotic side-weapons (ex. needle guns, duelling lases, kraken-tooth daggers, etc.), more as a badge of rank and means then as something they expect to use in combat.

65. Each of the family-members are expected to carry around their own fine-crafted cutlery, with the decorated gripes made out of rare wood, ivory, precious metal or similar. And also having digi-weapons in them.

66. The family espouse chivalry and virtue, but their sense of honour is tainted with cruelty, and sometimes even sadism.

67. The family is highly honourable, most of the members would rather lose a war then win it using dishonourable means. What they consider honourable and dishonourable may be a bit different from others’ ideas of those concepts.

68. Members train in archery as a meditative exercise but possibly also use it in combat.

69. Believes that any duel over honour or dispute should be to the death. In the family’s extreme view, honour demanded no less.

70. Mood-swings and sadism is common among the members.

71. Patrons of the ecclesiarchy with each member carrying a icon on their person and their holdings having lots of religious arts.

72. The family has a strong duelling tradition, sometimes to settle a point of honour but more often to test themselves and their weaponsmanship

73. Family-members are followed by scantily clad people that dance, play music and/or just laying around looking pretty.

74. Members are trained in tea-ceremony and take the ritual serious (at least officially).

75. Are notably decadent and around their holdings are opulent rooms for drug use, drinking, sex, and other indulgences – at least their main holding have a sensorium. Among their servants exists courtesans, sex-serfs, pleasure-servitors, blunt rollers, mixologists, waterpipe fillers, chocolords and similar.

76. Don’t use voxes, instead family-members are followed by specialist servants whose duty is to transmit any vox-messages to or from their lord.

77. Members throw turmeric on their faces before entering a duel or battle.

78. Big game hunting is a family tradition.

79. Consider hunting underhivers (or similar) a valid form of entertainment.

80. The household guard are archaically armoured in antiquitarian plate, chainmail, studded leather, lacerated laminars, beast-faced helmets, high plums and/or similar. Possibly are family members traditional armour similar, just more exaggerated and of better quality.

81. Lots of glassworks, both decorative and practical.

82. Chairs or stools are not used in the family’s holdings, instead people sit on the floor or on pillows.

83. None of their servants may turn their back to the family-members.

84. Family-members are hairless. Is it a gene-defect, that natural hair is seen as unhygienic, or some other reason?

85. Menials and servants sits on the floor, only nobility may use chairs or stools.

86. Emperor-botherers. Finance Redemptionists and/or Death Cults.

87. Patrons of culture, both financially and personally.

88. The family’s traditionally weapon is the [ plasma-pistol | tomahawk | double-crossbow | no-dashi ] and every member is trained in its use and are expected to carry it, if not all the time then at least any time they represent the house.

89. Consider themselves outdoorspeople.

90. Deal in gland-warrior technology (among other things).

91. Obsessed with their own beauty, they spend hours each day making certain they look good and huge sums to take away anything that makes them uglier (in their eyes).

92. Distrust servitors (at least the standard-variant, maybe don’t have problems with servo-skulls and/or cherubs) and don’t allow them in their holdings.

93. Tribal tattoos.

94. The imperial eagle is [ tattooed | branded | carved ] on their forehead.

95. Servants go around masked, so the nobles don't need to see their faces.

96. The family’s young (as the ones not considered adult) acts as go-betweeners between the family’s adult members and common people who the adults are to von oben to talk to – possibly even when they are in the same room.

97. Lots of jewellery on the family-members, many hiding digi-weapons or poison dispensers.

98. Consider fighting beneath them, they have underlings and champions for that.

99. Peacocks that constantly keep up with the latest fashion and dress after it.

100. Misers. They may know to spend money on investments but for what they already have and themselves “just good enough” is good enough.
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22 Dec 2013
101. Arrogant and heartless, the family have a reputation for being vicious and cruel.

102. A mayor power within the [ hive | planet | system | sub-sectors ]’s [ oxygen | lubricant and food-oil | lasweapons | candle ] business.

103. Pelts of predators hang from the family-members shoulders or around their waist.

104. Believe themselves to be [ warriors | artisans | outdoorspeople | officers ] but would in reality not last long without their much more competent entourage.

105. Constantly sniff on their [ perfumed handkerchiefs | spice filled pomanders | musk boxes ].

106. Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain, as they believe that He-on-Terra hears when called upon and punish those that summon his notice for no good reason. They likely take offence when others do it in their presence.

107. By ancient tradition is the head of the house the planetary-governor’s [ Cup-bearer | Keeper of the Seal | Court Marshal | Groom of the Stool ]. Possibly is the title mostly ceremonial and the head have somebody acting in hens stead outside of the important times, or maybe the head is expected to constantly be near the governor’s side.

108. Lots of advanced and high hairstyles with lots of decorative hairpins and such. During important times (or always for the higher members of the family) do they have coiffures so large they become more than ungainly and would be too heavy for comfort if it was not for the suspensor-units hidden in them.

109. Known as deal brokers, matchmakers, and social overseers.

110. They facilitate the connections between the [ realm | hive | planet | system ]’s Great Houses and off-world organizations.

111. Appearance of piety and religiosity with close ties to the Ecclesiarchy, but it’s a mask for plays for political power thought the church.

112. Obsessed with gene-purity, they constantly go thought blood cleansing processes, disown family members they have found suffering from chem-, rad- or similar damages, lobby for gene-testing of the population (with sterilisation and/or servitorsation of the ones found impure), and such. They likely will not tolerate mutants or abhumans in their presence and lobby for a broader intolerance toward them.

113. Have an elite-warrior cadre made up by family-members with a skill for flamboyant killing.

114. Known as mysterious and secretive. Its hierarchy is unclear and possibly shifting depending on the situation, even the house “head” is [ a name and a masked that seemingly have not changed since it’s creation | a hooded council | a title worn by a different person seemingly every time “they” appear but seems to speak with the same voice | unknown, all contact is done through bound-emissaries ].

115. Much of the house servants are abhumans of different kind. This is done because [ they see themselves as tolerant and believe this to give the abhumans better chances than they would normally have | the abhumans have even less rights than normal commoners and can be treated thereafter | the abhumans visible gene-impurity is a great found to show of the family’s own superiority ].

116. All family members are hypno-indoctrinated to prevent them from committing treason against the family and its head. They may talk treason but ones they actively try to participate in it they will [ physically attack all near they know are part of the treason | fall into shock | try to commit suicide in the quickest and most spectacular way possible | suffer hemorrhage ].

117. Their holdings are filled with secret passages and hidden doors, some of them often used by their servants, some only know to some family members, and some forgotten and collecting dust.

118. All family members are hypno-indoctrinated to be loyal to their house and to have hidden knowledge that are only activated when needed. The process is not perfect and many of them suffer from ticks, migraines, short spells of confusion, and similar. There is a sanatorium wing in their main-holding filled with the family members whose minds were broken too much during the hypno-indoctrinated.

119. Known to respond well to having their pride stoked, but if they feel insulted or slighted in any way, they'll lash out.

120. Their servants and underlings are constantly praising their masters and they are sucking it up.

121. Treat their servants and other commoners as little more than slaves who are barely worthy of being in their masters' august presence.

122. They have and respected a strict hierarchy. This can mean that they have problem working with others that don’t have one.

123. By tradition is any scar a family-member receive enchanted with jewellery, electoo-circuitry, precious metals and/or similar.

124. To prevent them having to listen to their servants lowly chatter are all their servants (with some exceptions possibly) all mute.

125. The family’s servants are all physically beautiful (by nature or scalpel).


22 Dec 2013
126. As a group the family-members are refined in demeanour and lofty in ideal, educated not just in socialising and their family business, but in culture, philosophy, rhetoric and similar pursuits.

127. By tradition do they speaks very poetically.

128. Gourmets that take their food serious and are willing to spend shamelessly high sums to get the best kind of food available.

129. They carried this arrogance as a badge of honour and will only work alongside those they deemed worthy – and they deemed very few to be worthy – all other they expect to work under them.

130. Their holdings have stables with [ horses | giguanas | pansárs | struthids ] and all family-members are trained in the caretaking and riding of those mounts.

131. Most family-members always draw the Emperor’s Tarot before making any important decision.

132. By tradition do the family members only use hidden weapons and armour.

133. Wear lots of jewellery and much of their personal equipment are covered in precious stones and metal.

134. By tradition are the bodyguard of the family’s scions equipped with mirror [ armour | shields | armour and shields ] so the high-born can constantly see themselves.

135. A belief similar to the one of the Moritat death cult have a strong hold among the family, creating a disdain for edge-lacking weapons as being crude and spiritually unfulfilling.

136. Have shamans taken from a [ Feral World | Feudal World | Death World | Underhive ] as advisors.

137. Have begun to descend into charnel cults and bloody rituals.

138. The family enthusiastically pray, but their strange rites cause a suspicious eye to question who exactly it is they pray to. Odd idols and iconography are littered throughout their holdings and lands.

139. By tradition do each family-member carry a book where they write down records, thoughts, observations and similar.

140. Most of the family’s religious rites involve mortification.

141. Keep the great records of their own, their servants’ and other noble families’ genes and bloodlines, so no impurities will find their way in and the ones that do are quickly found. If now the records are right…

142. As a group they hold humans with large amounts of cybernetics (like tech-priests) in great contempt.

143. The family treats its servants and serfs fairly, as important if still lesser extensions of the house.

144. Have close ties to certain Ecclesiarchal sects, to which the "perfect form of Man" (of which the Emperor is the best example) is a subject of worship.

145. Patronage and work with the Magi Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus to make certain that the holy standard human genotype don’t deviate too far.

146. Have great respect for astropaths since they have stood before the Emperor.

147. Believes in the legends of the Emperor’s women born children, the Sensei, and search for any trace after them.

148. When travelling each family-member is expected to take with them a portable shrine where they honour the Emperor.

149. Religious and mystical. In their holding can be found many strange religious items and constructs, as well as high amounts of clerics, mystics, and flagellants.

150. The family frequently partner with the Ecclesiarchy in searching out holy relics, lost history and/or new sources of knowledge. This search/gather is likely done to the point where these considerations outweigh other factors.
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22 Dec 2013
151. In their holdings walk semi-feral [ bjärvs | jagulars | raptadon | saber-wolves ] with brain implants that make them see all with the right transponder implant/item (like family-members, servants and invited guests) as something uninteresting. The family possibly entertain themselves by making it possible for thieves to enter and then see how far they can get before they get eaten.

152. Highly bureaucratic, to such level that more or less every request and/or task has its own forms that need to be filled out (likely in three versions) before it can be done. Possibly has this led to them ignoring important stuff because it was not done using the proper bureaucracy

153. Believe it’s wrong to not treat dead enemies with at least the minimum of respect that they treat their own dead.

154. When reaching adulthood, each family-member takes an oath to avenge fallen kin whose slayer/s still live whenever possible.

155. The family is so obsessed with its vendetta against [ other noble family | trade league | Ecclesiarchal order | planet ] that it is ready to break Imperial law and tradition, endanger allies and underlings to see their enemies slain.

156. Masters of stealth operations, infiltration and misdirection, they are arrogant in the belief that they are the ones with the secrets and lies.

157. The family is divided in several cults and secret societies rivalling with each other.

158. As a group distrustful and paranoid, they lie and tell half truths about everything, others most do the same. Possibly unable to believe that others are actually telling the full truth.

159. The house’s servants have a tradition of settling disagreement by knife duels and the family see nothing strange with two of their underlings stopping in their duties to draw knifes and duel each other.

160. Lots of internal sabotage and assassinations between family members.

161. Much of the family is extreme pore, and the house operates its own internal-economy of item-, favour- and bit-trading that often puzzles outsiders.

162. Show their opulence by keeping slow pets – like blue land-lobster, the calmer plains-sloth, voivodian testudines – and taking them on long walks.

163. The family is known for its rigid adherence to the Cult of the Redemption, though the connection to the Cult's outlawed crusades is one their leaders are careful to minimise.

164. Practises segregation of the sexes at almost every level, with very little contact between them except under strictly-ritualized circumstances.

165. Practises segregation of the sexes at almost every level within the family, with very little contact between them except under strictly-ritualized circumstances. This is within the family, they have no problems with gender-mingling between family members and servants or outsiders.

166. Their holdings have no fixed illumination instead the nobles are followed by flying lumen-servitors and the servants have to carry their own lumens.

167. Has the grand honour of being the planetary-governor’s provider and caretaker of [ gloves | stockings | rejuvenation tech and chemicals | pleasure-pets ].

168. Have a keen interest in history and what they can get from it, be it in prestige, knowledge or rediscovered tech.

169. The other nobility are understandably distrustful of the family.

170. The head of the house wear the deathmask of the family's legendary founder.

171. Body-fascists. They constantly do everything to keep their body in the best shape possibly. Are obsessed with training, eating healthy (or at least what they think is that), and keeping unnatural stuff from their bodies (this may lead to them not taking stuff like vaccines).

172. Have a preoccupation with physique, and their style of clothing is often designed to reveal as much of their over-trained bodies as possible.

173. Producers and users of some highly advanced technology, but because of faults in [ their understanding | the material used | the production | the design ] is their technology slowly killing them from within.

174. As a group the crew are serious minded and sombre people, with a deeply deep-seated emphasis placed on order and hierarchy. May lead to problems when having to interact with less ordered people or organisations.

175. The houseguard are united by colours not equipment, with every housecarl having to get their own body armour, rifle, pistol and close-combat weapon, leading to an eclectic collection of equipment.
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22 Dec 2013
176. The children of trusted servants and lesser family-members that show the right talent are handed over to an internal order of smoke-knights where they are trained in all the arts of stealth, infiltrations, and silent killing. As smoke-knights they function as elite guardians and agents for the higher members of the house.

177. A notable part of the family’s [ house-servants | houseguard | pleasure-pets | lesser members ] (if not most of them) are created through esoteric biotech means – rapidly grown in amneo-vats from flesh-templates and given a deep house-loyalty and baseline knowledge of their duties and how to behave in their betters’ presence delivered via cranial data-slugs. They are “born” ready to immediate full file their role, at least on a junior level.

178. Are known as fast and deadly, with a tendency toward a strong bias for hand-to-hand combat.

179. Have a grand library and within their librarians exist an order of ninja-trained acquirers who has as mission to get books and editions the library lack.

180. All member have their hands replaced with gilded bionics.

181. Recently the house found out that a secret society of [ heretechs | xenophiles | self-proclaimed pre-imperial faith believers | socialists ] had been growing among the family’s members. They were purged quickly and brutally with visible damages to the house holdings. The house is still recovering and are paranoid about outsiders finding out or that some survived the purge.

182. Use exotic [ sonic | xeno | tox | flamer ] weaponry.

183. Each household and all-important family members have a bard for entertainment and coming up with poetry and song-lyrics that praises the house.

184. See excellence as the highest virtue. High rank within the family is not gained by the right breeding instead it goes to those who distinguish themselves, whether as a administrator, officers, hunter, weaver, dancer, or lorekeeper.

185. Their house-guard are known for their [ lacquered armour and long black hair (there is a question about how many of them use wigs) | black armour and weapons under bright red, deep hooded cloaks | flamer-halberds and brazier helmets | snarling beast-masks and barbed quill-cloaks ].

186. Lovers of body ornamentation, they wear high amounts (if not outright layers) of complex and luxurious jewellery with huge and/or scarce gems.

187. Few family-members fight, even fewer do so well, but the house-head has different standards set upon hen. If hen calls for war, and it is agreed upon, then hen must also be able to swing a blade and shot a gun.

188. Close to the sector’s Battlefleet with many family members serving, or having served, as officers on the ‘fleet’s ships.

189. Originally of voidborn stock and it can still be noticed with their pale skin, large eyes, and air of strangeness.

190. Has the monopoly on the [ realm | upper- & midhive | hive | planet ]’s business of [ dream-parlours and apothecaries | glass, crystal and gem trade | gladiatorial arenas and training facilities | spice ].

191. Have become lethargic, interested only in their sports, hobbies, and pleasures. If they do politics it’s only because they see it as a game and will walk away when it becomes boring.

192. Have cultivated an impeccable reputation for honouring their debts and keeping their word regardless of the personal cost. This also led to them despising those that don’t honour their word and likely declaring vendettas against those that break their pact with the house.

193. See themselves as honourable but are known word-twisters, who are known to always keep to the letter of any agreement while having no problems breaking it in spirit, and being creative with what the letters means.

194. Their holdings have lots of greenery, from grand gardens to smaller installations and potted plants.

195. A Rogue Trader-dynasty, with the head of the family being the carrier of the letter-of-trade. Possibly considered by their noble peers as eccentric or dangerous, if not both, and likely not without reason.

196. The house’s colour is [ red | yellow | torques | cream ] and the family-members are always showing of their allegiance by appearing in majority that colour.

197. Members are taught to govern justly by fair and evenhanded peers.

198. The family has strong ties with the military wings of the Imperium, and its traditions are bound to those of warrior honour and glory.

199. Some past [ disgrace | disaster | dishonour | horror ] haunts the name of the house, and the family possesses but a shadow of its past glories. Their mansions are all but dusty ruins and their name is whispered fearfully by those they command.

200. Among the family’s fiefdoms is a Death World, they use this governorship to control the after sought right for other nobility to [ go on hunting expeditions | recruit deathworlder warriors | harvest rare bio-chemicals | send their disappointments to die ] there.


22 Dec 2013
201. The family controls vast trading operations throughout the sector and beyond. The accumulation of wealth and power through trade [ requires all scions of the house to have a quick head for business or find themselves marginalised | are mostly done by common-born administrators and voidsmen ].

202. Gain the majority of their fortune from vast holdings which produce [ iron | grain | lubricants | drinkable water ]. The raw materials on which the Imperium depends, though most of the family-members are far removed from such dirty work.

203. Members are instilled with a disregard for those below and ingratitude for the influence and position they have been given.

204. The family is arrogant against the noble houses under them and spiteful against the houses above them.

205. Ornamented rebreathers are part of the family's standard outfit.

206. The house have in their history a legendary figure in the Imperium, possibly its founder. The house has endured (and feed on) on hens deeds, labour and renown ever since.

207. Have a long and proud traditions of military service, viewing the arts of warfare as the obligation and honour of the wealthy, the powerful, and the influential.

208. The house is beginning to choke on the heavy burdens of dutiful tradition and dynastic obligations.

209. By ancient tradition is the head of the house also the planet’s [ Lord of Defence | Keeper of the Pantries | System High Admiral | Minister of Track-transportation ]. This is a duty hen [ is fully trained for | have no idea how to do but have promoted competent underling to do the real job | have no idea how to do but delusionally think hen is more than capable | is fully trained for but also start raving mad | mad and bad ].

210. See no problems with members using the servants to slake their thirst for sex, violence or killing.

211. The house is desperate to become a respected and acknowledged power, pursuing wealth and power with a brutal and unsubtle hunger. To gain it they use the methods of the gutter crime lord – extortion and theft from those weaker than themselves. As much as they crave to be feared and respected, they fear the true powers of the true elite.

212. See war as just another business arena, and an unprofitable one at that. It’s only proffered as a career to the most wasteful, stupid and/or myopic family members. Some might toy with it briefly, but just long enough to get a few awards and a uniform for attending the correct social events before returning to an (undeserved) hero’s welcome.

213. The family is one of intrigue and lies where the profusion of the house constantly vie for power, influence, and prestige and where secret cults and societies are spawned, struggle, and are extinguished with the passing of every generation.

214. The family is thick with secrets and hidden horrors, and a number of its scions have become noted for the cruelty and fevered madness.

215. Known as capricious, ruthless and wicked, the worst of them display a cruel intelligence and single-minded strength that drives them to survive and perpetrate their sins and those of their ancestors into another generation.

216. The [ family | hive | world ]’s society is very bloodthirsty, founded on ritual murder as a means to gain status and wealth.

217. Believe that even the slightest hint of uncertainty can betray weakness to a potential adversary. Therefor they train to master the art of dissembling and to appear perfectly calm and composed. Possibly do the more paranoid members, or the ones that can’t constantly keep a calm exterior augment their abilities with implants or hide their faces behind masks.

218. Lots of cherubs flutter around. They mostly [ act out allegorical plays of religious nature | play music and sing (or at least give the impression of that while the sound comes from semi-hidden speaker-implants) | make small fixes and simple repairs of the palace infrastructure, they also dust all high-up areas | function as gofers for anybody ordering them with enough authority ].

219. Never let go of a grudge and will bring their vengeance on their target’s decedents if they have the audacity to die by other means then the house’s hand.

220. A sub-house to one of the higher houses and function as dumping ground for the higher house’s disappointments and unwanted bastards.

221. Lots of servo-skulls hover around. They mostly [ make small fixes and simple repairs of the palace infrastructure, they also hunt vermin | keep their sensors out for intruders and will sound the alarm and attack with inbuilt weapons if any is found | take care of the candles, replace the burned down ones, and light the new ones and the ones that have gone out | function as gofers for anybody ordering them with enough authority ].

222. In members a small house, with few branches.

223. Paranoid, they believe all over them want to take out a possible threat, all beside them want to do it because they are a threat, and all under them want their position.

224. Secretly arrogant against the houses above them – who they see as having grown fat and lacy – and paranoid against the houses under them – who they believe are after their position and power.

225. Believe the houses under them are after their position and power, and never miss a chance to hurt them.


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226. Among the family’s fiefdoms is a Death World, they use this governorship to control the after sought right for other nobility to [ go on hunting expeditions | recruit deathworlder warriors | harvest rare bio-chemicals | send their disappointments to die ] there.

227. Recently lost a notable part of their family in a wave of organised murders, this has deeply shaken the house and now a-days members are only seen outside their holdings surrounded by bodyguards and travelling armoured transports.

228. A sub-house to one of the higher houses and function as emissaries for the higher house when a noble it needed but a “high-house noble” is not available. Many of the family are also, or have been, ladies-/lords-in-waiting for members of the higher house.

229. Send expeditions into the nearby [ underhive | wasteland | Feral World | Death World ] to find and capture monsters for their bloodgames.

230. The family recently and suddenly lost their head to [ assassination | overindulgence | suicide | hen disappearing together with hens ship while traveling the Warp ], and the family have not decided on who is going to success hen jet.

231. The variant of the Emperor-Cult the family follow is [ Confucianism | Islamic | Shinto | Tibetan Buddhist ]-ish in practice if not philosophy.

232. Known for the promiscuity of their members, but any resulting bastards are well taken care of and given a place in the service of the house.

233. Racist against people that look to different from themselves, even other nobles but they are (mostly?) able to hide that.

234. The house’s enforces are marked out (beside the heraldic colours on their standard-class enforcer-armour) by [ lizard-skin half-cloaks | decorated round shields with parablemata | turbans wrapped around their helmets | tilting-shields with religious icons painted on ].

235. Lots of pets. Possibly also a menagerie in the house main holding, if not in most of them.

236. No living quarters for the servants, they either sleep at their work stations or in their masters’ bedrooms.

237. Antiquity is everything in the [ realm | hivecity | planet | system ] where the family have their place of power. A family draws prestige from the number of ancestral generations it can trace and even the newest estates look like age-weathered bastions of tradition. All nobles are intensely competitive and demonstrate their superiority through the magnificence of their estates as well as the antiquities they collect, from artefacts excavated from the nearby [ wildness | wasteland | underhive ], to archaic items from across the Imperium.

238. Actually a sub-house to a Imperial Knight household, the members far away from having the honour of sitting on the Throne Mechanicum (unless something horrible happened to most of the main-house members). Function as the main-house's representatives on this world and offloading area of the main-house's embarrassments.

239. The house servants and humanoid servitors are dressed in traditional housemaid uniforms.

240. While the letter-of-monopoly for the [ recaf | chocolate | flower | miniature wargaming ]-business has fallen to another house is the family secretly dealing in that business by smuggling, black market dealers, theft of stocks, closed clubs for the better of where the members can secretly partake in the commodity. Everything done through middlemen, even if the family of course can’t stop themselves from showing their dealing by having much of the commodity as spread out in their holdings.

241. During a past [ conflict with another house | family-head that was paranoid | hive-rebellion | sub-sector ingulfing war ] was the family’s palace/s filled with patrolling combat-servitors. While the reason for them have gone the servitors are still around, in more or less well taken care of shape.

242. Most family-members are seldom seen without at least a "light entourage", and consider that something around fifty underlings, followers and/or hangers-on.

243. Has a [ incense and myrrh | scented candle | cheese and wine | recreational and medical drugs ] budget that are a significant portion of the gross domestic product of one of the other planets in the sub-sector.

244. The house servants are so thoroughly [ brought up with their role and duty in the household | hypno-indoctrinated | trained to not think about what’s actually going around them | blasé ] that they in practice don’t care about what’s going on around them, they have a duty to do and they will do it. As long as their duty is not fully disrupted they ignore things like strangers in the house, open combat (they will duck and evade on their way but not flee or join the fight), a big hole in the building (physical hindrances will be treated with the same attitude as if somebody had spilt a bucket of paint where they want to go) or similar.

245. Kid gangs – mostly made up by the children of the servants and lead by the noble children – roam the corridors of the family’s palace. They fight each other, harries any adult of enough low rank that they think they can run from, steal food and drink, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

246. Their holdings are known to be particularly dim and shadowy.

247. Most (all?) servants are modified to be [ aesthetically pleasing | better at their duty | better at their duties and aesthetically pleasing | goofy-looking ].

248. Show their opulence by lots of wood fouled fireplaces and similar.

249. The house’s footmen wear animal-masks.

250. Respects no nobility not of their number. They pay due obedience only to the High Adeptus Terra of the Imperium and the Lords of Mars, which they acknowledge as a greater power. They see the ‘nobility’ of other worlds as vane and worthless things, lumping them in with other ‘peddlers and malcontents’.


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251. A Death Cult of the Sanguinary subtype have sprung up within the family. Taking the form of [ bondage blade-masters that see their bloodletting as offerings to the Emperor | sending assassins after people they see as holy so they may join the Emperor’s side in His war against the dark powers before they may lose their path | hunting of (what they see as) sinners using spyrer hunting rigs | heart-extraction from living victims followed by the heart thrown into a sacred fire ].

252. A Death Cult of the Necrophagic subtype have sprung up within the family. Taking the form of [ eating (what they see as) sinners so the meal’s sins will be taken in by the nobles instead of the dark powers thereby denying the laters from ever gaining them since the nobles will naturally go to the Emperor’s side | hunting dangerous individual and eating them to gain their strength | patronising ecclesiarchical organisations and people showing themselves living without (or at least minimal) sin, and then taking care of their bodies when they die and eating them to get their holiness, they also send expeditions to take remains of martyrs and saints | debutched feasts with the meals chosen through the Emperor’s Tarot ].

253. A Death Cult of the Resurrectionist subtype have sprung up within the family. Taking the form of [ ritualistic killing and reviving of the members in preparation of the true resurrection | patronaging the Magoses and Forges that knows the secrets of the Rite of Setesh, Cybernetic Resurrection and/or similar, and have created founds to be used to help the worthy and needy to be able to afford the processes | heretical studies of Anima Mori technology and methods | semi-heretical studies and use of alchemical resurrection and using alchem-resurrected assassins to bring final death to their enemies ].

254. The head of the house is mad in a way that’s a danger to the rest of hens family (and possibly the house itself) but is well protected enough that any assassination attempts have failed.

255. Dark rumours surrounded the family, especially about [ how they can produce the money they have based on their known holdings | what happened to one third of their family, including their former head, who all seemingly just disappeared | their strange air | their sudden lose and rise of fortune ]. But for all the rumours do the family dismiss the great mysteries of their house with charm and politeness, and without exception make for gracious guests and accommodating hosts.

256. Like all other nobles of the [ realm | hive | planet | system ] do the house hold archaic notions of honour and chivalry within a viper’s nest of political intrigue, ancient blood feuds, and wars over ones stolen swine. Theirs is a way of respecting a sworn oath, of giving a personal trophy to a chosen champion, of spilling blood in the name of slighted honour.

257. A group of the family’s aging and morally bankrupt scions have made a pact to work together to find something that can stave of their coming death, or even better rejuvenate them. They don’t care if they will have to kill planetary amounts of people or commit the worst of crimes or heresies, as long as they get what they want and get to keep something near the lifestyle they are used to. While they work in secret have their quests left impressions, contacts, and scraps of forbidden knowledge here and there within their household.

258. The [ realm | hive | planet | system ]’s current [ Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs | Secretary of State of Transportation | Secretary of State for War | Planetary-Governor ] is moving toward retirement and the house is spending considerable resources to make certain that the next holder of that position comes from within the house.

259. The house encourage infighting between siblings and cousins since they believe that build the right kind of character.

260. Despite their (relatively) closeness to the Astra Militarum, and their own claims of being the most militarily accomplished of the noble houses, is the fact that most of its members have never even seen a battlefield. Still, that doesn’t stop them from draping themselves in military paraphernalia, having their servants dress up as soldiers, or sending their lower-ranked children into the underhive to get some experience of real fighting.

261. Protective of the holy standard, human gene-form. The house’s holdings, ships and vehicles that have any kind of rad-, chem- or Warp-heavy area are heavily shielded, and any workers near those areas are given high-class protective equipment. All to prevent possible corruptions of their form or genes.

262. The head of the family collect [ dolls | shoes | animals frozen in stasis | hologram art ] since hens youth and after becoming the head have turned the family’s palace/s into practically a display-area for hens collection.

263. On the planet every noble house seeks to have its own estate [ on the main-hive’s spire | in the capital ]. These estates are in constantly growth as their owners expand them, the new areas built on the remains of the old. To not expand is seen as a sign of failing wealth and/or lack of respect for their social-estate, and so each noble house must constantly strive to embellish its own estates to keep up.

264. Constant expansions (in all directions) and rebuildings of the family’s mansion have left it a veritable labyrinth outside of some main areas. With some parts of the mansion possibly unintentionally hidden away (if not outright walled off).

265. The family’s palace have lots of servants’-corridors that you usually get to through semi-hidden doors. You can easily get from one end of the palace to the other without having to be seen by any of the nobility.

266. View [ cherubim | servo-skulls | psyber-avians | servitors in general ] with a degree of distaste and superstitious fear.

267. Many of the family’s Cherubim have “devolved”, as in allowed some corrupted and mangled version of their organic cortex to take over their behaviour. This led to some very strange behaviour from them, sometime with unpleasant consequences.

268. All family-members have to spend some part of their early adulthood as part of the castellans protecting their holdings.

269. Have a large interest in the [ Flesh Cutters | Accountants | Hearth Stocker’s | Haberdasher’s ] Guild.

270. The family’s servants are close to a [ Escher | Cawdor | Delaque | Orlock ]-like gang-house, the family has no idea about this.

271. The house’s main palace is a [ orbiting pleasure-satellite that rides auroral clouds | true fortress with all that entail of thick walls, cannons, gun-turrets, balistrarias and pantries full of ammunition and rations | giant aquarium with most corridors, halls and rooms in it being made by transparent materials, making the sea-life constantly visible | extremely airy and spacious place even by the standard of their fellow nobility ].

272. The Rite of Setesh – where a dying body is livingly mummied and emplaced in an all-encompassing exoskeleton designed to keep an advanced aged or disease-ravaged body alive long past natural limits, trapping the body in what amounts to little more than a semi-mobile iron coffin devoid of human contact – while frowned upon even by the Mechanicus as skirting the edge of technoheresy in form and function, has been used by most (all?) of the family’s older members to keep themselves alive and around to guide the house, if not outright lead it.

273. The family has a long and glorious history of illustrious ancestors that they boast about. But for those interested and allowed to look closer at the true historical records they will find the so-called regimental hero had been a hundred kilometres from the battlefront at all times, or the landfall of a battalion on a hostile planet had been bravely ‘led’ by a noble up in orbit.

274. See it as among their duties to beautifying their [ city | holdings | realm | hivecity ].

275. Have turned etiquette into an art form and house-scholars compile great volumes of etiquette, which house-members carry around with them by means of a lectern-servitor. So complex are the dynasty’s ritualized greetings and forms of address that nobles from rival houses often claim they are some kind of secret code. In any case, the Machenkan nobles dismiss the great mysteries of their house with charm and politeness, and without exception make for gracious guests and accommodating hosts.


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276. Is a has-been house, dismembered and disgraced by the planetary-governor centuries ago and now used as shaded-agents and workhorse-courtiers by the other houses.

277. A wounded house that wants to survive, and it wants their [ world | hive ] to survive – but it probably cares more about its own survival than that of their [ world | hive ].

278. The family’s children are reared by wet nurses, governesses and tutors, and they rarely see their parents except under formal circumstances. Their parents do (possibly) love them, but preparing them for life among the nobility is critically important – important enough to make sure a child gets a head start unencumbered by a father’s overprotective nature or a mother’s indulgence – even if some (many?) parents see their children more as investments or expansions of their will and power then something to love.

279. Part of a [ sanctioned and open | secret and illegal ] trade-war of inter[ realm | hive | planetary | stellar ] proportions and many family members have spent their “unproductive” years as privateers.

280. Desperate to become a respected and acknowledged power, the family pursues wealth and power with a brutal and unsubtle hunger. Therefore, the family desperately seek [ the fabled treasures of Roge Trader Natali Flinta | lost archeotech and STC:s in the underhive | highly discreet and well-paying buyers for their vast collections of semi-heretical and heretical texts that members of old have collected | to make allies among the assassins guild and death cults, to threaten and weekend their enemies], spurred on by their need to keep the knives of the enemies they have made in their quest from their throats.

281. Has, like all houses on their world, a legion of spies, analysts and paid informants just to try to keep track of their worlds treacherous sea of power and patronage.

282. Revel in licentious, debauched behaviour and delight in extremes of falsehood and mendacity.

283. A house of scholars, that take thrilling delight and perverse pride in their knowledge and studies in topics that has either been suppressed or deemed blasphemous.

284. Keep [ ur-ghuls | bears | mutants | hullghasts ] as pets.

285. Most important members of the house rarely deal with anyone outside the family, preferring to have lesser members deal with “outsiders” (a fact that does little to endear them to nobles from other houses).

286. The [ realm | hive | planet ]’s PDF forces is effectively sponsored by the noble families who contribute their household troops to tours in the army, and most of its officer class is drawn from the younger scions of noble houses.

287. A favoured pastime within the family is [ sailing | gunplay | gardening | theatre – in the form of acting, playwriting and directing, as well as watching ].

288. Like all other noble houses in the [ realm | hive | planet ] do the family literally fight for ownership of lucrative mercantile output.

289. Every second child of the family is sent to serve the church, in one role or another.

290. Within the [ family | realm | hive | planet ] is the duelling weapon of choice [ master-crafted flintlock pistol | wind-fire-wheels | cloak and dagger | long-shafted axes ].

291. The patron of a underhive gang-house that mainly deal with [ automobiles (of both the carriage and ‘cycle kind) and simpler flyers | alchems and alchemical refineries | vat-grown pets, combat-beasts and servitor bio-parts | info-trading and lay-programming ].

292. Have been given the double edged honour of ruling right of a [ Mining | Agri | Death | Manufactory ] World by the sub-sector’s high-lord. As part of the decree they have had to send notable numbers of their family to there to rule (or at least give the symbol appearance of it), and do some marraging with the local counterpart to nobility. Also as the planetary-governors, they have to stand for any needed investment themselves and have to take the punishment if the tithe is not fulfilled.

293. In a [ bout of religious madness | way to have the powers-that-be keeping their crimes secret while they receive punishment ] have a notable amount of the family willingly become arco-flagellants. This has weakened the family but made the church their allies for their perceived willingness to sacrifice themselves for the God-Emperor.

294. Like their peers do the family-members travel accompanied by large retinues of servants whose primary role is to look impressive.

295. By the standard of their social peers is the house impoverished.

296. Parts of the family is secretly backing the heretekical Logician cult. While the rest of the house don’t know this they reap the benefits of heretically new or modifed technology and secret cyber-assassins.

297. It has come to the realisation to a group of the family-members that somebody in the family is not just dilettantely dabbling in the thrillingly forbidden but have plumbed into true heresy. The part of the family that’s in-the-know have to come to the conclusion that they have to find out who (or which) the heretic(s) is and stop them before they bring down the whole house one way or another.

298. When questioned about [ the source of the dynasty’s capital | their constant dealings with Rogue Traders | why nobody have seen or heard of their head of lately | the origin of their robed and masked advisors, with their fine limbs and strange air ] the house’s members reply (with impeccable politeness) that they keep their own counsel about such matters.

299. While the family likes to style itself as something a-kin to a Rogue Trader-lineage – with eye-catching outfits and rakish behaviour – are they no more than the dynasty of Chartist Captains and ships’ officers in the sub-sector navy.

300. Recently lost much of their holdings and have to rebuild.
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301. A notable part of the house have been declared outlaws for the crimes of [ tech-heresy | paganism | warp-dabbling | xenophilia ] and are hunted by the lawful(?) part of the house to [ regain the house’s honour | show their loyalty so non of their enemies may use this against them | retake the riches their outlaw kin took with them when they escaped ].

302. The house’s name is known [ planet | sub-sector | sector ] wide thanks to their manufactory of excellent [ lasrifles | respirators | portable vox-casters | personal chronos ], each stamped with the house’s name and crest.

303. Closely allied with the missionary factions of the Ecclesiarchy.

304. Have through lobbying gotten the right to provide the [ entrenching tool | uniform | lho-stick pack | med-kit ] that are given to each PDF and Astra Militarum soldier as part of their duty kit. A high honour that also bring them riches and spread their name far.

305. Few in the family know how to write, or even read, since they have others for that.

306. Unmarried family members tend to live in the household of a married relative: an uncle or aunt, an older cousin, a parent’s cousin, or similar, sometimes even a grandparent.

307. Courtship with family-members often lasts years, if not decades. Many of those courtships start by older relatives while the “courting two” are children.

308. Constantly show of their wealth by dressing expensive, eating expensive, always having the best, constantly giving away money to the poor in their visage, and all in all throwing money around themself.

309. The household guard’s equipment are more ceremonial and aesthetical in design then functional.

310. Lost most of their [ members | workers | exotic art collection | voidships ] to an recent attack from [ orks | eldars | piscean | kroot ] and while the vile xenos have been driven off(?) have the house sworn vengeance on them and will not rest until all the attackers and their kite are dead.

311. The family were the heraldic planetary governors over another planet but where overthrown and exiled generations ago, they are still bitter and work to retake what they see as rightfully theirs.

312. The family were the planet’s heraldic governors but were cupped out from their position and another family now have that role. They are [ still bitter and work to retake what they see as rightfully theirs | have no problems with this, they lost their position fair and square, even if they like to remind people around them of their former high position ].

313. As a group follow what can be seen as variant of the Thorian philosophy, and use their politically and financially powers to find, cultivate and/or create a possible new host for the God-Emperor’s soul.

314. The leader wear the deathmask of the family's legendary founder.

315. The servants keep to the shadows and the company of their own kind.

316. Have by [ the current Planetary Governor | ancient decree | the destruction of the previous holder 1D6 generations ago ] been given the duty and authority to track down and capture any and all unsanctioned or rogue psykers.

317. Unusual numbers of tech-priests and lots of Mechanicus lay-members walk their holdings.

318. While it’s known that the [ shortswords | respirators | boots | vox-beads ] produced by the house’s manufactories are of dubious quality are all the house-troops, -enforces and similar expected to use them since it would be a great loss of prestige to use equipment created by outsiders.

319. End of time believers, they take loans without any plans to repay or invest in anything outside of crusades and missionary work since they believe everything is going to end within this or the next generation.

320. Believe that it's humanity's duty and destiny to populated the stars and therefore lobby against contraceptions, and back all manner of colonisation projects.

321. BDSM is what the family considered normal sex.

322. Secretly deal in forbidden psyker-breeding, -gene-manipulation and -tech.

323. The house carefully regulated its members diets, as long as the members are within the walls of the household.

324. Nouveau riche by the standard of their social peers, the house is desperate to become a respected and acknowledged power.

325. The family’s [ males | females ] are seen as notably cruel.