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1 Oct 2020
Det finns just nu en kickstarter uppe för Ludonarrative Dissidents Podcast: Season 2

Länk till kickstarter

Ludonarrative Dissidents är en pod som recenserar och analyserar olika rollspel och hålls av Greg Stoltze, James Wallis och Ross Payton. Saxat från kickstartern:

"Ludonarrative Dissidents is a podcast project from Greg Stolze, James Wallis, and Ross Payton to explore and analyze tabletop RPGs, with systems chosen by backers of this Kickstarter. What does each game do, how does it work, and why do people play it?

In season 1 of Ludonarrative Dissidents, we looked at 15 fascinating role playing games and capped it off with an actual play. From industry legends like Ars Magica and Unknown Armies to nearly forgotten gems like Continuum and indie hits like Thousand Year Old Vampire, we dove into some of the best games out there. But we’re not done. For every game we covered, we missed countless other worthy titles. That’s why we want to make another season.

For this season, we want to expand our coverage to not only include more games, but also game mechanics. By examining a common type of game mechanic featured in role playing games, we can discuss many titles in the space of a single episode. What kind of mechanics? We’ll give backers a list to vote on, with entries like alignments, initiative, hit points, and dice pools. "

Säsong 1 av Ludonarrative Dissidents går att lyssna på gratis via de flesta podd-platformar om man är intresserad.

Jag har själv gått och och backat då jag tyckte att första säsongen hade intressanta diskussioner och bra verkshöjd. :)
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15 Oct 2000
Coolt att de ska snacka om Tales from the Loop och Mörk borg i den andra säsongen. Också detta:

Pledge US$ 500 or more About SEK 5,112​
Game Critique and Consultation​
One co-host will read your unpublished or small-press RPG and write a detailed critique of it, answering any specific questions and concerns you have as well as any we identify. One of us will then provide a one hour consultation about your game.​