Stockholm Kartell
17 May 2000
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  • CY_BORG—a stand-alone, cyberpunk MÖRK BORG spin-off game—is reaching completion. Rules-light, rage-heavy. 160 pages of cybernetic upheaval. Compatible with the world’s loudest metal album of a game. Coming to Kickstarter later this year. ⧖
  • We’ve worked hard on this thing; our take on the genre. A fever-dream of tech, punk and fury. Of fighting a failed future. A game about climate collapse, out-of-control consumerism, the commodification of personal data, late-stage capitalism, transhumanism and senseless violence.
  • The game is a messed-up mirror image of MÖRK BORG. Similar in tone and approach to game and book design, but enhanced and augmented. Includes an introductory scenario and ≈60 random tables for your every cyberpunk need.
  • CY_BORG is written by Christian Sahlén, a veteran of the Swedish OSR scene and founding ritualist of @sthlm_krtll. Another Kartell member—@JohanNohr (MÖRK BORG)—does graphic design and art (≈90 original pieces) for this beast of a book. There will be no holds barred.
  • The brilliant @goatmansgoblet is editing and was explicitly requested to pour as much bitter vitriol for the Big City into this book as possible. The result is a rich cavalcade of contempt for the setting and the systems running it. You’ll hate it here.
  • The game includes things like critical injury and prostheses, cybertech augmentations and their function/malfunction, and for this we’re thrilled to consult with the expertise of disability representation advocate and self-described cyborg @aannggeellll.
  • Proofreading CY_BORG is Walton Wood, master and curator of @LiberLudorum and Ex Libris MÖRK BORG. Hunter of typos, slayer of grammatical errors. We probably should’ve had him proofread this thread.
  • More information about CY_BORG will come.
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4 Dec 2010
Wooow, så coolt!!! 😍😍 Kommer den på svenska med eller blir det english only?


Stockholm Kartell
17 May 2000
It's inside you. Infesting your brain, warping your flesh. Alien bacteria hijacking intercellular nanorobotics. Multiplying by the millions. You hear it whispering. You don't mind. *Far from it*.
This is the **NANO edition of CY_BORG.** Soon on Kickstarter.