Tabell för att slumpa fram en stackstad till Wh40k o liknande


22 Dec 2013
576. As part of the hive’s water recycling system, recovered water is distributed via a sprinkler system, so it ‘rains’ a lot. The sprinkler system is also part of the fire suppression and control system.

577. The [ Slaver Union | ammo-haulers | hive | house af Thibor ] are closely allied with the missionary factions of the Ecclesiarchy.

578. The [ House of Gears | house Ulandari | vox-operators | hivers ]’s culture is highly strict and proper, except for certain circumstances and/or in certain areas where they can partly, or even fully, let loss.

579. The duty roles involving [ foodstuff | wyrd-hunting | cannoning | cogitator maintains ] are marked out by turbans, metal masks covering the upper part of their face and shawls cowering the lower part.

580. The members of [ House of Iron | shrine workers | shell-dwellers | hivers ] are seen as macabre, proud and barbarous, many obsessed with honour and glory.

581. Ork-teeth are the hive’s black-market currency.

582. In combat the hive’s PDF:s, IG:s and gendarme favour the use of [ gun-glaives, heavy crossbows and axes | lasmuskets, revolvers and katars | slender lasrifles, laspistols and dagger-axes | lasrifles, halberds, and chainrapiers ].

583. In combat the [ underhive natives | House of Blades | hivers | house Athenos ] are fast and deadly, and tend to have a strong bias towards hand-to-hand combat.

584. Alchymyst fleshteks are used to resurrected the [ hive | Ammunition Guild | house de la Seong | Guild of Freeblade Assassins ]’s notable dead fighter into a false half-life with toxic blood and their minds stripped of whatever shreds of humanity they once had.

585. The positions of [ Month of the Navis Nobilite | Hive Steward | Keeper of the Pantries | Lord Mustard ] can only be hold by dwarfs.

586. Droit du seigneur is law in all the sections of the hive, with the local highest noble as the lord.

587. The main rooms and corridors of the [ hive | upperhive | PDF & gendarme holdings | shrine workers ] are covered in trophies and finery from a glorious past, all now falling apart and covered in dust.

588. The hive is the planet’s main station for mind-binding and keeping psykers in waiting for the Blackship. This has the effect that psykers are much more common here then in other hives and the hive’s powerful usually have first pick of the bound psykers that the Blackships leave behind, or return with.

589. The Soylent Veridian Guild control the suicide rooms, suicide by other means is illegal.

590. The hive-ruler is spending hens time in a Ghast-induced coma, while his followers and hive administrators are forced to listen to his dreaming whispers for their commands.

591. The hive-ruler have created chaos when hen moved their entire court to the underhive to escape the incessant criticism from the [ planet’s moons | stars | the visiting voidships | dead dwelling in the orbiting necropoli ].

592. Most areas have lots of cables hanging from the high ceiling, like some kind of artificial giant spiderweb. What moves and hides among the cables?

593. The hive-rule have spent years indulging in horrific genetic experiments on henself and hens [ natborn | vatborn | nat- and vatborn ] kin.

594. The planet was an eldar world and waystation between Webway gates. The underhive have a number of gates in it, the eldars many times have to move across the underhive and sometimes different hives to get from the gate they entered the planet through to the Webway gate they want to exit through.

595. Mandrakes hunt in the darker parts of the hive, sometime also in other areas. Any blackout leads to bloodbaths.

596. Gladiatorial games fall under the Theatre Guild.

597. Local variant of spoke is the in drug among the rakish or decadent novels.

598. Lots of restaurants with audio-animatronic entertainment.

599. Each regiment of the [ PDF:s | gendarme | enforces | Sworn Minions of the Steward’s militia ] have a bard for entertainment and coming up with poetry and song-lyrics that praises the regiment.

600. Veiled eyes are in among the [ men | women | members ] of the [ hive | nobility | house de la Seong | Fishmonger Union ].


22 Dec 2013
601. Lots of motorcycles. Motorcycle gangs terrorise the streets and each other. Also lots of MC-gangs and riders that are just driving around to look cool, show of their skills or as a way to fulfil their need for kicks.

602. Lots of refugees from another hive that suffered [ plague | civil-war | notable xeno-attack | the planetary-governor having declared a sanction on any trade with the hive ].

603. Lots of refugees from outerworld because of [ interplanetary civil war | coming xeno-hoard | supposedly expanding Warp-storm | famine after lose of Agri World ].

604. The hive is protected from the sun's EMP filled pulses by a forcefield.

605. A shading-field protected the hive from most of their harsh sun's burning rays.

606. Seasonal [ ash | sand | dust | snow ] storms, and unseasonal ones, the hive shell supposedly closes up when this happens but to many of the openings have broken, been destroyed or can’t be thoroughly sealed.

607. The [ hivers | manufactorum-clans | shell-dwellers | Atmospheric Reclamators ] are highly martial, likely so is everybody trained to fight and eager to prow their metal. Internal fighting (either mano-a-mano or groups against group) for the participants to show who is superior are common.

608. The [ hive | spaceport | shell | midhive ] has a guild/caste/other of stewardesses that function as guides. They possibly have other function also, maybe something similar to geishas, or escorts, or are the keepers of some kind of knowledge.

609. Larger parts than normal of the [ hivers | Sanctioned Thieves | Guild of Dye Makers | spaceporters ] are cybernetically modified to better do their assigned duty.

610. The main part of the [ hivers | shell-dwellers | midhivers | spaceporters ] are in their culture, society and understanding nothing more than feralworlders, only able to do their duty thanks to ritualistic training and supervising officers, but without any understanding or insight. Blood feuds and honour killings between the groups and individuals of them are likely common.

611. The hive is run under notably feudal system with the hive being the divided in ‘manors’ and each manor owned by a ‘gent’ who has sworn fealty to the higher nobility, who in turn have sworn fealty to the hive-ruler. The gents have free hands when it comes to the actual running of the manor as long as duty is done.

612. Pauper-nobility – nobility that have all the right and duties of nobility but lacks the means to keep to the lifestyle expected of nobility – exist in large amounts in the hive. Both in the form of ancient families, and new blood.

613. Lots of wood have been used for construction and/or decoration in the [ hive | upperhive | spaceport | underhive ].

614. A child among the [ hivers | underhive “natives” | Society of Penpushers and Paragraph-readers | Aquaratio Guild ] remain nameless until another member of the group dies and then hen gets the dead one’s name and are throughout hens childhood taught the deeds and notable mannerisms of all the previous bearers of the name. It is expected that the child, once grown up, will fill the same role as the precious bearers of hens name have had.

615. The [ hivers | Waiting Guilds | licensed Undertakers | Ratters Cabal ] mark their deeds with scarifications and/or tattoos and upon their death they are flayed and the skin kept as a record for later generations.

616. The hive is full of strange guilds that deal with either something very specific or maybe a broad area of duties that outsiders can’t see why they are grouped together.

617. As a group are the [ hivers | Cult of the Press | Venators | midhivers ] insular and superstitious, to a degree rarely seen even in the Imperium.

618. Carpets cover most of the floors in the [ hive | upperhive | spaceport | midhive ].

619. The officer-cast is notably inbred.

620. The hive have many sanguinary death cults that see their murderous art as an essential part of religious life, reinforcing their faith to the Emperor with each kill. Each cult see the other cults as deluded fools that have not grasped the truth as they have as best and as heretics that need to die as worst. Among the cults are some whose worship have been corrupted into blood not for the emperor but for the Blood God, those whose uses of complicated plans and scheming are now more the reason and the killing the justification have unknowingly turned to Tzeentch, and those who’s quest for perfection in their slaying have turned them to Slannesh.

621. The [ Union of Bookkeepers | Mechanicum | Discreet Fane of Freeinquirers | house Wo-Ton-Tat ] secretly deal in forbidden psyker-breeding, -gene-manipulation and -tech.

622. A pack/tribes of jokaero lives in the hive. They are considered good luck by the most of the hiver that will react violently to any attempts to hurt, kill or remove them – then there is the thing that the jokaero themselves have no problems taking out anything they see as threatening them. The nobility try to keep them in the spire with the use of constant offerings of food and advanced technology but sometime one or two of them decide for reasons their own to go downhive.

623. No matter the state of their surroundings or the duty that have to be done do the [ nobility | PDF:s & IG:s | Kith of Light Keepers | Court of Gears ] hold strongly to the proper etiquette and procedure. They are extremely formal, organized and polite. They never curse in public, never speak out of turn, and carry themselves with the same dignity and nobility expected at a royal court.

624. When voidships dock with the hive’s spaceport are the hive’s orphanages emptied of able bodied younglings and juves one after each other, until the ship’s

625. An elaborated class/caste/estate/other system among the [ hivers | midhivers | Fraternity and Sorority of Pound Scum Keepers | Medicaes ]. Most likely is changing caste impossible, and marriage between castes is, if not forbidden, not something often approved.
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22 Dec 2013
626. There are a notable rivalry between the work gang and guilds of the [ hive | spaceport | manufactory domes | shell ] and a gang-boss or guild master would think nothing of sabotaging or murdering their rivals, or kidnapping entire work gangs to help meet their production quotas.

627. The [ hive | guilders | Verminators Guild | nobilities ]’s society is filled with intrigues on many, if not all, levels. Those intrigues may just be friendly competitions or they may be deadly and infernal where death or ruin is an all too common end.

628. Riding and draft animals are used more or less all over the [ hive | spaceport | upperhive | underhive ].

629. The [ Maintainers of the Shell | Combine of Shotgun and Shield | Sworn Minions of the Steward | spaceporters ]’s standard work uniform looks like stereotypical maid and butler outfits.

630. To get new blood do the [ Waiting Guilds | Gun Guild | underhive “natives” | House of Slaves’ oligarch families ] buy, take in, and sometime even kidnaped any child that they can get their hands on when possible.

631. Much of the [ hive | shell | midhive | spaceport ]’s inbuilt train system, lifts and similar don’t function or have been removed, leading to more or less all internal transport has to be done by muscle power or in motor vehicles.

632. High use of promethium driven vessels in the [ hive | underhive | spaceport | midhive ], which pollutes the internal air.

633. Lots of velocipedes in the [ hive | spaceport | midhive | outlands ], both for personal and goods transportation.

634. The [ hivers | midhivers | shell-dwellers | underlings of the Vox Guild ] are kept in line by draconic laws and punishments.

635. The [ hive-ruler | master of the Telepathic Choir | High Guild Ting | Master of Ceremonies ] give indentation to dine with them to any visiting Navigator.

636. Much of the [ hivers | administrators | manufactorum-clans | Adeptus Astra Telepatica ] clothing can be described as BDSM-curious, if not outright bondage gear.

637. Leman Russ tanks are part of the hive's internal defences, and used for transportation by people of rank.

638. Fans are used by the [ hivers | high class midhivers | nobility | Prospectors’ Guild ], not just for fanning themselves but also as part of their body language. Bad fan-using is likely seen as a mark of bad manner.

639. The [ Carrion Guilds | Glassmaker’s Guild | Missive Guilds | Scale Jakkers Guild ]'s weapons, armours, uniforms, and much other equipment is highly decorated and inlaid with precious metals and/or stones. This doesn't make them more effective than standard.

640. As punishment for failure the guilty [ hiver | underhiver | Tithe Guilder | Lifetaker Order member ] has a finger removed, one finger for each mistake, beginning with the pinkie.

641. The duelling weapon of choice in the hive are the [ two-handed swords | slingshots | dance-offs | long & short daggers with a small shield ].

642. The hive is divided into districts, each district is controlled and cared for by collusions of worker-citizens. If one union needs outside assistance from another it will instigate a trade agreement or alliance. Alliances between unions are usually of a predefined duration but there are some exceptions. Each district is under the symbolic leadership and protection of one of the hive’s higher entitled, with each entitled having one specific district to their name by tradition.

643. Ancient and baroque sentinel-automatas watch over the hive’s parliament, or they would if there was any known way to turn them on. The hive’s tech-priests routinely, thoroughly and lovingly make certain the automats systems are well taken care of, but have no idea why they are not functioning.

644. While the hive’s gendarmes and PDF:s use Imperial standard equipment do they also employ black powder grenades, bombs, rockets and similar.

645. There is a guild-conflict onboard between the Crawlspace Keepers and the Caretakers of the Vents.

646. The [ hive | outlands | Beast Houses | Fraternal Non-Euclidean Order of Oubliette, Labyrinth, and Shopping Mall Masons ]’s mystics cast rune-stones/sticks as part of their rituals.

647. The [ nobility | hive’s high entitled | Court of Gears’ high courtiers | high officers ] are followed by scantily clad people that dance, play music and/or are just being around them looking good.

648. The [ hivers | Ecclesiarchy | Blood Circle members | Murder Guilders ] believes that any duel over honour or dispute should be to the death. In their extreme view, honour demanded no less.

649. A cult-spider – a spider-xeno whose eyes can hypnotise, bite turn people into slave-cultists and overwrite the bitten’s genetic so their children will usually be born with spider-mutations. The species reproduce through their cultists, when a spider-mutant daughter of a bitten in turn become pregnant by another spider-mutant there is a chance that the pregnancy will result in a little of thousand small culy-spiders – have made a base in [ one of the noble spire-estates | the upper Sump | the vaults of one of the churches the outer midhive | semi-abounded manufactory-domes ].

650. Dancing is the main entertainment among the [ hivers | midhivers | menial workers | high entitled ].


22 Dec 2013
651. Semi-automatic and automatic crossbows are the main range weapons among the [ hivers | House of Blades | Geisha Guild | spaceporters ].

652. The [ hivers | spaceporters and orbital workers | Ratters Cabal | Lifetaker orders ] believe that portents and predictions are found in their dreams. They discuss their dreams with each other and what they can mean, with people concealing their dreams seen as distrustful and lying about dreams being highly unacceptable.

653. The [ hivers | manufactorias | licensed Undertakers | Murder guilds ] are respectful to seers and mystics, bordering on the fanatical.

654. A council of elders (or maybe councils if the area is bigger) are the shadow rulers of the [ Eastern Gate Sector | Shell | manufactory domes | spaceport ] and the official powers better take head what they say and play politics with them or there might be a mutiny.

655. Marriage among the [ hivers | nobility | hive-farmers | Maintainers of the Shell ] is a contractual affair of great legal complexity.

656. Servitors created to look like creature of mythology – like manticores, harpies, and mǎmiàn – walk the [ upperhive | Ecclesiarchy’s domains | spire | once affluent areas of the underhive ], and possibly other areas of the hive. They are possibly only decorative or they have some added function, like combat.

657. The [ hivers | Cult of the Press | Thieves Guild | Mechanicum ] take great stock in signs and portents, and usually make many small sacrifices daily, to ancestors, to lucky spirits, to the patron saint of the hive and so on.

658. In the [ hive’s Ecclesiarchy | underhive | PDF holdings | holdings of the Aquaratio Guild ] are groups of clerics, mystics, and fanatical flagellants with the role to perform their mysterious rituals in hopes of calling down powers from the God-Emperor and his saints.

659. To prevent inbreeding the [ hivers | nobility | Soylent Veridian Guild | Atmospheric Reclamators ] forbid copulation between cousins and also see copulation between secund-cousins as suspect. The members are expected to know their family at least five steps backward and four steps to the side, and when meeting somebody for the first time (or in a long time) present themselves with at least grandparents and cousins, followed by both people discussing if the people named by one is known to the other and working out if they are related.

660. One of the [ hivers | Pressgangers | outlanders | Ecclesiarchy ]’s rituals involve people dancing around a pole to which they are fastened by rawhide thongs pegged through the skin of their chests.

661. Sand painting are part of the personal meditation rituals of the [ hive | Mechnicum | Guild of Painters | Death cults ]’s priests. Maybe also among the members of their followers.

662. Fine-crafted [ smoking pipes | decorative war-clubs | wallets | half-capes ] are marks of honour.

663. The [ hivers | hive’s Death Cult Assassins | Morticians Guild | Prospectors’ Guild ] mark the eve of battle, storm or other possibly monumental event in bawdy celebration, raising overflowing jacks to fellows they may be mourning once it’s all done. The crew will drink and make merry, for tomorrow, they may die.

664. The [ hivers | Mechanicum | bounty hunters guild | Kitchen Coven ] is semi-superstitious with lots of rituals that have to be done at certain times or to prevent bad luck.

665. The hive’s [ Society of Penpushers and Paragraph-readers | Ministorum | House of Shadows | Fraternal Non-Euclidean Order of Oubliette, Labyrinth, and Shopping Mall Masons ] members go around masked.

666. Disagreements between the [ hivers | gendarme | Banner of Bibliognosts | Blood Circle ], even small ones, are usually settled by trial-by-combat, with all parties concerned seeing both the undertaking and the result as honourable.

667. The [ hivers | underhivers | outlanders | Committee for Hive Security ] makes sacrifices of blood, food, drink, and/or small animals to the machine-spirits of the machins they work with and their equipments.

668. The [ hivers | Theatre guilders | Ecclesiarchy | wyrd-hunters ] are self-righteous in their self-perceived pure faith.

669. Little in the way of cybernetics among the [ hivers | oxy-farmers | Crawlspace Keepers | Maintainers of the Shell ], lost limbs are replaced by simple prosthetics or just covered up.

670. Servitor-farms helps the hive’s machine-spirits in their duties. There is returning need to replace those brains that have become too old or to damaged.

671. The [ hive | Union of Enslaved | Guild of Dye Makers | officers ]’s culture is chauvinistic toward one gender and all the officers and foremen are only chosen from that gender. Outsider officers and experts of the wrong gender are not taken seriously.

672. The [ hivers | House of Gears | gateguard | high entitled ] are high majority female, and mostly reproduces with artificial insemination and vat-born.

673. Respirator units with an external oxygen tank, making them able to function as rebreathers when needed, are standard part of [ hivers | underhivers | Slaver Union’s | hive-farmers ] gear. Possible is the oxygen tank size increased with rank and/or wealth, possibly to sizes inconvenient and ungainly.

674. Oil lamps are the main illumination.

675. Most of the [ hive | upperhive | spaceport | House of Iron’s holdings ]’s illumination are placed behind stained glass “windows” and roofs.


22 Dec 2013
676. The [ hive | Discreet Fane of Freeinquirers | corpse-reclaimers | house Wo-Ton-Tat ]’s main holding is abounded and let to decay behind locked doors. The reason why is spoken about in whispers accompanied by signs of warding and protection.

677. The hive’s gunports are sculpted to look like the months of grotesques and/or the gun barrels are sculpted like the months of dragons and gargoyles.

678. Gargoyles and grotesques watch over every junction and corner of the hive, sometime literally so with camera-eyes and guns in their mouths.

679. Spiders, from nearly microbic to dog sized, infest the hive. The hivers are very superstitious abut them and try to not kill them when possible or makes rituals when they have or will do. Possibly do they leave food offerings to the larger spiders, possibly do they farm spider-silk, chitin and/or poisons.

680. The [ hivers | Ammunition Guild | Cabal of Cyberfalconers | house Dragosani ] are, as a group, friendly if respectful toward psykers.

681. The [ hive | spaceport | Haberdasher’s Guild | Union of Adminstrators ]’s tech-priests and other Cult Mechanicus represents are unusually friendly and social, and interacting with the rest of the population remarkably often. Possibly have the people taken up some of the machine cult’s ways and traditions.

682. Small gardens are spread out over the [ hive | Hearth Stocker’s Guild’s holdings | holdings of house Ferenczy | inner shell ], each with an oak growing in them. Those trees are used as gallows for the execution of criminals and captured enemies. On a rundown hive those gardens and oaks might be dead, but still used.

683. Banners hang from the walls, roof and/or flagpoles on the floor of the hive court, and/or other important areas of the hive. The flags are changed with the work shifts, to match the shift.

684. Everyday a holiday for a saint is celebrated. Each saint have their unique celebration and rites, and what is allowed and not allowed to do, eat or similar depends on the saint. And certain endeavours are favoured to do on certain saint's days, likely leading to the hiver trying to do them on those days, even if means having to postpone the start or begin a bit early.

685. Once upon a time the [ hive | spire | midhive | Accountants Guild’s holdings ] had notable decorative gardens, now abounded and nothing but brown, dried-up plants and dusty walkways.

686. Pilgrim journeys to one of the hive’s enginarium is part of the confirmation ritual of the hive’s young.

687. The [ hive | Flesh Cutters Guild | gate | Gilde of Flame ]'s guard changes are ceremonial and choreographed, with elaborate and fast dance-like maneuvers. Possibly raising the legs as high as possible is part of the ceremony.

688. Dogs, mandrills, or similar sized animals are kept as family or work unit pets, or personal pets among the ones that can afford it.

689. Cats (or other smaller predators, like lizards or flightless birds, filling a similar nish) walks the hive’s corridors, hunting vermin and functioning as semi-pets.

690. The [ spaceporters | Guild of Blood and Heraldry | Funeralians | Murder guilds ] are majority voidborn and it really shows in their looks and manners.

691. The hive constantly suffers minor breakdowns, but only of a kind that are easy to repair or jury-rigg with minimal tools. To prevent the constant breakdowns would need a long tide devoted to only repairs and maintains work.

692. Specific ways for how to cock food and store it, if the food is not prepared that way it’s considered unclean.

693. The [ hive | spaceport | Union of the Wire’s holdings | upperhive ] is very well lit, with the illumination in many areas being so strong that people need sunglasses to be able to really see.

694. A quasi(?)-sentient xeno-species, used as slave labour, is living in the hive alongside the human population.

695. Cargo loading has to be done in certain ways that follow certain patterns and strange “rules” about what have to be placed where.

696. The hive’s forcefield generators are built into large (at least around 50m tall) statues of Imperial saints.

697. The [ hivers | ammo-haulers | spaceporters | vox-operators ] are scavengers, reclaimators and restorers born and breed. Much of their equipment is jury-rigged or cobbled together, if functional (usually), and they take any chance they can to get more stuff to work with.

698. The common hivers are deptslaves to the hive, with the cost of the food they eat, air they breathe and any medical attention they need being added to their never-ending dept.

699. Minstrels’ galleries can be found all over the [ hive | upperhive | shell | holdings of the Gilde of Flame ]. Possibly still in use, possibly long abounded with the remains of the minstrels’ equipment gathering dust and cobweb.

700. The [ hivers | nobility | shrine workers | Funeralians ] forsake the baroque clothing and ornamentation usual among the Imperium’s well-off and instead go for barbarian splendour of furs, leather, jewellery made out of fangs, claws, bones and wood.


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701. The planetary defence system recently fired upon and wounded the wrong ship, leading to the gunners and their superior and their superior’s superior, and hen’s superior, and so on up to the planetary-governor, was executed for their deeds and failure to put people there that would not make this failure. The planet is still recovering form the political upturn this has lead to, and not all lost positions have not been filled in yet.

702. The changing of the shift are marked by [ hymns of choral plainsong extolling the God-Emperor through the loudspeakers | cherub-servitors beating martial gongs | officers riding a hog through the corridors whilst sounding a bugle | the tolling of bells inside grand mechanical clocks with figures flanking the clock are set in motion and/or the appearance of figure wandering around ].

703. Arco-flagellants protect the hive’s main shrines and similar. Do the hive have the capability to create new ones and if they do, do they just reuse the parts from fallen flagellants?

704. The Ecclesiarchical representatives in the [ hive | spaceport | holdings of the spire-guard | upperhive ] are corrupt, more interested in their own statues, political games and riches than taking care of their flock or punishing His enemies.

705. The Mechanicum representatives in the [ hive | spaceport | Executioner-families’ holdings | holdings of the Caretakers of the Vents ] are corrupt, more interested in their own statues, political games and riches than taking care of their machinery or punishing hereteks.

706. By Imperial standard is the [ hive | Fishmonger Union | midhive | spaceport ]’s society egalitarian and highly socially mobile with social mobility upward (or downward) possible within a lifetime instead of generations.

707. The [ hivers | Stowageer Guild | nobility | Carcass Reclaimers ] have drink of chose (like tea, coffee, cacahuatl, or wine) that they partake at least ones every day and they take very seriously. There is likely a position or guild in the hive that has as duty to find and buy up as much stock as possible of the ingrediencies needed for the drink. Maybe have they converted some of the hive into greenhouses to grow their own stocks.

708. Many of the [ hivers | underhivers | Guild of Freeblade Assassins | outlanders ] are born damaged thanks to chem- and/or rad-damages, leading to them having short and painful life. Thoroughly indoctrinated and given strength through faith and drugs they are used for kamikaze missions and suicidaly reckless troops as half-life war boys.

709. Torcs are marks of honour among the [ hivers | Waiting Guilds | Caretakers of the Vents | guard ].

710. The [ hive | Sanctioned Thieves | outlanders | underhiver “natives” ]’s fighters are headhunters, with shrunken heads of worthy enemies hanging from their belts, neck and/or weapons.

711. Members of the [ Society of Penpushers and Paragraph-readers | nobility and their mimickers | Promethium Guild | hive ] are trained in tea-ceremony and take the ritual serious (at least officially).

712. Maid Cafés are spread out over the [ hive | upperhive | midhive | holdings of the Sworn Minions of the Steward ] for relaxation and entertainment.

713. The [ hive | Ecclesiarchy | Cult of the Press | Lord of Defence’s department ] keep minimal records, and the ones they write are in code.

714. It’s in fashion among the rich to have many domestic-trained orgyn bone’eads as part of their servant staff, in well-tailored full servant-uniforms.

715. The hive’s nobility and oligarchs often go on trips to hunt dangerous games in the [ outlands | nearby Feral World | nearby Death World | planet’s great hunting range domes ]. It’s seen among the rich and influential as strange to not have a hunting story to share.

716. The hive is a intermediate port for pilgrim ships dedicated to taking the faithful to and from planets of spiritual note or allowing them to retrace the steps of the favoured saints. Many pilgrims miss getting back on the ship on time and are left in the hive.

717. The Magnifique Lexis [ or whatever name you want to use ] is a loose organisation of academic and private institutes, devoted to learning and the higher arts, with a strange and chequered history. The Lexis span the [ hive-cluster | planet | nearby system | subsector ], with a binding legal charter granting them rare autonomy and rights despite being outside the control of the Adepta. The hive is housing on of the Lexis separate institutions in the form of a [ small cloistered scriptoriums | labyrinthine grand complex housing over a thousand scholars (and lets not talk about support personal) | combined museum and archive | academy where future scholars for the Lexis are trained]

718. The spire have been closed off. The rest of the upperhive and the spaceport is open but nobody may enter or leave the spire. Goods and people have to travel outside of the spire to get from one area to the other.

719. The hive-ruler and spire is guarded by an warrior cult order of [ trident- | plasmasword- | miaodao- | tabar axe-] armed elite-fighters, decked in all-encasing armour. They are the most powerful force in the hive and to go against the ruler would bring down their fury. Their origins are murky at best and there are numerous explanations about how they came into existence and got their role, many of which are at odds with one another. Their detractors have all sorts of stories about human sacrifice, worship of unspeakable forces and perverted rituals abound. That the cult remain silent on their origins does little to refute these claims, though their fierce reputation is enough to keep their enemies from voicing their theories in a more public forum.

720. The large majority of habcubes in the hive lack food-preparation areas. People get their food from vending machines – there are machines for both cold and hot food, and in the latter case there are both ones where it is just heated in the machine and ones where it’s made in the machine – and food vendors.

721. The hive’s ruling elite is well-known as mercurial.

722. The hive is a manufactory and exporter of resusatrix medicae devices, and the tube-chamber can be found on all levels of the hive (in more or less fine condition and of more or less legal produce).

723. The [ Mechanicum | hivers | guilders | department under the Secretary of State of the Navy ] nurses their grievances endlessly and respects none not of their number.

724. The lords of the hive’s ruling council are cautious in the extreme, with each having a small personal army in their entourage of Wardens, and not without good causes – for assassinations attempts and small-scale coups are a regular occurrence in the political climate of the ruling council. When such fracas breakout, the Wardens will fight like men possessed to protect their lords, for their status and reputation relies solely on hens survival.

725. The nobility of the hive is riven with vendettas and bloody power struggles, and through these delicate wars move the nobleborn assassins, as versed in the etiquette as forms of killing. To them assassination is a dance to be executed with precision and, in some cases, relish.
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726. Lots of anti-gravity tech used in the hive, and the nobility and their mimickers consider travelling in vessels that actually touch the ground something beneath them.

727. There are many clubs for artisans and artificer within the hive, most focusing on one artform (like painting, sculpting, silversmithing, etc.) even if some are open to artisans of more than one kind of art. In the clubs the members can relax with other that gets it, make friendships and contacts, and get secrets about their craft not open to outsiders. There are more then one secret Slaanesh cult hidden as an inner circle among the clubs, open for those artisans that are willing to go beyond the normal to perfect their art.

728. Among the [ nobility | gendarmes & PDF:s | midhivers | underhivers ] there exist a martial order that represent themselves as pillars of virtue dedicated to upholding the ideals of honour, courage, skill, strength at arms, and other notions. Though outwardly positive and virtuous, such things are easily perverted into excuses for violence and conflict for its own sake, and while the bulk of the members of the order have no idea what the group truly represents is its inner core a Khorne cult.

729. The planet have orbital necropoli.

730. The [ hive nobility | Kith of Light Keepers | Mechnicum | factoriums ] are known for the large amounts of honourable and faithful souls, well aware of the duties their station imposes on them, it has produced.

731. The [ hive nobility | Fraternity and Sorority of Pound Scum Keepers | house Iktomio | Department of Central Cogitation Vault ] are known for the large amounts of dissolute rakehells, who cares naught for those unfortunate enough to be low born, it has produced.

732. The hive’s prominence has begun to wane as its original purpose is fading. It’s increasingly sidelined and marginalised, much of its population, sickened by the excesses of the nobility, have begun to leave the hive. The embittered hive nobles are attempting to fight back with spiteful intrigues and secret plots, but as of yet only succeeding in further bankrupting their hive and moving it toward a blighted fate.

733. Much of the population, sickened by the excesses of the nobility, have begun to flee the hive.

734. The hive’s nobility are embittered by their lose of power to the [ guilders | planetary-governor | manufactory-clans | administrators ] and are attempting to fight back with spiteful intrigues and secret plots. But as of yet only succeeded in further bankrupting their own holdings.

735. The [ Verminators Guild | Beast Houses | Cult of the Press | Overseer of the Border Provinces and hens department ]’s prominence has begun to wane, and are increasingly sidelined and marginalised. Embittered they are attempting to fight back with spiteful intrigues and secret plots.

736. The position of hive-ruler is allotted according to a complex tradition of inheritance within the planet’s nobility, but never given in a straight linage.

737. The planetary-governor rules the hive itself through a sycophantic coterie led by a handpicked hive minister.

738. The hive-ruler has become increasingly paranoid and secretive to such an extent that it is rare for any but hens most senior counsellors to interact with hen in any official capacity.

739. The hive-ruler have been slowly withdrawing from public life, hens appearances at hen own court growing ever more infrequent so that they are now almost entirely limited to the grandest of state functions.

740. The hive-governor resides in a sprawling complex of armoured chambers and crypts deep within the foundations of the hive, chambers that possibly have been constructed impossibly long ago in the forgotten Dark Age of Technology. From this subterranean sanctuary, the governor issues declarations and receives reports from hens most trusted advisors and underlings.

741. From hens well-protected sanctuary the hive-governor issues declarations and receives reports from hens most trusted advisors and underlings, many of them bearing scant resemblance to any sort of reality beyond its armoured doors. What fantasies hen now clings to remain a mystery to all but the inner circle, but hen has been known to order the raising of entire legions against imaginary foes or order a system long since lost to host a grand visitation.

742. The hive-governor have grown delusional, not helped by hens advisors feeding hen a steady stream of lies and half-truths, and jealously guard access to the governor. Despite this, the governor does occasionally hold court in closed session with mysterious emissaries hens counsellors have failed to bar. Who these emissaries are and what powers they might represent remains a secret known to only a select few.

743. The hive’s enforces are known as [ the Vigil | Combine of Shotgun and Shield | Vigilantes | Ordos ].

744. The hive’s enforcers project a demeanour of propriety and civility, yet this is known to all but the most ignorant of offhivers as a thin veneer. In reality, its officers are callous to the point of sadism, seeing crime and disrespect wherever they wish to find it. The majority of the hivers know that to seek the help of the enforces is to court punishment for wasting their time.

745. To the surprise of many offhivers, are the hive’s enforcers is neither corrupt nor venal, for the surest way to earn a punishment in the Excoriation Cubes is to offer an officer any sort of bribe.

746. While on some worlds the native enforcers blatantly favour the ruling classes over the multitudes, even the nobility appear to earn nothing more than the scorn of the hive’s enforces.

747. The hive’s enforces has existed for so long that it has become a separate class of its own, one whose members are born into its ranks and to whom almost all outsiders are rivals.

748. Many Rogue Trader houses possess numerous holdings across the [ planet | system ]; with several having glorious manses within the upperhive.

749. The outlands’ [ cannibalistic pansár-riders | alchem-enhanced mist-hunters | slug-herding scrap-barbarians | techno-mystic scrap-ninjas] are routinely recruited by the underhive’s outlaw-bosses and house-gang chieftains as fighters.

750. Currently, only a dozen of the hundreds of production hives that once covered the world retain any vestiges of power, the planet’s aristocracy having largely abandoned the others as their crumbling infrastructure became too hazardous for their ornate soaring spires. This hive is one of the [ abounded, left to commoners and the few desperate (or dutiful) nobles to scavenge an existence in while it’s dying | ones that retain power, the population in denial of the likelihood of them joining the abounded or working hard to keep the hive alive ]. There are constant raids on the abounded hives, by both the functioning hives or the population of other abounded hives, for material or lost tech.


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Ändå superpraktiskt att ha det på en sådan här lista! Det hjälper mig en massa


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751. By ancient tradition is each of the heads of the noble houses the planetary-governor’s Cup-bearer, Keeper of the Seal, Court Marshal, Groom of the Stool, and so on. The titles [ are mostly ceremonial and the heads have somebody acting by the governor’s side in their stead, outside of the important times | means the heads are expected to constantly be near the governor’s side ].

752. The [ nobility | Combine of Shotgun and Shield | Tithe Guild | aggregate council of machine-shrine Tech-Priests] are highly protective of the human form, to bad they don’t see commoners as true humans.

753. The lords of the hive-council maintains extensive estates and small personal armies in their entourages of elite-guard. Perhaps it is because of those extensive resources, and their inherently treacherous nature, that the greatest threat to the council lords are one-another. For they share no sense of common loyalty, nor code of brotherhood. For them it is always a cause of everyone for themself – they think nothing of betraying one another to serve their own nefarious aims.

754. Among the highborn youths is it in to dressing as what they imagines a Rogue Trader to be. They also try to outshine each other with time spent in the void, travelling with voidships (preferably their own, and preferably warp-capable). The will either be fawning, highly disappointed, or feel insulted if they ever meet a real Rogue Trader.

755. The [ hive’s aristocracy | officers | guilders | officers ] are growing more and more distant and detached. Their balls and banquets become ever more decadent and outré, their costumes ever more flamboyant, and their behaviour ever more outrageous. Those who have witnessed these excesses whisper of the Emperor’s judgement being brought down upon their pampered heads.

756. While the hive’s aristocracy live artificially-extended lives of unimaginable luxury, their hive falling apart and their claimed control over the planet becomes more precarious. Their retainers dare not speak such truths to them, as the majority care little for such things and are concerned only that their existence should continue uninterrupted. An increasingly small number amongst them are still loyal to the greater Imperium and struggle to maintain the hive, though most fear it is in vain.

757. The servo-skulls found in the hive uses propellers to fly instead of anti-gravity engines.

758. Bears walk the corridors, plazas and parks of the hive, living of trash, vermin, fruits & berries from the parks, and whatever pets or humans that gets to close when they are in the mood. A bear may only be hunted if it has killed a human, but the process to get a bear marked for death is low-priority and takes years, while the bounty on somebody killing a bear that are not marked for death (even if the paperwork is being processed and it has killed multiply times) is instant.

759. The hive is very proud if their snail-derby, and making fun of it is a certain way to get bad treatment or start a fight.

760. It’s in among the decadent and the rakish to having abhuman lovers, and many semi-discreet establishments cater to this need. And the truly depraved that can afford it have their own harems.

761. There exist a breed of disturbingly sensual beastmen of the [ serpentine | ovine | feline | canine ] subtype that the non-puritan rich keep as exotic servant-pets, and the depraved among them rumoured to use as lovers.

762. The hive is home to many ruling houses, which trace their ancestry back for millennia. Many nobles have few or no responsibilities, other than keeping up a proper presence amongst noble society and maintaining their family name. These wealthy elite jockey for position in complex competitions for social status, which often escalate into secretive wars of blackmail and assassination, some which have been going on for generations.

763. As with every other facet of life in the among the hive’s nobility, methods of travel are intended to demonstrate opulence and position as much as efficacy. each noble family sees to its own transportation, taking great pains to present an image of luxury and wealth. Skimmer carriages, hovering on anti-grav plates of semi-forgotten technology, of crystal and rare woods are highly prized, and skilled pilots are always in high demand. And many impoverished noble families spend the money they have to keep up their skimmer carriages.

764. The [ nobility | Gun Guild | Scale Jakkers Guild | Secretariat of State of the Navy ] foster assassins from their own members, so that they might retain the services of trusted killers, tied to the family through bonds of blood.

765. The [ nobility | midhivers | Vox Guild | Missive Guilds ] are proud, xenophobic, and respectable. They don’t socialise much and tend to dress in old fashion but very well-kept clothing. To them respectability is more important than wealth or linage.

766. The [ nobility | underhivers | Union of Bookkeepers | Enforcers ] are xenophobic, angry and inbred. They will try to appear friendly or helpful if there is something to gain for them in it, but if they can take that with threats or violence and get away they likely rather do that.

767. The [ nobility | guilders | Medicaes | Glassmaker’s Guild ] are of old stock, wealthy and friendly. And even if they are friendly will they see themselves as just being of a better class than others, unless the later show of great wealth and good standing.

768. The [ nobility | lowhivers | Venators | Carrion Guilds ] are generally jovial and friendly. They consider it rude to treat strangers poorly, and love to be good hosts. Just don’t cross the magic line and abuse their generosity.

769. Life within the [ hive-court | nobility | guilds | Mechanicum ] is an increasingly fragile pageantry of which every participant is painfully aware, yet no one is willing to shatter. Instead, they cloak their every action in elaborate veils of serenity and luxury, even as their social hierarchy continues to fracture. Many have even become so self-deluded that they are easily disconnected from reality, their minds retreating into the opulent fantasy of their society’s relentless succession of balls, dinners, grand coronations, and other frivolous formalities.

770. The sewers are infested with [ morasits | sorrowshrouded wastesmonks | snapping-turtles | lesser giamoebas ], from time to they flow forth from any opening because of [ overpopulation | migration instincts | the hive’s sewer cleaning systems | seasonal migrations of other, more dangerous sewer dwellers into their territory ].

771. People on pilgrimage in the hive get minimally taken care of with free simple meals and lodging on their travels. They also get punch cards where their stops get filed in so nobody is freeloading. There are lots of poor that only survive thanks to their constant pilgriming.

772. For the general hivers (as in not the nobility) is the general technology available of an [ 1920’s-1930’s | late 19th-centery | early 19th-centery | medieval ] level, outside of any more advanced technology they may need to do their duty – but that’s not something they are allowed to use in their everyday lives.

773. Lots of audio-animatronic amusement & educational exhibition precenting the important parts of the hive’s history, planet’s history, the time of the Emperor and the Primarchs, or the important people of the hive/planets/sector/the Imperium at large. Everything very sanitised, propagandistic, and/or made with creative freedoms.

774. The [ nobility | hivers | Lifetaker orders | Mechanicus Emissariat ] forsake the baroque clothing and ornamentation usual among the Imperium’s well-off and instead go for techno-barbarian splendour of chainmail, leather, jewellery made out of cogs, bullets, wire, bones and glass.

775. Most automobiles are propulsioned by front mounted propellers.
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776. The drink of chose in the hive is a bitter spirit, that is sweetened during the presentation by a sugar cube, placed on an (often ornamented) slotted spoon, that is melted into the spirit by having water dripped on it.

777. The lates “in” pet among the nobility and their mimickers are [ Netzumi (semi-sentient(?), near-humanoid rats believed to have been genesculpted in ages pasts) | dwarf bears | pygmy grox | phelynxes ].

778. Every [ hiver | underling to the Controller-General of Finances | Promethium Guilder | member of house Torung ] have dreadlocks, and the way their dreadlocks are sculpted and put up show their personal achievements.

779. During combat do Ministorum priests accompanies the [ hive | First Ministry | house Tyrrand | Slaver Union ]’s forces, screaming sermons, giving blessings and spiting curses on the enemy.

780. The [ underhive “natives” | outlanders | outlaw narco-tribes | House of Iron] may give honours to the God-Emperor and his saints when outsiders are among them. But when alone do they also honour other gods and spirits. Among them is the Red God who grant strength, ferocity and killing-instinct to those that gives offerings before battle and pledge all their coming kills to the Red God. Those that give insufficient amounts of kills, or show cowardice after having made offering to the Red God are known to suffer his wreath in the form of twistings, madness, or the god’s deathmark on them (making them hunted by all that fears the Red God’s illwill). Those that truly pleases the Red God get to keep his blessings even after battle and maybe even get more heaped on them. This don’t always end well for the blessed as they may become unable to function outside of battle, attack everybody – even their own kin, or turn into a Chaos Spawn.

781. There exist a special class of veterans of the [ underhive | outlands ]’s unforgiving wilderness. Having survived being constantly exposed to all manner of pollutants and toxins of that environment, they are naturally resistant to such chemicals – but have also become dependent on the very compounds that afflict their bodies. It has been discovered that their chem-changed bodies take to drugs in different ways to normal and through trial and error have each of them developed their own unique cocktails of combat-drugs that gives them an edge over other stim-warriors, while finding the normal stuff often to week to work on them.

782. The constant hazards of a [ bounty hunter | Beast Houses’ wrangler | narco-tribe brave | House of Blades’ cutter ]’s occupation promote the use of various combat drugs and stimulants, which they view as a perfectly natural way to increase their fighting potential. This lead to that many of them regularly suffer intense bouts of suicidal rage, mental instability, delusions, loss of self-restraint and control, and other negative effects of long-term systemic drug use. They are still considered warrior elite and hired by those wanting the deadlier kind of killers.

783. The [ Master of Ceremonies’ fighters and under-gangers | underhive “natives” | gangers of house Athenos | Shell Guard and Maintainers of the Shell ] are opportunists, scavengers, and cutthroats, and are not above utilising underhanded tactics if it grants them an edge in combat. Honour is useless to them as they believe dead is dead no matter how honourably it happens.

784. The [ Groom of the Stool’s men-at-arms | Tithe Guild Enforcers | outlanders | gangers and warriors of house Ask ] are cruel and heartless killers, with a belief that only the strong survive and the weak exist only to burden the strong, serve the strong, or provide plunder and sport.

785. The [ Scale Jakkers Guild Enforcers | gangers of von Klintek | warriors under Lord Mustard | hive-farmers' militants ] are pragmatic in their approach to combat, favouring the application of direct confrontation or simple, brutal manoeuvres to overcome their foes.

786. Drums, drums in the deep, every cycle more drums. An army is being massed, an army of [ mutants and madmen | underhive barbarians | mutants and outcasts lead by psykers | feral xenos and their human followers ].

787. The remains of a dead but dreaming entity once worshiped as a god lay in the [ underhive | outland | upperhive’s Museum of Natural History | private collection of the lord d’Erlette ]. It dreams infecting the mad, weak-willed, creative, and/or purpose seeking, making them create (after their best ability) strange idols and rituals places, where they leave offerings and gather for rituals. Many of those dead-god touched can somehow recognise each other and strange gatherings are happening all over the hive.

788. Vampires are in among the certain youth sub-cultures and romantic wannabe outsiders. Those that can afford it modify themselves to be as similar to their idea of vampire as possible – usually involving retractable or permanent fangs, digestive system that can get more nutrients than human normal from blood, pale skin, night vision eyes, retractable claws, sharp facial features, and/or pointy ears.

789. The mutant outcasts in the [ underhive | outlands | upperhive’s hidden spaces | manufactory domes ] makes offerings and prayers to Slaanesh to be gifted with more pleasing and/or less painful forms.

790. The hive’s working class are looked down on by their “betters” and have no freetime outside of their work beside what’s deemed necessary eating-, family- and sleeptime. With proclamations of “Idle hands are the devils’ playthings” and that by preventing them from doing debauchery (who they, as “lesser of character”, will clearly do if they have too much freetime) are the manufactory-oligarchs claiming to actually be helping them. The workerhabs are also much more controlled than other areas to make certain that workers are not spending their family- or sleeptime outside their homes or doing something else.

791. A Slaanesh cult exist among the Corpse Guild/similar, looking for ways to create the most excellent corps stach. For this purpose they kidnap people of different body types, ages, eating history, and/or such to use in their experimentation. They also kidnap people and keep them on different diets before slaughtering them to use in their food making.

792. There is a daemon-engine lose in the underhive, it is being worshiped by a cult. The daemon-engine [ is the cult’s inhuman leader | have seemingly no understanding of the cult and attack them just as easily as anybody else that comes to close | is trapped and the cult gives it the offerings it needs but have jet been unable to free it or give it a large enough offering for it to be able to free itself | follow strange patterns and reasonings only the warp-touched could understand. It’s unknown if its sudden killing sprees are it’s murderous nature taking over or part of the “plan” ].

793. The hive-governor rules from the command throne of a fully functional Baneblade.

794. The [ hive | world ]’s iconic [ long-sabres | jien | ngulu | chakram ] are wielded by all nobles, but can also be found among the many death cults of that [ hive | world ].

795. There is a conflict between the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Interplanetary Trade about which of them Rogue Traders fall under. Whenever a Rogue Trader arrive both departments will send a delegation to Rogue Trader and will fight (sometime literally) with each other for the Rogue Trader’s attention and which of them hen acknowledge as the department hen will work with.

796. The main close combat weapon in the hive are variants of the [ long-bladed shortspear | bhuj | katar | beidana ].

797. The [ Lord of Defence | Secretary of State for War | Groom of the Stool | head of house Juuie ] is well-known as mercurial.

798. Weaker slaaneshian warp-entities possess the bodies of those who have died, or become brain dead, to over indulgency or pleasure, (like drug overdoses, over eating, alcohol poison, hearth attack during sex, etcetera). The possessed try to gain as much pleasure as possible from their existence in real-space and some even have enough of intellect and self-control to become tempters and dark mentors to the influenceable around them. The possessed usually quickly turn into a chaos-spawn or explode in flesh and warp-energy as the body can’t keep the warp-entity inside. Even if some warp-entities somehow are able to masquerade as human for a long time.

799. Simpler pleasure cults exist in the lower midhive and manufactorum domes for the workers and menials simply tired of the suffering they experience daily and want some sort of reward for enduring the ceaseless strife.

800. Luxurious pleasure cults exist in the upperhive where those born in privilege that refuses to be satisfied with what they have can partake in drugs and delights that costs more than a midhive worker’s life-salary.


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801. The alchem-cults among the [ hive | underhive | outlands | Mechanicum lay-members ] narco-gangers have discovered many strange drug cocktails for battle, sort time survival, delight, and more. Their skills have been noted even by the shadier upperhivers and among visiting outworlders.

802. The hive’s official meat-mongers and tanners, the [ Render clan | Meat Mongers Guild | Mercator Escam | Collegium Carnis ], have been repeatedly linked with murder cults.

803. Banners hang from the walls, roof and/or flagpoles on the floor of the hive court, in front of all the main gates in the hive, and in front of the gates to the manufactories. The flags are changed with the work shifts, to match the shift.

804. In the dripping deep of the hive and the waste-swamps around it there exist stories about the Blood Hag, an old crone, hunched over but still taller than most straight standing men, draped in blood-splattered rags of once finery. As the story goes do those seeking strength and understanding to kill a foe or even a whole gang – may it be for vengeance, justice, or just their own powerhunger – and are willing to deal with powers they know humans should not deal with, go out in search for her. Supposedly many don’t come back, but those that do, do so with a new strength, killing instinct, and filled with dark purpose.

805. Among the adhuman beastmen tribes that populate the outlands have Chaos worship been spreading. The tribes still worshiping the God-Emperor have sent emissaries to the hives to tell about the growing heresy. They have all been ignored, their warnings unheard and in the worst cases those emissaries have been made sport of by uncaring hivers.

806. The nomads eking out a living in the outland deserts give respect and offerings to Rotigus Rainfather for rain and that oasis will spring up from the mounds of corpses and cadavers they have gattered.

807. People wounded by heretical powers – like the powers of an sorcerer or unbound psyker (here just being mind-manipulated count as wounded) or the physical attack of a mutant – are given to torturous purification rituals, if they don’t survive the rituals are they deemed to tainted to be buried, or reused for corpse stash or similar, and are instead given to the purifying fire, their names marked in the books as being tainted. All those slain by those means are also given to the fire and marked in the books as having died tainted.

808. No psykers have been born from the nobility, this is a well-known fact in the hive. And the nobility are willing to kill countless to keep this false fact true in the mind of the commoners.

809. The [ Keeper of the Seal | head of the Missive Guilds | Lord of house Drumstein | Secretary of State of the Navy ] collect [ xeno-weapon | rare books | decks of tarot cards (single cards that are from decks hen don’t have are also of interest) | exotic (to hen) animals, in alive or dead form], and gifts of that nature is a certain way to win hens favour.

810. The use of spices in food or drink is seen as decadent and the use of them as a certain way to sin, therefor are spices forbidden for culinary uses. Huge black market.

811. Mobile cathedrals and monasteries move across the planet’s surface and there is usually at least one docked with the hive.

812. Only the highest officers, the hive’s arms-men and PDF:s are allowed to carry firearms, while at the same time everybody carries at least one knife. You can identify a hivers’s position, union, guild, and similar by the kind of knife/s hen’s carrying and its quality.

813. The [ Glassmakers Guild’s main holdings | Great Tracks Central | Central Cogitation Vault | main hangar ] has its own cherubim aerie (or servoskull ditto). The little servitors are constantly doing maintains-work and small repairs, and help out with the duty of the system at the best of their capability.

814. By ancient tradition do the works of the [ Hive Court | Hive Steward’s council | house Buroburum’s family senate | Enginariums ] require an audience on there at all times. The audients is possibly watching from balconies, seatings along the bridge walls, or other ways. Possibly is the audience supposed to be quiet and still, or maybe they are commenting, jeering and talking with each other about other stuff.

815. The [ hivers | Carrion Guilders | members of house Bei-Long | manufactorum-clans ] leave offerings (like prayer scrolls, lighted candles, flowers, blood, etc.) at the doors of the enginariums, air scrubbers, water purifiers, force field generators, and cogitation vaults.

816. The [ hive | house Habiar | Month of the Navis Nobilite | House of Slaves ] have bio-vat facilities for the creation of vat-grown servitors. Possibly do the genetor-caretakers also know how to use the vats to create clone limbs and organs.

817. When giving information do the hive’s gestalt machine-spirit appear from time to time on the hive’s screens and/or through the working hololits as a young woman (possibly in uniform, naked, 80’s pop-idol stage clothing or other).

818. The hive-governors are always twins, and if one of the twins would die the survivor is retired to an advisor role and a new twin pair are ordained the position.

819. The [ Master of Pensions | house Woo-Shing | Planetary-Governor | Lifetaker orders ] have a reputation for inbreeding and sexual deviancy. It’s undeserved.

820. The [ Secretary of State of Transportation | Murder guilds | house de la Que | Planetary-Governor ] have a well-deserved reputation for inbreeding and sexual deviancy.

821. In hens vanity have the [ hive-governor | Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs | lord of house Palladius | High Marshall ] declared that all in hens presence have to wear featureless mirror masks.

822. Advanced depth culture, with children growing up in depth to their parents for birth, housing, food, care and education. Depths are also inherited, so when your parents die your depth to them might be gone (unless they sold it to someone else before their death) but any depths they have to the still living (or organisations) is handed over to you.

823. The [ world is also a Agri World | hive is the world's main food producer ] and returningly are countless numbers of [ megasuidaes | groxes | macroinsects | bovines ] herded into the hive to be processed into foodstuff, leather, animal feed, and bonemeal.

824. Orks infest the outlands and underhive. They are followers of the Cult of Speed, more interested in racing, showing of their 'ard driving skills, and building faster and/or krumpyer vehicles for racing than anything else. Disturbing amounts of humans have joined them in their need for more speed.

825. Zombie hunting is only allowed by licensed hunters.
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826. Tech-priests of rank are followed by cherubs, the higher the rank the more cherubim.

827. Lots of [ canine | papio | corvus | equine ]-based cybermals.

828. In the hive exist strange creatures that enter a psychic symbiotic-parasitic relationship with people with a strong psychic energy. They look like [ winged snakes | meter long caterpillars | land living lobsters with humani-ish eyes | caryatids ].

829. The hive was some time ago attacked by dark eldars and not every one of them were able to get back to Commorragh when the signal to return was sounded. The ones left behind have survived (and possibly thrived) in the underhive.

830. There is a Talos Pain Engine lose in the underhive, possibly more than one.

831. The war-ghouls, of the planet-spanning trench war between the hives, have carved out new territory in the hive

832. The [ underhive “natives” | Death cults | gangers of house Philetas | Adeptus Astra Telepatica’s militia ] are assassins, thieves, cut-throats and shadow stalkers. They hire themselves out to others, with their only reward being that which they can claim from the bodies of the slain.

833. The [ militants of the Ministery of Track-transportation | Prospectors’ Guild | gangers of house Wormius | Thieves Guild’s fighters ] are cold-hearted murderers who fall upon their victims in a flurry of knives and war-picks, butchering their prey before stripping them of valuables and taking bloody trophies from their flesh.

834. Whilst the [ System High Admiral | Blood Circle | main family of house al-Azrad | Soylent Veridian Guild ] worship Chaos secretly, they project the image of serene nobility, whilst inserting spies and thralls into the neighbouring cities and beyond. Many lesser members are mind-leashed to their superiors through [ warp-magic | techno-arcana | drugs and wyrd-powers | hypnoindoctrination ] and can be sent into battle as little more than puppets.

835. The [ fighters of house von Junzt | Pressgangers | Fraternal Non-Euclidean Order of Oubliette, Labyrinth, and Shopping Mall Masons | underhive “natives” ] seek not simply to defeat their foes, but to drive them to insanity with illusions and alchemical bombs that spew hallucinatory poisons.

836. The [ Court of Gears | house Hsan | Guild of Painters | Lubricators Fane ] are known for their Alchemists – warrior-alchemists that specialise in the brewing of mind-altering potions and hallucinogenic bombs.

837. The [ “retrievers” of the Keeper of the Pantries | Ecclesiarchy church-militants | gangers of house Blichfeldt | hive’s Death Cult Assassins ] fight without rancour, though they take a malicious glee in employing their [ mutant | techno-arcana | wyrd | xeno-tech ] abilities against their enemies.

838. The [ Lord of Defence | officers | fighters of house Clithanus | bounty hunter guilders ] are more willing than some to retreat in the face of danger, but only so that they may return on more favourable terms later, believing there is no need to rush once the enemy is trapped in their web.

839. The [ Secretary of State for War | House of Shadows | members of house Prinn | Render clans ] often lose themselves watching others suffer.

840. Thanks to some old fad are there lots of old and decaying decorative servitors (like sheen birds, ornamental cherubs, clown-servitors) wandering the [ hive | upperhive | shell | underhive ]’s corridors and halls.

841. Giant portraits line the sides of the hive, depicting saints, heroes of the hive, scenes from history or mythology, and/or some such.

842. While the life extension technology is of standard level is the [ sector | sub-sector ]’s rejuvenation processes are subpar, having many of the older members of the nobility and high officers looking their age and/or worked on.

843. The [ Secretary-director of Enforcers | Chair of the Committee for Hive Security | High Arbiter of the Hive | Overseer of the Border Provinces ] have had hens life extended by regular juvenat treatments, but the mind of this much-feared officer have degraded drastically in recent years. Hen has become ever more strident and extreme in hens pursuit of the sin, conspiracy, and damnation hen sees in every shadow. Hen has unleashed countless purges upon the hive, often with no shred of evidence of any wrongdoing. Nonetheless, hen holds firmly to the notion that the execution of one recidivist is worth the incidental suffering of thousands of the supposedly innocent, a state hen holds to be at best temporary in any case.

844. Grand chandeliers hang from the roof of any room where officers, higher adepts, nobility and better guests stay or pass through often.

845. An Imperial Knight protects the enginarium. It never leaves, the knight-pilot has never been seen, seemingly has none of the followers one such usually have, and if it was not for that the Knight sometime moves would it be easily to think it nothing but a statue.

846. There is an Imperial Knight protecting every one of the hive’s grand gates.

847. Great deeds of the hive’s history have been inscribed on its outer shell, shielded by powerful localised stasis fields to preserve them against the ravages of time and war.

848. Generations of good-enough repairs and jury-riggings turned permanent create many small leaks, all over the [ hive | underhive | shell | spaceport ], of fluids, steam and gases.

849. The hive quickly narrow until it becomes more of a spear than the more common conical shape found on many hive worlds.

850. The firearms used in the hive are handcraft by the [ hivers | Committee for Hive Security | Gun Guild | Guild of Odd Fellows ], and any outsider firearm imported is put through a full disassemble where it’s repaired, modified (if needed to fit the hive’s sensibility) and blessed by a priest from the Mechanicum/Ecclesiarchy.