Nekromanti bra slumpmötes tabell


30 Nov 2012
Sitter o knåpar på ett äventyr då rollpersonerna kommer att få göra lite vad de vill o ha lite bra ställen att undersöka. Men till detta tänkte jag ha en stor slumpmötes tabell med roliga intressanta möten.

Hur gör ni andra om ni ska göra bra slumpmöten?


15 Jan 2012
Jag tycker att tabellerna i Gone fishin ( är supermysiga. De berättar små historier och allt är tight kopplat till vad som sker i trakten just då.


Should the party travel overland in the vicinity of Abbotsford, then a random encounter check should be made every 2 hours of travel time
  • 01-05% a troupe of hobbit buskers who regale the party with a selection of reels, jigs and folk dances. The male musicians will saw away with demented enthusiasm at their zithers, while the halfling lasses coquettishly offer the party jugs of ale and invitations to dance with them. The little halfling lasses will attempt the pick the character pockets while dancing (base 25% chance of success, rising to 50% if they are inebriated).
  • 06-10% a group of drunken dwarves unsteadily pilot a wagon partially laden with slopping barrels of half drunken beer (a particularly rich stout) in hot pursuit of a group of halfling musicians who they claim robbed them blind. The dwarves will summarily attempt to lynch any halfling on sight, and any information on the fleeing troupe will be rewarded by with a barrel of beer.
  • 11-15% a group of yodelling farmers sway drunkenly, arm-in-arm, back and forth on the back of a large flat bed wagon, stacked high with barrels of beer. They claim that a group of dwarves hijacked one of their beer wagons. Any dwarves in the party will be the subject of a lynching attempt.
  • 16-20% a group of horribly sober housewives sporting determined expressions on their hardened faces will pass by in pursuit of their husbands, whom they claim to have gone sloping off into the countryside on a beer drinking excursion. Any farmers in the party will be the subject of lynching attempt.
  • 21-25% a motley assortment of ducks, geese, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats and children in pursuit of the aforementioned groups.
  • 26-30% A farmer carting hay on his way to the market. Knows nothing, cares even less. An old vorpal sword is hidden under the hay (the farmer finds it particularly efficacious as a pruning knife).
  • 31-40% a tinkers wagon. The tinker sells a variety of common items including agricultural equipment (scythes, axes, grindstones and the like) for vastly inflated prices (150-200% of the normal price).
  • 41-60% Herd of cows, who refuse to give way.
  • 61-70% a group of cheerful pilgrims en route to a local harvest festival. They clutch sheaves of corn (wheat), rye and barley. The young women will offer the party draughts of a particularly sweet and heady cider which they bear in stone glazed urns.
  • 71-90% a flock sheep, who bleat plaintively. The shepherd boy seems full and uninterested
  • 91-100% Knights of the Court. Looking for sport, be it fox or man or woman, these knights are only trouble. Lacking excitement they will try to provoke the party into attacking them, so they can claim self defence. They will harry the party by impeding their progress and hurling crude insults at them until the party 4 attacks or the knights lose interest or find some other quarry. AC 2 (plate mail + shield) Levels 1-4 (hp 5-24 on average) armed with long swords and daggers. If mounted they will additionally have a heavy lance and a heavy warhorse (hp 16-17 on average). 4th level fighters will typically have plate barding for their war horses, 2nd and 3rd level fighters will typically have chain barding. Each knight will carry items and money to the approximate value of 25 gold pieces per level.