Forum game: Replace every RPG with a Swedish game.


29 Apr 2018
A bit of a silly idea but I thought you guys would find it fun:

The idea of the game is that you list a non-Swedish game you would like to play, then the next poster tells you which Swedish game you should use instead.
Obviously the answers can be a bit interpretive but they should be close enough to at least make a little sense (Suggesting replacing Bunnies&Burrows with Kult is a no-go, but replacing Vampire the Masquerade with Kult might work). Feel free to elaborate on your answer at least a tiny bit.

A game can be mentioned multiple times. Swedish translations of games are fine.

Along with your answer, you then continue the game by saying which non-Swedish game you would like to play.

All set?

I'll kick everyone off with an obvious and easy one and say
"Hey guys, I'd really like to play Gamma World"