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Arizona Rangers

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  • Arizona Rangers

    Intressant artikel: https://web.archive.org/web/20140424...rizona-rangers !

    Upplägg för att vara med eller emot "Rangers".

    Exempelvis (citat ur artikeln): "The Rangers immediately went on a campaign. In a savage battle near Prescott, they killed 23 Indians, including women, children and elderly. “Hurrah for the Yavapai County Rangers” reported The Prescott Miner, in praise of the carnage.
    The campaign trail was long, tedious and dangerous. Enthusiasm evaporated quickly since the men were serving without remuneration. With the exception of a few punitive expeditions that were rarely successful, the citizens had to depend on the Army for protection.
    Other groups of Rangers followed in the ensuing years. By April 1882, Gov. Frederick Tritle had authorized the first company of Rangers in Tombstone, with John H. Jackson as its captain. In May 1882, ex-Army Capt. Bill Ross, unhappy with the ineffective actions of the Army, organized the Tucson Rangers, some 50 hard-riding frontiersmen, to go on the offensive."

    Se även min Pinterest om ni är intresserade av bilder: goo.gl/iSH1OR
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