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Fira fjärde juli med Åskfågeln

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  • Fira fjärde juli med Åskfågeln

    Celebrate 4th of July with Åskfågeln

    We are not your regular Swedish company. Every year we celebrate 4th of July with our players, not because 4th of July has any special meaning in Sweden – but what else can you do when your main gaming title is a wild West roleplaying game? This year is no exception.

    During the day, you will find a store wide sale on all titles from Åskfågeln over at www.åskfågeln.se – we had hoped to have a better solution for you in place by now, but have to ask you to wait a short while longer for our International distribution to click into place. Until then, we can ship worldwide, but all shipments will be done from Sweden.

    Over at www.facebook.com/askfageln you will find lots of news and previews of things we do, and things to come. It will be mostly Western a day like today, but it is always a good place to start when you want to find out the latest news about us!

    Don’t be a stranger,

    Tove & Anders

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