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    Book list for Mutant UA?

    Is there an easy list of exactly which Mutant books are for UA ? If not, could someone do a quick list. Mange tak :)
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    Categorizing BRP games

    There is a LOT of BRP and BRP-derived material out there, much of it from the Svenska scene. With some friends of mine, I have been trying to devise a few subcategories to make sense of it all. Let me know what you think. (of course, these types of discussions are always a bit silly). Classic...
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    How would you handle HT style "traits" in a BRP T20 game?

    Terminology: Hjältarnas Tid and derivatives have personality traits which can be used to flip a D100 roll, increasing (but not guaranteeing) the chance of success. In a BRP20 game (BRP using a D20 ala Pendragon, EDD etc.) how would you implement a similar mechanic? Reroll? +/- factor? (4? 5?)...
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    So what is your go-to BRP or post-BRP game?

    With the new DoD coming out and a rash of games in recent years (HT, Kopparhavet etc.) for BRP fans, what is your go-to game for now? Is it likely to change in the near future? I am including both "true BRP" (Runequest, Call of cthulhu), BRP related or closely based (HT, Pendragon) and post-BRP...
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    DoD 1991 yrke. Which had problems?

    Yes, we're all excited about the new game but the talk about special abilities got me thinking: For the 1991 rules, which of the Yrke in the main book needed tweaking? (Lets ignore all the splat books). From my (somewhat limited) experience with it (and this is assuming the scenario /...
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    Vestmark / Andra Imperiet / T10. Could you drop Omtöckning?

    For Sundelin or anyone who have played any of these: I ran a handful of Vestmark sessions last year and the same group is into playing Andra Imperiet, after I scored a very nice copy off and I have a question: If you just threw out Omtöckning from the rules, would anything...
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    Ensamma Vargen scenarios?

    There are a number of scenario books available for Ensamma Vargen. Does anyone know if: A: These adventures are unique to this version or are they translated from the original Mongoose version of the Lone Wolf RPG? B: Are they any fun?
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    I thought you guys might get a kick out of this

    As you may or may not know, I'm the writer of the Five Parsecs and Five Leagues miniatures / RPG lite games and we just launched the 3rd edition book for Five Leagues. But the reason I wanted to post about it was that I thought you guys would get a kick out of the names I picked for the...
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    Andra Imperiet. PDF / ebook ?

    Got my eyes on Skymningshem Andra Imperiet and I must have it. Did this ever exist in a legal PDF / ebook format?
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    Eon Eon 1-3. Question about Karaktärsdrag for old players

    So you have your Karaktärsdrag on the character sheet but the rules rarely do anything with them. I understand they were meant mostly for roleplay guidance, but having played a lot of Pendragon, some ideas come to mind: * Use a roll against a suitable value as a sort of reaction roll: If you...
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    1992 in Swedish gaming?

    Hey friends, hope you can help. Me and a friend of mine are going to be doing a silly project where for 30 days, all our media will be from 92 or earlier. Meaning watching tv shows and film from that period, music, books etc. Just for silly fun. I obviously want to read some gaming books too...
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    Guns in the US and RPG characters.

    Since I have lived in the US for quite some time, I thought I'd share a few general pointers of value to games set in the US as regards firearms. Please note a few things up top: A: This is not about politics. For the benefit of the forum and to avoid arguments, I am not going to respond to...
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    Did the Swedish RPG scene change from the 80s to now?

    The answer is of course "yes" since nothing remains the same for 40 years, but in what ways would you say things changed? Conversely what did not change? I am thinking in terms of what published scenarios look like, what the "typical" gaming style is like, convention games etc.
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    DoD What makes a "classic" DoD scenario?

    Probably relevant with the new game coming out: For a scenario to feel like "proper" Drakar och Demoner, what sort of things should it include?
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    DoD Classic/Expert rules clarifications, questions etc.

    I figured this could be handy to have a single thread for Q&A type stuff. Something I've wondered about for years: From my 1987 rulebook: "Den här besvärjelsen skapar en blixt som slår ut från trollkarlen mot det mål som är närmast framför honom". The problem is that I read this in two...
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    Swedish convention scene in the 80s and 90s?

    The Danish RPG convention scene seems to have been very different from what developed elsewhere. While there was a lot of variety, the main scene tended to have some aspects in common: * A heavy focus on system-lite or non-system scenarios. * Even when rules were used, they were often very...
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    Forum game: Replace every RPG with a Swedish game.

    A bit of a silly idea but I thought you guys would find it fun: The idea of the game is that you list a non-Swedish game you would like to play, then the next poster tells you which Swedish game you should use instead. Obviously the answers can be a bit interpretive but they should be close...
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    Eon Where in the world to start with players who know nothing?

    Cheers folks. So I am kicking around doing some Eon with my American group but the big question I run into is: Where in the world to set the game? Eon is a big "culture game" so there's a ton of setting and information, but they won't be able to read any of it of course, so they will have to...
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    Saga rules. Questions if you don't mind

    As usual, feel free to respond in Swedish or English as you prefer. I hope some folks are around to see this :) So I have been reading the rulebook and really liking it. It feels a lot like a post-BRP game. I do have some questions, particularly around skill values: It seems that a lot of the...
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    "Ping-pong" in DoD. Over-stated as a problem.

    To get this out of the way first: A: What is Ping-pong? This is the potential for combat to be a series of "I attack he parries, he attacks I parry" where nothing happens. B: Ping-pong is usually a factor of: Moderate-to-high parry chance, little consequence of parrying and being able to parry...