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    Forum game: Replace every RPG with a Swedish game.

    A bit of a silly idea but I thought you guys would find it fun: The idea of the game is that you list a non-Swedish game you would like to play, then the next poster tells you which Swedish game you should use instead. Obviously the answers can be a bit interpretive but they should be close...
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    Where in the world to start with players who know nothing?

    Cheers folks. So I am kicking around doing some Eon with my American group but the big question I run into is: Where in the world to set the game? Eon is a big "culture game" so there's a ton of setting and information, but they won't be able to read any of it of course, so they will have to...
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    Saga rules. Questions if you don't mind

    As usual, feel free to respond in Swedish or English as you prefer. I hope some folks are around to see this :) So I have been reading the rulebook and really liking it. It feels a lot like a post-BRP game. I do have some questions, particularly around skill values: It seems that a lot of the...
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    "Ping-pong" in DoD. Over-stated as a problem.

    To get this out of the way first: A: What is Ping-pong? This is the potential for combat to be a series of "I attack he parries, he attacks I parry" where nothing happens. B: Ping-pong is usually a factor of: Moderate-to-high parry chance, little consequence of parrying and being able to parry...
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    Pick 5 DoD adventures to make a campaign

    Here's the challenge: From the official adventures (including Sinkadus I suppose) pick out 5 DoD adventures to tie together into a campaign (including in what order they would be played). It's fine to make changes to the location or set-up of an adventure if needed to fit the format.
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    DoD books in Danish. An overview/retrospective

    I thought some of the collectors and supernerds might find this of interest. In Denmark, we received a small number of DoD books translated and occasionally adapted slightly. DoD was moderately successful and helped cement BRP as a sort of default for Danish gamers for a while. Both of the main...
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    Retro-swedish gaming. I am going to run another DoD game in the spring. Help decide.

    Okay folks, as always, you are welcome to reply in Swedish or English as you prefer. I can read both. In the spring, once we are done playing some Call of Cthulhu, I am gearing up to do another fantasy campaign and I want to run Drakar och Demoner. The Americans I play with are familiar from...
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    Tell me of your games of Västmark

    I am going to be running a game of Västmark for my American friends, using some personal translations of a few rules bits. Luckily, it's a game that doesn't require much access to the book in any event. so I wanted to hear about people's games and adventures, how they went, what worked well etc.
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    Lets talk DoD adventures. Part 1 - Ärans Väg

    I thought this would be fun: A series of posts where we discuss the various old DoD campaigns in no particular order. As always, you are welcome to reply in English or Swedish as you prefer. So first up is the three parter "Ärans Väg" (the first three part campaign they did?) Did you run or...
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    Our experiences after a year or so

    As usual, apologies for typing in English. You are free to respond in Swedish or English as you prefer. So as I mentioned on the forum, I ran HT for my American (and one Egyptian) friend for around 11 months of regular sessions. I'd done a translated cheat sheet of the rules and skill lists and...
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    Drakar och demoner 2016. Play experiences?

    While I know this game was controversial, this thread isn't for rehashing what was promised or delivered from the kickstarter, the "new" Ereb Altor box or any of that. It is specifically to talk about the actual game, particularly from people who have played it. There's a lot in the new book...
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    Expected campaign length?

    So I ran a weekly game for my American (and one Egyptian) friends for a bit over half a year and we definitely noticed that skills were starting to be more or less maxed out by the end. Since you get a chance for improvement as long as you attempt the skill, plus multiple bonus checks, you...
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    Curious about the US? Ask a Dane.

    I thought maybe this would be fun: As a Scandinavian (Dane) nerd who has lived for 20 years in the United States, what kind of questions do you have that you always meant to ask, either about nerd culture or life in general? It's probably best to avoid too many political questions, though I am...
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    DoD was pretty good actually. Long post about evaluating retro games.

    Greetings gang and my apologies for writing in English. You are welcome to respond in Swedish or English as you prefer. I have always had a lot of fondness for the venerable Drakar och Demoner, growing up with the Danish version of the rules (corresponding to the 1987 version of the rules +...
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    DoD 87 update. My take.

    As usual ,apologies for English. Feel free to reply in Swedish or English as you prefer. So from what I gather, there's been a lot of words written about the 2016 Drakar och Demoner. I rather like it, so this isn't a complaining thread, but a common thing I see people raise is that they were...
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    Drakar och Demoner 2016 - what did it do well? Poorly?

    Greetings. As an old fan of DoD, I was curious to hear what the perception was in general. I've been fairly pleasantly surprised at the 2016 rules, but there are areas I feel were poor decisions. Now, to clarify, I was not expecting a straight reprint of the 87 book. I know some people were...
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    Assorted questions about the new game

    As usual apologies for writing in English. You can respond in Swedish or English as you prefer. * Is the book going to be a stand-alone or is it an expansion to HT and requires that book? * The setting is obviously based on a "slice" of Ereb Altor. To what extent are the countries actually the...
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    Köpes: Äventyrspel and Riotminds stuff to the USA

    Greetings, I am looking for the following items if anyone has them for sale: Mutant Rymd (both books from the box set) The 3 books from the 1991 Drakar och demoner box set. Monster boken 1 and / or 2 for Drakar och demoner. Drakar och demoner 6 (looking for the original. expert supplement...
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    DoD 6 vs Trudvang?

    Apologies for writing in English. Can someone give me a decent breakdown of how DoD 6 compares to Trudvang in play ? I have casually read through both in the past but have not had a chance to play either and games don't always play as they read. What are the strengths and flaws of each? For...
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    Järn vs Hjältarnas tid

    Apologies for English.Feel free to respond in English or Swedish as you prefer. Is there a decent overview of these games compared to each other? Looking at the books I got in the mail, they look very similar and I believe were derived from each other? Are there obvious advantages to starting...