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Eon 3 and tweaking initiative rules

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  • Eon 3 and tweaking initiative rules

    I hope a discussion about Eon 3 is okay:

    So we've played a session with the rules and enjoyed them a lot (Later, we'll be doing an Eon 4 game too, but right now, 3 is probably what appeals the most though both are fantastic games).

    Everything went fine but the initiative rules (VINIT) sticks out a bit to me.

    Notably: It seems that the chances of winning the initiative once you are on defensive are very low, particularly for a less experienced character.
    That's obviously realistic, but it's one area where I feel like easing up on realism might make for a better game, at least for my particular players.

    In your Eon 3 games (current or long gone) did you tweak or change the initiative rules?

    I suppose adopting 4's approach of basing it on who wins the defensive roll would be a simple solution but I'd like to still have SI be a factor for weapons.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

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    I haven't tweaked the initiative rules in my eon 3 game. Using weapons with high SI factors, letting a big and tough character use shieldbashes, or having a mage with the effect "insikt" might be viable ways of taking the initiative. Heavily armored people who fight against an opponent that doesn't do much damage could consider "motanfall" to put the opponent on the defensive. Also, when your opponent uses "anfalla kraftfullt" you'll have -1obt6 to retake the initiative (though they do +1obt6 damageif they hit).


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      All good suggestions on tactical approaches, thanks.


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        As another thought:

        I know that the high chance of fumbles at higher difficulties is a commonly voiced concern.

        I haven't played enough yet to say if that's something I agree or disagree with, but an easy fix I thought about today is:
        Whenever the book says to add or remove dice, add or remove +/- 3 instead.

        So if you'd normally roll 5D, roll 3D+6 instead.

        (this isn't too far off Eon 4's difficulties really).

        This way, fumbles become a bit less common and difficult actions are not quite as insurmountable (but also reduces the chance of exceptional luck a bit)


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          You should really play Eon IV its a much better game IMO.

          But don't change the role to + format. Make fumbles only happened when role 3 6:s (same with a perfect hit)


          • #6
            I find I like both equally. 3 is a bit more "hard simulation" ala games like Harnmaster or GURPS, while 4 is more of a Burning Wheel style game.

            Appreciate the input.


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